In vitro fertilization and ethical Issues

seven billion people live on Earth Day three million of them have been born because of in vitro fertilization after more than 30 years of development IVF still gives rise to a lot of ethical questions it is possible that this very person was also born because of this biotechnology dr. rivela has been the first in Italy to treat infertility by transplanting ovarian tissue it gives his opinion of the impact IVF might have on society in vino fertilization is a new West a technique to help of people that cannot have a baby to have it we stimulate the ovary we collected the o sides in local anesthesia we fertilize the eggs in the lab with the sperm of the husband we cultivate fertilize the eggs for two-three days and then we put in the uterus one or two fertilized eggs and this helps to conceive probably freezing and thawing induces some changes but if they are really harmful then the egg or the embryo does not survive there's a an effect nothing or everything the Catholic Church has a different opinion about assisted reproduction technology done as Justin Maki from the Santa Nancy at a church in Turin shares this point of view Luce separación Etra mundo Theora presento pero de la fille de acuerdo de anza ad progra da machines ax que todo de Vaca hora de Juan de la penita deluxe Juanita except Amenti importante aqui aqui a telepath they will warm well the Catholic Church is against in vitro fertilization but we have a lot of Catholic people that cannot get pregnant in a natural way and can get pregnant only with in vitro fertilization the wish of the baby is stronger than the rules and they do the same and we have a lot of Catholic people doing IVF couples try to conceive through IVF for different reasons some of them are infertile because of damaged fallopian tubes ovulation disorders or male factors such as sperm count or poor quality sperm others may be suffering from the disease or have been through chemotherapy in a biblical way idato shyamala kabocha totti cano sarah.billick American movement indeed Ariane Kady dominar in Baltimore de la terre ET progra da en la sua chenza ma ni betta la kappa cheetah vs turning patron a kenan birkan modo de Malabo Darla who may gravely not all what is technically possible is also ethically acceptable so the laws are needed you cannot take away the freedom of the researchers but you can address the research in the directions you want it to go oh you may not eat and ashamed Briony precisely what the ATO and Yunus Emre gentlemen Richard Akane no one thinks that the embryo is just a piece of meat and no one of us want to produce embryos and throw them away just for research they're all related when that bond respected that game every GPO de la vida even from a purely human point of view the embryo is not like other pieces of our body is a special one naturally salami suessiones philosophica my joie de chapala para la cacica a joan anima right now dr. rivela is working on a new technology is trying to separate the stem cells of human testes that way you do not need embryos for the same purpose anymore what happened in the last 30 years we can expect that the progress will go on the aim is to go over the limits that we have now and we hope that we will get it even 35 years after the work of the first individual baby there are still concerns about this technology nevertheless it is still progressive nobody knows how big the impact on society will be in the future but it is still a blessing for couples desperate to fulfill their desire to have children you you

5 thoughts on “In vitro fertilization and ethical Issues

  1. Yeah! But, I presume that ethics have nothing to do with it already. Sorry to say! But, still I'm having my process abroad at a center in Kiev and it's just a medical treatment or solution for us. As we can't conceive naturally due to PCOS So, yeah! Explains much. Anyway! Still, respecting peoples difference is the key.

  2. Well, agreed but still having a child is really important! Now, it's just so common. It's needed to be understood. It's benefit are more. So, yeah! People really need awareness on this topic. So, yeah! We are also going for the procedure abroad, as we think that becoming a parent is much more important and with a complete family.

  3. Well, yes! I'd agree with it. But, yeah! still, it's just fine to have a child of your own. I mean, what do people with infertility do? How do they complete their families? So, yeah! I'm also undergoing IVF this month, people still don't understand. As they have not faced it before already.

  4. IVF is a very complicated procedure and most people consider it unethical but these people have not been through infertility and do not know how hard it is to deal with. People should opt for IVF if they are facing infertility.

  5. "This raises the philosophical question as to whether the embryo at this stage of life already has a soul?"
    Hold your horses you first need to ask the philosophical question to whether a soul exists to begin with.

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