Ikolomani Mp Bernard Shinali exposed by ex lover | Tuko TV

As a mother, I feel so much pain My son was my only hope Because when I gave birth to him, my life and dreams were shattered I need the government to assist me as the mother My name is Petronilla Munyasa I am the mother to the man you heard died while abroad His name is Adema Chris Masaka His father is Bernard Shinali He is the current Member of Parliament for Ikolomani I met him in 1982 and we begun a relationship In the process, I got pregnant for him although we were not married I gave birth to our son on 8th August 1982 I took the baby to their home but I was sent away by his family who claimed he was still young I had no choice but to return home with the child My life was shattered at that moment because I had to drop out of school I was forced to stay at home to take care of my child I took full responsibility of the child alone I raised him and provided everything for him single handedly I took him to school and raised him until he reached 15 years Upon attaining that age I took him to one of his aunties She was supposed to hand him over to his father I wanted him to take him for further studies and pay his school fees I did not want him wasted because he was a bright student His father paid his secondary school fees to the university Upon graduation he begun to look for employment He would visit me once in while at my place and I would give him anything small I had He hustled for so long without a job At some point the landlord asked him to leave the house he was living in I would pay for his rent in Rongai despite his father being around After hustling for 3 years with no employment, I gave him KSh 10,000 to open a barber chop While in business he made friends That is how he traveled abroad in 2014 I learnt about my son’s death on 27th July in the morning I received the information from my sister who called me and not from his father I tried contacting his father severally but he did not receive my calls I called my sister back and requested her to go to Shinali’s home and ask him to receive my calls and talk to me about our sons death He told my sister that he will only communicate through text messages I sent him a message asking him about more information on Chris death and asked him to inform me about the burial arrangements He never responded to me but instead flew abroad and never communicated I received a report yesterday that my sons body will be brought to the country on Tuesday night then later be transported to his fathers home for burial As a mother, I feel so much pain My son was my only hope because my life completely changed when I gave birth to him I am appealing to the government to help me I have been sidelined in all the burial arrangements for my son I have been left in the darkness and nobody is bothered about me I just want to know if I will be part of the funeral arrangements for my son or not I heard he said he did not marry me so has no business with me They have never told me anything I am only receiving information from people I believe I am supposed to receive all the information from him It is his responsibility to brief me on the way forward because this is our son It is sad I am getting all this information from other people and not from him I heard from the media that he drowned into a pool I would wish to travel abroad to see that pool that a whole U.S Marine drowned in but I have been left here in the darkness not even sure if it’s true my son is dead or alive I am not even sure if I will be given the chance to view his body because it will be transported to his fathers home immediately it lands at the airport I don’t know where to begin from All I need is justice as the mother to Chris It’s only a mother that truly understands the pain of a child I took care of my son right from birth until when he attained 15 years I am the only one who understands the pain of loosing my son I am asking the U.S government to include me as his mother in all the plans they have made for my son I would also like to advice the youth in this generation not to engage in relationships while in school I have suffered because of the bad choices I made while still young The father of our son despises me because I have no proper education

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  1. My goodness jehover! ? Seriously justice must be done to this poor woman. May God see you through my dear sister

  2. Ooh Kenya tuko na shida,, mmi pia nko nayo ,,, mzee wangu ameoa 8 wife's na kila mke ako na mtoto wake ,, jameni πŸ€” mungu tupiganie, juu Mambo n mengi yamejifija na tunafumilia tuu kwa imani ya mungu πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  3. Mr shinali? Mama hataki pesa yako anataka tu kuona na kupumzisha mtoto wake…uchungu wa mwana ajuaye ni mama ….usife moyo

  4. Ata kaa vile mnasema governor sonko ako na mehemehe can someone tag him please….
    This is so sad akie…may God make away πŸ™…pole mummy

  5. Lakini bona wamama mkicha fanya mapenzi na mtu nahamkuwa mmeoana,unanyamaza for yrs but shinda ikitokea ndio unapayuka kama paka imevurutwa mkia.

  6. shinali hufai kuwa mheshimiwa wewe ni shetani… tumbaf saitan.. respect your son's mother just for once.. ibilisi wewe!!

  7. I'm Kenyan and I live in Arizona. I wish someone posted where it happened in Az. We are s many Kenyans in Az at least we could come together for a prayer. My condolences.

  8. This woman is saying the truth ..the guy amekua anastruggle up and down without the father ..I knew the guy for almost 2yrs and even sikuwahi jua the dad ni mp…some men are soo weaked ..Sasa cz the boy amesucced now the father recognise him…soo bad

  9. Niulizieni mr mtoboa Siri kaa ameona hii ama badoβœŒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚kaa hajaiona naomba imfikie A.K.A sonkoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚shinali lekha busilo mama wu mwana yikhuli mwanaweee….

  10. Sonko…kuja utetee huyu…I think you need to have a meeting with your fellow house men and women… there's alot of deadbeats upcoming

  11. Iam a mother. so sad.a woman looses a basin of water and blood during delivery. And men leave with the child.this is criminal. she needs help any lawyers help a poor mum.

  12. Sonko akiongea mambo ya single parents vile wengine wanaumia mwamuona mjinga picha wazi hiyo imezitokeza,akiexpose pia hii mtasema hako na umama watu wachunge midomo yao, sonko do your work ya kutetea wanyonge

  13. US Marine. I hope he was an American citizen and he put your name down as the next of kin. If he was still on green card then I guess that’s how the dad ended up sneaking him back to Kenya, but, mama usikate moyo. Something is not adding up here. I feel for you, and I hope God guides you to the right angels to help see you through all these.
    Pole mama! May your sons souls Rest In Peace.

  14. Nimelearn kitu kimoja…hata kama wewe ni single mom, jaribu upate pesa kiasi na pia upate mzee if possible…juu kuna siku utazeeka…

  15. Bernard shinali is stupid man…how can you do that to a mother who brought up ur child?sonko tunataka useme neno moja ama mbili kuhusu hii story…

  16. Mum be strong for this hard moment God will intervene na atasimama nawewe kwakila Jambo it's very painful mungu ndie ajuwaye Siri ya machozi yako . Vile umesema hiyo story machozi yangu yenyewe😭😭😭😭😭

  17. what is wrong with some kenyan men .. this is so sad ! can TUKO follow this for this lady please ,msikue munatuletea such interviews and you guys don't follow up

  18. Sasa Yuko wapii huyo mwanamkea anajiita msomi washeria nyingi za upuzi asikia uchungu wa mwana aujuwaye Ni mzazi uko wapii milli mambona,,,,na kiherehere chako kingi,,,,soko kimboko Yao,,,

  19. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yeso Wangu.Jehova.Do your will my Father.

  20. There is another angle I choose to believe in . She says that his son had married in the states. Why can't the wife to th son update her? Since they were family. I assume the mp too has a wife and his communication to the old lover is kind of restrained a bit. In such circumstances, shouldn't the wife to the deceased be the one in communication with the mother in law. Why do we assume that the mp has more than enough money to make sure his son is brought back to Kenya and to also make sure that his old lover from 1982 is also flown to the US.

  21. Mpig Shiniali is a rapist and state economic enemy! How many others does he have? This is the reason girl child has to be protected…20yrs in jail iko sawa. Find him and troll him.

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