“If We Don’t Protect Nature We Can’t Protect Ourselves” Harrison Ford | Extinction Rebellion

Transcribed by [email protected] You’re here, I’m here, because we care. Not just for today but we care passionately for the future we know that we only have the possibility of avoiding a looming climate catastrophe if people like us refuse to give up. the future of humanity is at stake. While you work to meet the challenge of climate change I beg of you don’t forget nature. The destruction of nature accounts for more global emissions than all the cars and trucks in the world. We can put solar panels on every house. We can turn every car into an electric vehicle. But as long as Sumatra burns we will have failed. So long as the Amazon’s great forests are slashed and burned So long as the protected lands of tribal people, indigenous people are allowed to be encroached upon. So long as wetlands and bog peats are destroyed. our our climate goals will remain out of reach and we will be shit out of time! If we don’t stop the destruction of our natural world, nothing else will matter. Why? Because protecting and restoring forests, mangroves, wetlands, these huge dense carbon sinks represents at least 30 percent of what needs to be done to avoid catastrophic warming. It is, at this time, the only feasible solution for absorbing carbon on a global scale simply put, if we don’t protect nature we can’t protect ourselves. This is what we need to do. We need to include nature in every corporate, state and national climate goal. Put in place the plans, the timetables to meet those goals. Invest in mangroves and tropical forests In the same way, invest in renewable energy. work to end the destruction of these ecosystems. commit to the effort, in the next decade, to secure them for the future. Pursue research in reforestation like we pursue research in carbon capture and storage. Set of goal, to cut costs and increase scale dramatically. Empower indigenous communities to use their knowledge, their history, their imaginations, our science, to save their heritage and their lands. Respect and ensure their rights. Stop, for God’s sake, the denigration of science stop giving power to people who don’t believe in science or worse than that, pretend they don’t believe in science for their own self-interest. They know who they are, we know who they are. we are all ,rich or poor, powerful or powerless, we will all suffer the effects of climate change and ecosystem destruction and we are facing what is quickly becoming the greatest moral crisis of our time that those least responsible will bear the greatest costs. so never forget who you’re fighting for it’s the fisherman in Colombia. The fisherman in Somalia, who wonders where their next catch is coming from and wonders why that government can’t protect them from factory fishing from across the world. It’s the mother in the Philippines who’s worried that the next big storm is gonna rip her infant out of her arms. People in California who are fleeing from unprecedented fires People on the East Coast are facing the worst storms in in recorded history It’s our own country, our own community our own families. This is the core truth. if we are to survive on this planet, the only home any of us will ever know, for our climate, for our security, for our future, we need nature. Now more than ever. Nature doesn’t need people, people need nature. Let’s turn off our phones. Let’s roll up our sleeves and… Lets kick this monsters ass. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION AND JOIN US DONATION LINK BELOW

100 thoughts on ““If We Don’t Protect Nature We Can’t Protect Ourselves” Harrison Ford | Extinction Rebellion

  1. Revelation 11:18
    The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and smallβ€” and for destroying those who destroy the earth.”

  2. Shine the light of Life, Refute them who put a ransom price on the fruits of life….Knowledge is a fruit…Shine some light of Life…
    Life is suffering and being neglected….Exploited for a false profit…it's false because it causes life's suffering Wear is Life's comfort…Care….Wear is the love? For life in Life through Life….For God's Sake… how can they not see the light of Life?
    To busy with wrong or right…Shine some light of Life..Love ForEveHer rite right write…Love and care life…first and last word…Life….Never leave nor forsake….to have and to hold…for better or worse….sickness or health….Forever Life dwells…

  3. Damn..awe Inspiring and nothing less than an fire for a great awaking among mankind. Let's be better than worse tendencies. Let's make humanity human again.

  4. Totally brilliant. Ford's best performance to date. We absolutely need an ecosystem and we will never be able to beat Mother Nature.

