If Trump is impeached, how is Canada affected? Our panel takes your questions

46 thoughts on “If Trump is impeached, how is Canada affected? Our panel takes your questions

  1. The Ukraine ambasador lied, the prosector never retracted his statment on the LIST but HE explained (in the ORIGINAL sited interview on the ukraine site thebabble) that she was giving him the LIST verbally and he started writing it down and she got upset (she didnt want a paper trail) so the meeting was immediately ended. He has NEVER retracted his statment and its why this will impeachment will never go to the Republican controlled HOUSE as he will be flown over to give evidence and she will face jailtime! @facebook DOT com/TheBlaze/videos/365169550954458/ ~ the FACTCHECKER website LIES and the circular use of roundabout QUOTES (in support of this LIE) saying it was retracted is 100% an easily provable LIE. Add to yesterdays admission that the Ukraine oil/gas company was under suspicion and investigation until Bidens son was employed and Bidens own admission he got the investigation stopped after using AID money that was disappearing (started at 1billion and now stands at 7billion) and you can see why this will be the HILL the Democrats have chosen to do this last stand on! What ever happened to real investigative journalists, you can RING the man and ask him if he recanted his statment, the cost is a phone call from your comfy office! Oh all ambasadors resign when a new president comes in, he then keeps or replaces as he sees fit but she was the ONLY one that OUTRIGHT refused to do this and to my knowledge (Im an Australian) thats EVER! Now that stolen American tax payer money went where? What NGOs got the stoen money and were they on that do no prosecute list too? Questions Id like answered please CBC! Lastly to quote trumps son, if I had of followed my dad to china and came back with 1billion dollars they would have had my dads guts for garters, let alone $87k a month for a job I wasnt knowledgeable about, in a language I didnt speak with no experience after I was a known drug user and kicked out of the Mil!

  2. The evidence that Trump is a corrupt, treasonous fraudster is overwhelming.
    The question is do white supremacists care.

  3. Your joking right ! You all know that Presidents are ELECTED , NOT SELECTED .
    Your vote never has counted , nor will it ever count.
    SINCE 1871 , AMERICA HAS BEEN A CORPORATION . The Illite man are sitting down laughing at this.
    Do your RESEARCH.
    SMH !!!

  4. CBC should not make statements that “trump said” but rather “… believes trump said”. One indicted an un-contradicted statement of fact, the other indicates that it’s still in question (as a good reporter/journalist should be in position of).

  5. His behaviour before he won the election is well You read !!

    Report by The Toronto Star 2016 reveals he still has the gall to ask us for money. "Please chip in before midnight tonight,” read emails from his own campaign, sent to Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale in June. As it turns out, the GOP wannabe has been hitting up not only Canadian reporters, but also MPs, and people in countries like Australia and Iceland for cash, according to a complaint filed in June with the U.S. Federal Election Commission.

    Former Conservative Prime Minister Kim Campbell tweeted derisively about the 'chip in' emails, saying she's made it clear on social media what she thinks of Trump: “Aside from fact I am (Canadian), clearly they don’t follow me on Twitter!” she wrote.

    In a similar vein, Larry Bagnell, a Liberal MP for the Yukon reportedly received a fundraising letter from Trump's campaign, which was promptly deleted by his staff.

    Since it's illegal for foreign nationals to contribute to U.S. elections and for American candidates to solicit funds from foreign nationals, it's unclear why Trump was contacting Canadians for funds (he's also a billionaire, adding to our confusion). According to Capital Economics, a Trump victory would be "very bad" for Canada's economy," so he probably won't be receiving much cash from Canadian politicians anytime soon.

  6. CBC, you actually left comments on…but we're on to you.

    The witch hunt goes on…this is almost as bad as our own gong show known as the HOC.

  7. Don’t be ridiculous! This hearing is rediculous, nothing but a waist of money . If I hear one more rediculous thing said about Trump on Canada news , I will stop watching .

  8. A witness to what? Nothing? No crime at all? Strangest testimony I ever heard. Nothing to impeach anyone or anything. A complete waste of American money and time. Congress should get back to work and approve the MCA deal and other bills DEMs are holding up.

  9. CBC, trying to divert our attention to the better US republic system just makes our own heavily corrupt monarchy system that much more obvious, and harder to swallow.

  10. if this was about Trudeau, CBC would have disabled the commentary. How did this orangeman become the president of the most powerful country in the world

  11. Day two of the hearsay circus… The only way Canada is affected by this is to pay any attention to this nonsense. Great journalism again CBC, glad to see Canadian tax dollars being spent covering American reality shows🙄

  12. As a Canadian, it saddens me today to realize that our great CBC is another CNN. Today's impeachment was a nothing burger .. Trump hurt my feeling and fired me.

  13. This brings to light how corrupt governments are! So many people lean one way or the other due too their own biases! School yard bs! Humanity is screwed!

  14. Trump screwed up badly by not firing Mueller, and replacing any of Obama’s postIng the minute he was sworn in, by failing to do so, they will
    gang up against Trump to replace the Pres. after all, the Democrats have been refusing to accept the results of 2016 election. The Democrat ‘s
    plan is basically to soil the Pres. In order for Hillary to come out of her cave and run against Trump. So far the three diplomats who has
    testified, are trying their best to claim they’re not playing politics, the opposite is very truth. Goes to show the Democrats can get away with
    any shady, dishonest and corrupt agenda and get away with it. The minority are indeed controlling the majority.

  15. When that bastard is finally in handcuffs we celebrate…..and I am willing to bet that Justin Trudeau can finally exhale a big sigh of relief.
    By the way…if the US had a parliamentary system he wohld have been gone ages ago.but the US thjnks its so exceptional with its presidential system and all…..but we all know that americans think they are exceptional for some reason

  16. 2/3rds of the Senate is needed to be removed from office which has never happened in us history. The Democrats our outnumbered in the senate and will never flip the 22 or 23 Republicans to get rid of him.

    Impeachment means nothing to Canada as he will still b the president. Anything else anyone says is just malarkey.

  17. CBC not allowing comments with certain words to protect their special citizens. You know the ones from the Middle East.

    i am sure cbc will parade that omar guy over the holidays like he is alla-h.

  18. Why would he be impeached…
    Over an ambassadors emotional response to being fired…
    It's not like he put on noir face…

  19. This woman has a career of flying under the wire because she is at the mercy of every president. The idea that she has been in this role for so long through so many administrations does not impress me. Just means she did nothing to offend anybody with emphasis on did nothing. A go along to get along bobble head.

  20. the democrats needs 2/3rds of the senate to convict the president being impeached… which is simply not possible because the republicans have the majority in the senate.

  21. He will not have any thing she was asked if he broke any laws she said no so when the truth comes out will the cbc report that

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