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Hundreds of years down the line, who’s going
to know who was the President of the United States or something? But everyone will remember who were those
first four people who stepped on Mars. In 2012, the nonprofit Mars One announced
plans to colonise the red planet. More than 200,000 people around the world
applied for a spot on the four person spaceship. There are now 660 finalists. Those who go… Will never return to Earth. It might put me in danger but that’s the whole
point. Takeoff If we hit the atmosphere too fast, the heat
shield fails and we would be incinerated. Not a nice way to die but it would be almost
instantaneous. If I die on Mars, that will be great. Pi, not the pastry kind, the mathematical
kind. So, I know 90 digits of Pi. 3.141592655897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089 37510582097494459230781640628620899 Are you sure that last nine isn’t an eight? No, definitely a nine. We’re going to be considering how to get from
Earth to Mars. So, what we’ll do, we’ll start with…. knocking that. Ryan, have you ever had sex? No, I haven’t. Do you want to? Not particularly. I don’t have any desire
to have sex. In fact, I’ve never actually kissed anyone before. Have you ever masturbated? Erm, yes. But there’s kind of erm… there’s
a scientific reason for that. What do you mean? Well, it raises your risk of prostate cancer
if you don’t. Minus G times the mass of the sun divided
by R2. So this is the first velocity booster that
we need to get onto our transfer in orbit. I think the most important thing to do in
life is to leave a legacy. A lot of people do that by, say, having a child and having
a family. For me, this would be my legacy, to try and find out if there’s life on Mars,
to inspire a new generation, to lead to the beginnings of the first civilisation on another
planet. That is my legacy. I’m 29 years old, I was born and raised in
Iraq. In this culture you will first be treated as an object. I have to hide my hair, I have to hide all
my body parts, not to show my hands. I wasn’t happy. Do you feel like when you left Iraq you were
saying goodbye to your family forever? I did. And it’s a kind of, in a way, I see it as
just the same. If I ever made it to Mars, it’s going to be the same experience as me
coming to the United States. Going back is not an option, never. I don’t
feel like I need a family to be able to survive and exist. What about sex? There is never going to sex
on Mars. How do you feel about that? It’s not a big problem for me not to have
sex for… indefinitely. I don’t want to… How can I say this? I feel
kind of shy to say it. It’s just… you can satisfy yourself. After ten years I have the plan to become
an astronaut. To live in Mars. Do you know where Mars is? You’re joking, man! One way ticket. It’s one way. Just to go,
it’s not to come back anymore. I think this world is not a good place to
live any more. We have so many diseases, we have so many armed conflicts, we have natural
disasters, we have inequities, we have so many problems that I believe it’s not possible
to solve. I would like to see a better world compared
to this one and I think a good way to solve those problems is start from the beginning. For us who stay here on Earth it will be as
though this person has died. For us this person doesn’t exist. But this isn’t suicide. One think he is committing
suicide, but it’s not suicide. Quite the contrary, he goes there because
it is God’s mission. It’s humanity’s mission. When I was very young, around the age of two,
my dad left me and my sister who had only just been born. He made a conscious choice not to support
or care about my sister and I throughout our entire childhood and that makes me feel almost…
does he not care about us? Are we not worthwhile of that? It does make me angry. I do worry because
my sister and I feel like… did we miss on something when we were younger that almost
everyone else had? Has your sister been ok without a father? Erm… I’m not really sure I want to answer
this because I don’t want to talk about something that she wouldn’t want on the camera. There is a reason but I’d rather that not
be on the footage. Because I just love my sister to bits and there’s no worse thing
to see than someone almost losing who they are. Didn’t you ever, when you were little, think…
where the fuck are you? I didn’t have a father figure really being
my actual father but I had the advantage that my grandparents kind of filled that in. I know but what about your father? I don’t know because what… because I don’t
know what a father’s supposed to do because I haven’t had one. A lot of the traumatic experience that I’ve
had throughout my life has been due to people abandoning me and I suppose now, if I get
to go to Mars then I would be abandoning everyone. I mean, it’s not like I’m like: “Ha ha!I will
punish those who abandoned me by abandoning everyone!” It’s not like that at all. Bye. Take care Ryan. Well, the last time I hug him, if it does
come to that moment, then I will tell him how much I love him, I will certainly cuddle
him, I will kiss him. Then I will just tell him to enjoy his life and never, ever forget
how much he’s loved. I think love is a word that refers to an emotional
need. I have never felt it and I don’t think that I believe in it. I believe that there
is… nobody has this kind of emotional effect on me. Love is not something that I need. If I fall in love in the next… before I
go to Mars I will have a terrible problem to deal with that. It’s something that you can’t control. You
can’t avoid completely but you can control when you feel that your feelings are changing.
You can try to stop at that point. So that’s what I’m trying to do. Let me offer the following thought and I want
you to comment on this. I think that the Mars One mission is a great
and noble idea. But there is a contradiction. The only people who could go on that spaceship,
who could commit to going to Mars forever, have to be somehow crazy. True or untrue? Define crazy. Crazy is the unfamiliar. Crazy
is the different person. What is crazy for people? For me, I think, my sister, older sister,
is crazy for having her dream to be to have kids and have a husband and grow up and die. Have you imagined someone disappearing forever? I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid of something
in this life but I’m not afraid of death. All of us we’re going to die. We will never see him again but maybe we’ll
see him in heaven. I will see him in paradise only. If you’re just one of seven billion people
on Earth it’s so difficult to make yourself stand out and do something big. I don’t know, 50 years down the line, if I’m
on Mars and there’s a dust storm raging or something like that, and I’m cold, being able
to think and look back and knowing that it mattered, what I did, in the end that does
make it worthwhile to me. You’re going to die here or there, it doesn’t
really matter. Why you’re going to die is what matters for
me. If I die on Mars that would be an accomplishment.