  5. πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±

  6. So sad reading the comments, they talk of conspiracy theories yet sprout the stupidest ones themselves. It's a hoax, vaccines are a weapon, yet if they actually opened their minds and enquired after true knowledge. The anti vaccine story was started by a disclaimed doctor who created "facts" which led to a movement. Yet no matter how many studies have proven beyond any doubt that vaccines are safe and especially autism is not propagated via vaccines they prefer to believe the "stories" written by unqualified people with their own agendas. As for changing the society around to stop our mindless pollution of this finite world, how many are willing to sacrifice their second car, their level of comfort in the Western world. The truth, most will not, rather while mouthing grandiose rhetoric they will simply continue as they are verbalizing that someone else will sort out such problems

  7. The Key resides on the Capitalistic system. We dont make the changes we need cause its affects some big economical power… We get rid of Wall Street, we safe the planet. It is so simple

  8. It is obvious that we are impotent in the face of events. Perhaps this is the "natural" culmination of an uncontrollable process and, instead of compounding the problem with violence and more pollution, we should consider ourselves fortunate to have been here for its conclusion. "He must indeed have a blind soul that cannot see that some great purpose and design is being worked out here below, of which we have the honor to be the faithful servants.." Winston Churchill's 26 December 1941 address to the American Congress

  9. Just out of curiosity Mr Ford how many air miles have you done in your career gotta be a few tons of CO2 in the atmosphere and you have the audacity to let your other people more than likely you flew to this conference what a joke if you really want to do the best for the environment don't tell everybody in virtue signal get on with it

  10. Stop using currency and machines. These things are dead earth(inorganic structures/lower nature vibrations). Who made guns? Who wars with everything it encounters? Stop the neanderthals (all governments). Humans eat plants and neanderthals eat bloodstreams of all things!. The neanderthals(white or black) are copper blooded blue vein 2 legged dogs(rhesus monkey & wolf gene expression) that kill everything like water,air,insects,fish,animals,people,ect…Humans have iron blood & r carbon based beings with a solar plexus(soul).Green veins & we are magnetic that corresponds with the iron & nickel sloshing inside earth. There r real humans in every race, so who are u? Earths son is here! No one will escape from the wrath.

  11. Humans were not made to be here on earth for very long, the human mind is vastly insufficient to balance itself, under developed.
    A race to intelligence to succeed perfection, is long been dead.
    Before 2030 comes
    A total collapse of the economy around the world, unrecoverable.
    Increased destructive weather patterns also unrecoverable
    Loss of clean water, the U S study showed 130 million today are drinking polluted water and growing
    Declining resources from polluted oceans and lakes unfit to consume
    Declining land resources lower yield in crops also contaminated with chemicals
    The speed of pollution and destruction alone is out of control
    Enjoy life when you can, your children you brought into this world will not,
    Every other extinction in the past came from outer space or from beneath the surface
    This time we definitely know what is killing us, insane greed, insane ignorance, insane religions, insane leaders, insane governments
    For me , I'm going to sit back and watch the show, death and destruction on a massive scale, UNRECOVERABLE

  12. Stop using my people as your crutch for lies. Carbon is not a greenhouse gas……you people make sick….tell me where is the money slot on the mountain that magically makes plant food disappear.. This is absolute rubbish and shame on all you fakes out there pretending to care….what a joke. Temperature drives carbon wake you idiots by about 800 yrs.

  13. We needed to hear this from Harrison Ford, for he speaks the truth. As long as $$$$ greed comes first, we don't stand a chance.

  14. Only Gods kingdom will resolve mankind’s problems
    Soon all governments are going to be destroyed along with Satan and his demons
    Man has ruined this planet threw greed and a none caring attitude
    Only Jehovah God will intervene soon .
    Agape love πŸ’•

  15. The world is fucked- the majority of people are too stupid to do anything to help it. As for trump- he’ll be dead in 20 years so he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what happens.

  16. Really powerful and needed but fishing is not an action that should ever continue, each fish has it's own life to live that should be free from our greed.

  17. pff what do i care about nature?

    once we are all dust, she will simply grow back.

    Sure it will take time, but she was never in a rush.

  18. Exactly what great thing has humanity done in all of history that nature should not cleanse Mother Earth of the scourge of humankind?? I say fuck humanity. Give the world back to all its original inhabitants. Let mans numbers be small again that we may remember again what it means to walk with the land.

  19. Honestly I believe in Climate Change but I don’t believe people can know when things happen. Also I believe if we do past this I know we’ll just repeat shit. Electric cars don’t actually do much better because electricity takes oil or gas. If the world does die it was are time. The whole human race anyway is shit. Maybe we should get our heads out are asses and start thinking but no we rather look at the government like it’s our own mom. It’s sad that people finally wanna realize.

  20. I wonder which "species of human" has actually made it off this planet b4 it restarted over and over. If u dont understand what im talking bout. Good, its not for everyone;)

  21. You're looking at it all wrong. This is the way the world gets rid of us! The world needs to get rid of us. Then, when we are gone, the world can heal. And it will heal, if we are gone.

