In 2017, ICE arrested 796 MS-13 gang members nationwide

100 thoughts on “In 2017, ICE arrested 796 MS-13 gang members nationwide

  1. It is hard to believe such a large gang exists in America. Don't stop cracking down on this animal gang until each one member is sent to jail.

  2. I suggest Pelosi adopt one of those wonderful human beings. Perhaps they can babysit her grand-grand-grand-grand children? (She is 120 yrs old right?)

  3. THEY ARE NOT ANIMALS ! Animals HAVE FEELINGS ! These people are SHITBAGS and when they Skin Someone IMPORTANT ALIVE LIBERALS can blame THEMSELVES !

  4. For the record… MS13 is AMERICAN MADE… and then deported to El Salvador. The gang members may be illegal, but the Gang itself is locally born O_o

  5. Shouldn't even arrest them, just put a bullet to the back of their heads on sight like President Durente does in the Philippines.

  6. Hey, look , here's the easy way to take care of this…just use some DOJ money to put a bounty on MS13 tats. Problem solved.

  7. Don't you people have your beloved guns to protect you? I wasn't aware gang members were bulletproof. Why so scared? The crips and bloods are right behind them. You can't deport those guys lol.

  8. Nancy Peyote must be heartbroken to hear all those sparks of divinity are being rounded up and jailed. And mean old Trump called the poor lambs animals. Will his cruelty ever cease!? I hear he didn't even ask them what their preferred pronouns are. What a tragedy that our president is so unwoke! 😒😒😒

  9. Democrats are defending immigrants from being called animals, not defending gangs. But Fox spins it as if Democrats are defending gangs, they are not. Same as MSNBC is spinning their story that Trump called immigrants animals, he did not. Both sides interpreted Trump's comments in a different way, and both sides of the media are accusing the other side of complete bullshit. Trump didn't call immigrants animals, and Democrats are not defending gangs. This is why corporate media is a joke

  10. With them now being animals , is there going to be an open hunting season on them . like a duck stamp maybe we need a ms 13 stamp

  11. There should have beena public hanging. Just like the days of old. Dont waste tax payer money on them by putting em in jail. Hang them for their crimes and be done with it.

  12. Outstanding ICE ! Thank you for keeping the United States of America safe from these animals ! may God protect you ! Trump 2020 baby !

  13. Too much monies being spent on gangsters. Prison must not be tough enough to discourage from inhuman behavior. Animals are more civilized than gangsters & serial killers & pedophiles. Deport, build walls, get tougher, make prison a place to avoid, not get a better life than on the streets. Too much monies on inhumane beings.

  14. WTF are illegals doing in America anyway!? can't we get rid of these people!? we give them a free ride and a handjob on the taxpayer's dime.

  15. The ms13 tattoo on their faces should be a hint to any fucking leftist traitors who still think they are honor roll students brought here by hard working parents….

  16. But CNN told me they are nice guys? And that FOX news is lying and they are really wonderful, divine , poor undocumented refugees? Maybe we all should open up our homes and help the poor guys? They perform their satanic rituals in my spare bedroom…

  17. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


  19. Round them up, run them through the stockade and put a bolt to their head like they do with cattle.

  20. Remove these weak little midgets, just pick two at a time up by their skinny little girls bodies and walk them out.

    The only reason little gay boy ms-13 is still in the US is due to the Democrats who love them for their fragility.

  21. Arrest, tattoo them, then deport. Keep watch over who has tattoo for future. Do not
    rest on our laurels on this problem.

  22. You ever wonder why these Democrats would go out of their way to protect these people just spend huge amounts of our money, taxpayer money to protect these people if anybody knows please enlighten me how did they give up on the people that actually live here born here work here to support , whatever this agenda is,

  23. Oh no don't say that about them!! They are such fine people. MS 13 are soooo much better and law abiding than Americans. WTF!!!

  24. Referring to people according to their behavior in society seem to be a reasonable thing to do – they behave like thoughtless violent animals without empathy for other people and are labelled as such by the corner office – what's the problem??

  25. Im totally for this kind of actions , however stoping and arresting innocent people randomly without any evidence or just because they look latino is totally against US constitution , period. An we have many examples of ICE abuse against US citizens just because the looked latino.

  26. Ms13 is not the only gang in America. They are not the most dangerous gang. Trump is just a moron. He needs to do more research on gangs. This shit is funny actually. People been killing cops for years and years. πŸ€” Trump as the president of the United States you have alot to learn

  27. I am surprised that they getting arrested….since they are the best friend of democrats and ultra leftist …obama and oprah probably crying

  28. They need their blood checked. What makes them so evil? If they have no desire to change what will we do with them… Send to Siberia!??

  29. In 1990, I was at luncheon where the speaker was a Federal agent based in Springfield, Mo. He told us then what was coming with MS13 gangs, and the fact I-44 was a very important highway for them because it runs thru the heart of our country. And now, here we are in 2018. Yes.. it is so true this has been building for years.
    God Bless the Trump Administration..

  30. A lot of people from South America fled to get away from these psychotic bastards, and now they're in our country. I believe our president Donald Trump, called it right, the way he saw it, you have to remember these animals are on our streets. We need to round them up and Deport them, before they start producing smaller animals, it's called a generational curse.

  31. Gangs which the U.S. is responsible for creating. Many of the gang leaders in Guatemala are ex-military men who the CIA trained to destabilize the government, create havoc, torture, and other atrocities during the many Guatemalan civil wars, atrocities which still going on. Many of these people were trained in U.S. military bases. All of these in the name of maintaining U.S. supremacy. That is what most of these people are fleeing from, a situation that the U.S. created.

  32. MS 13 is a product of American society. The bad ass hombres are hand-crafted right here in the US of A. They don't come into our country, we churn them out.

  33. What I don't get is why arrest them? Just shoot them. You can still get a mugshot and prints off a dead body. Deporting them doesn't help; they just redouble and come back.

  34. I don't agree with most that trump says, but in this case he is correct.
    To live in america would be the last thing on my wish list.

  35. Damn! 796 members. That's a shit ton. I do criminal justice as well (private sector), and can tell you. If a police force makes 50+ arrests, that's considered a descent crackdown. So nearly 800 arrests. That's a lot. But we also have to remember, the gang has like 30,000+ members. So it's going to take a lot more than one major crackdown on them to control their numbers. It's crazy to think how huge these gangs are. The Mexican government detained more than 120,000+ suspected cartels and convicted 8,500+ to prison sentences, and killed 12,000+ cartels and they're still having cartel problems. So I can't imagine how many arrests it'll take to get this gang issue under control. But unless we declare war and use our military to directly combat gangs, this is the second best option without a declaration of war needed.

  36. Get these scumbags out of here! MS 13 is not welcome here. If I see one MS 13 scumbag come across our border I will have ICE and the DHS after them. MS 13 STAY OUT OF AMERICA!

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