In The Lab: ibi

♪ Upbeat Instrumental Music ♪ Hi, I’m Fadel from Store #007
and welcome to The Lab. Today we’re going
to talk about ibi. ibi is a smart photo manager. I just download the app. And ibi can collect photos
from my phone, my computer, social media sites, Dropbox
and also a USB drive. If I want to find photos
from my trip to India, I can just pull out my phone
and search up India. And all the photos that are in
India pop up on my phone. Another cool thing about ibi is it has this feature called
the Inner Circle. I can have a group of people
and they can all post and they can all comment
on each other’s photos. But only the people that you
give access too can see them. That’s it from The Lab,
I’ll see ya next time.

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