  22. It should have been a global requirement, at the beginning of the 1800’s, that industry could not put into the air ANYTHING that is not equal to the air we breath. Or that any liquid disposed of cannot be less than equal to the clean water that comes from oceans or rivers. Missing the mark a century ago is going to be hard to turn around. Countries across the globe destroying the oceans, rivers and air. I doubt anything you or I can do can change the course. It will take the global powers that be to look beyond money and make change. I recently went on a 2 week excursion to Alaska from Anchorage to Denali and I did not see one bit of wildlife. NOT ONE! A stark contrast to 20 years ago. It was then I said Dear God we are in trouble. Devastating and Heartbreaking.

  23. any means to get rich is the cause, go after the rich and elite that have made themselves rich by reaping our planet, non of us that struggle from payday to payday have any empathy for the greedy rich ignorant scum we have been burdened with. this is coming from an actor that most likely has enough money to last ten life times? while so many are poor and homeless by the extremely high cost of living caused by the rich to get richer by it , work on human morals first before putting a rich actor on the stage to talk about climate change?

  24. Climate change is a natural phenomena. Ask any geologist. Why do people presume celebrities are smart and educated? – they invent stories amd lie for a living. Respect nature and dont wantonly pollute, but dont get sucked into the climate change hype, its total bs climate change hoax is there to make you pay more tax, nothing more! Governments and corporate greed could stop pollution in a month if they wanted to.

  25. We can't keep blaming corporates, they are supplying what we demand, if we aren't happy with what or how they are supplying whatever it is that we are purchasing, then don't get it. If it starts to hurt their profits then they are going to have to rethink the way they supply their products.

  26. The more animals we lose the more futile it is to care about the fate of humanity. It becomes evident that we cannot live without them. The effects of biodiversity loss amplifies the worst climate change effects.

  27. Harrison needs to address the geoengineering the nation's weather by our military spraying chemtrails and using the HAARP machines. he needs to quit swearing. It would make him a more creditable speaker. Or is he talking to low life humans?

  28. Surprise! A stinking rich actor … who has either discovered a new chanre for himself or is afraid that the ecoterrorists, like extinction rebellion, will take away his private jet and perhaps spared him. Ridiculous.

  29. Bravo! Beautifully-put about a horrendous situation!
    Why isn't anyone else putting two an two together!? There are already gonna be some grave effects -but these same scientists say there still is time to do something about it.
    This is the time for real, democratic action!

  30. Large corporations control most of the resources on the planet.
    The world's governments are corrupt; scientists are powerless.

    A small band of left-wing liberals is the last hope for rebellion.

    Actors and other celebrities capture the world's attention.
    Changing consumer behaviour is not going to be enough.
    A child sails from Europe to America to warn everyone.

    But is it already too late…?


  31. Needing to hire an actor to state these things, because fat lazy people only want to be entertained, even about the destruction of our planet, that is the sad part.

  32. The Elites don't give a damn about anything bar themselves… The Elite "own" the whole show "lock stock and our well being"… The Elite "will" initiate their eradication plan within the next 5 years (everyone bar themselves)… The Elite will continue to thrive!!!

  33. Mankind is next on the Extinction list, we have been on a course of self destruction since the beginning of time. AI will be the inheritor of our legacy, and there ends the story.

  34. Why is it that those with the largest carbon footprint preach to those who have very small carbon footprints in comparison?

  35. I honestly still struggle to really understand that this is our reality now. Like this is happening. We CAUSED this. We fucking did this how are we going to restore the amazon? How will we restore the glaciers? The wetlands? The grass lands? The land we lost to deserts? We can plant trees but can we really restore the most ancient parts of nature that we had?

  36. Good attempt Mr.Ford. however, look at the comments, these troglodytes you're speaking to would rather drop hate filled comments than pick up the real trash they drop. Let these fuckers die.

  37. Fantastisch speech I’m 100% support nature we all together can saved ours planet I’m very inspired by this speech thanks Mr. Harrison Ford.

  38. We are nature, extinctions inevitable not becuase we couldn't solve climate change, but because no one in the west really gave that much a shit about the rest of the world's access to Food-Water-shelter-saftey. As long as we all got access to the totally excessive things we like having, regardless of the ethic implications, Live aid was in 1984 ffs. How has nothing progressed? Profit and capitalism we all feed off!

    Fuck them is what you all really think, I have it so much better, at least it's not me living in Hati, or Banladesh or Burma.

    Civilisations a fucking joke, we never achived or we would of already solved global equity, non of you wanted to pay that price though did you? Nope just decade after decade of commenting on how complex the markets, economy and all the other bullshit we've all supported is.

    you all buy products from the cery cooporations making basic need an impossibilty. then make speechs about sad it is.

    We had/have the power to do something about it now that powers running out and it dosn't look like we have the time left to change it.

    Well guess what.
    The planet will be just fine once the mistake that is humanity is cleared of to allow homeostasis to take back what we stole.

  39. Imagine a world with 1 million people …. Means 1 million polluters ….

    Now imagine a world with 8 billion … Polluters ….

    Reducing the population is the only solution to protect the planet ….

  40. For the first time in history the physical survival of the human race depends on a RADICAL change of the human heart which must be accompanied by DRASTIC social and economic changes.

  41. If you like this upload then support Russell Brand,Jordan Peterson,Marianne Williamson,Dr John Bergman George Monbiot [to name a few].

  42. U sound so deep uncle Ford U brought tears to my eyes. I pray this movement becomes bigger and stronger in every continent until our imperiled planet is saved from the hands of those heartless jackasses!

  43. Yet Trump continues to gut environmental protection legislation so that industry can continue to rape and plunder nature.

  44. Spot on Mr. Harrison…Global Inequality and Poverty will Eventually 'Cause' National Civil Unrest & Wars where Politicians and Big Business are not Aware of What is on the Horizon for Humanity – https://worldinnovationfoundation.blogspot.com/2019/08/global-inequality-and-poverty-will.html

  45. I just started a petition to solve to global warming by shading the Earth with satellites. https://t.co/alHVEGfIi0?amp=1
    We just had the hottest month in human history, there has been a major increase in heat related death and forest fires all over the planet, and coastal cities are flooding with high tides. Miami Beach even funded for new water pumps due to higher tides.
    We only have to filter 2% of the heat that reaches Earth, this doesn't even have to be visible light, infrared is invisible to the human eye and wont affect plants.
    Elon Musk can do it with SpaceX and I hope this will become very popular.
    Please share, this is an existential threat to humanity.

  46. Once our nature dooms, what can the richest people do with all the money in the world? Don't they get it? Money is the most unnatural thing. They need nature to survive!

  47. sumatra and many more native forests are being deliberately burnt down to plant fast growing palm trees to get cheaper oil to fry potato chips,,..doritos,,…and snack junk food…. totally insane,, STOP THIS SHIT NOW AND PLANT TREES!!!! FGS

    We destroy or world if we don't use or brains to save the earth and all living beings on this planet.

  49. In order for things to change: The elite 1% will have to give up control over the earth….they will not – why? Because it makes them god. Would you want to give being god with endless power? They will die holding onto it.

    Once the earth resources fail the handful elites will simply go underground sipping expensive wine in luxury while everyone else above ground dies and starves to death. Sad but true.

    Your participation into the system ensures that this WILL happen. Stop!! that’s all we have to do.

  50. Things are so bad and I know too much to simply take this at face value. I think it's all a scam given the people telling us about it. I have no doubt capitalism and the corporations are shitting on the planet but I think this high profile marketing blitz hides another scam in the proposed solution. I just don't trust these people and I don't see the change they are talking about. They exaggerate and lie too often about it to take it face value. I had a high school kid tell me that the water is rising in certain areas of the world (not here). Oh boy… I live right near the water for decades. Nothing's changed.

  51. Too late. The entire Iceage itself is coming to an end.
    The Methane gas has remained in the ground during each warm interglacial period. If it's being released now then the iceage is over. Good luck with changing that.

  52. The belief in science is behind the large % of what man has done to the global!
    Had mankind not turned from the lord of the spirits and his word, rather than Listening to the fallen ones has created this!

    Man can't save the planet!

    And besides; it time people started using there grey matter again rather than listening for answers!
    By the time the suns rays reach earth there avg 20c record being 58c, lava on the other hand is 1200c and much closer, look at all the wildfires across the global there all near major volcanoes, and just like st Helens in 1980 the woodland area is burning within!
    The only fire I will point out that is different is Siberia, where an ammunition compound has exploded; and yet after almost a week, its then announced its nuclear! Nice one!!
    That is what's the biggest threat to mankind is; nuclear! If it be energy of weapons.. I see people claim nuclear energy is clean and safe.. Then you need to seriously wake up and wash your eyes!

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