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  1. keep repeating pi… that will save you if your oxygen unit fails lol… I heard a transexual hairdresser applied to go there… and then was upset that he wasn't selected lol… that's what you really need when you leave earth and colonise your first planet – a transxual hairdresser wtf!??!?! Why would anyone think this?


  3. Can we try to discuss this again without wandering far off topic?
    I don't understand why sex and procreation would be out of the question. Is it impossible to have sex (and possibly concieve a baby) DURING the trip? and if so, why? And why is it impossible once they are on the Mars colony in their man-made atmospherical structure? I have read about how the low gravity (about 1/3rd of ours) creates health problems in the long run. And that the radiation on Mars is a factor.
    I'm sorry if this has been covered elsewhere; you could just point me to an article or something, but I don't want to wander into a "pros and cons of anal sex" argument that doesn't help answer these questions.
    I would also like to ignore the whole question of the ethicality of having a child in such a deadly environment. The way I see it, colonizing a new planet is evolution all over again, and evolution is brutal. So, that's a whole other discussion, please. Just, why is sex and procreation impossible? seems to defeat the purpose!
    I'm confessing ignorance, so please be civil.

  4. People with no passion for both space exploration and contribution to society will not survive on Mars. These candidates are motivated with personal and past experiences which would possibly allow them to last months or maybe even years, but not an entire lifetime.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but astronauts (the space pilots) are 1. selected from among jet pilots, who have already passed rigorous physical and psychological tests, 2. (hence) tougher and more reliable than the average jet pilot, 3. reliable because they want to live, and want to get back to Earth at the end of the mission, 4. would literally kill to get back to Earth, 5. able to reliably follow previously learnt procedures and prompt instructions from the Earth Control, because astronauts are not expected to create their own procedures and solve unexpected technical problems on their own (it is way beyond their or anyone's capacity). Have these "Mars One candidates" ever seen/met the Apollo astronauts? Have they learnt about the Apollo missions? Do they have the necessary, absolutely stable and issue-free psyche the Apollo crews had? Are they tough family men with rock solid determination to live? I doubt it all. Yet they are expected to go on a mission, which is multitudes more complex, dangerous, and tougher than the Moon Landing was. This, together with all the financial and technical problems (SpaceX's Elon Musk is not behind the project, and many key technologies do not exist yet) points toward a BIG SCAM.

  6. So you are worried about dying of prostate cancer but your not afraid of gamma rays streaming through your body before you asphyxiate and freeze to death ? Sounds like you may be better off having around with your grandpa – He sounds like one great guy !

  7. what's with these questions about sex? and why do they pick people with so little in common in something like this? this is just cabin fever waiting to happen!

  8. What the fuck was up with this interviewer? Asking volunteers about their sex lives and their masturbation habits? How about how qualified they are to go Mars and why they should be chosen? What qualifies them to go? What are their credentials? "Oh, I never had sex and masturbate everyday! Therefore, you should choose me!" If that's all they got, then there are millions of other pathetic people out there who are just as qualified as they are.

  9. Real shame the filmmakers chose to open that interview with questions about his sex life… This had the potential to be a good social documentary.

  10. "It's God's mission".
    So God doesn't want us inhibiting his fine creation anymore? Better send us away to some other "God's" creation, right?

  11. This is an illuminati operation. Get us used to the idea of leaving this planet. We are a slave race like the ood's from Doctor who. In the future, some of us will leave to other planets to be slaves of many different alien races. Blame the rockefellers, rothschilds, and every other 1/10th of 1% illuminati member. They do not care about us. They think of us like animals. Like cattle.

  12. @5:00 i's god his mission? Oh no please, only send atheists on this mission, the last thing we need are religions on Mars -.-

  13. "have you ever had sex"
    Wtf, yeah thats a great first question, I can expect what the rest of the video will be.
    Good, ill find another video to watch about this. Thanks Guardian for atleast being honest with what your video was about from the get go.

  14. The problem with colonizing another planet lies here within. These people are so disconnected and emotionless. Suppose these applicants did colonize a planet (say they had sex for reproduction purposes)…do we really want these personalities starting colonization on another planet?

  15. They found British Sheldon!
    How are they going to colonize Mars if they don't make babies? I always thought it was the stupidest thing to colonize the moon or Mars. There's no resources there! When explorers colonized America at least there were stuff people could use; wood, water, food. Mars? You're just there until your food or oxygen runs out. Unless we spend billions on sending you more supplies.

  16. It's gods plan as one of the guys in this video said. If it was gods plan why didn't he give us the tools or the rockets to go earlier? Why go to Mars where we're not promised anything when we could and should be spending it on things to fix down here on earth? We have a whole ocean we haven't explored yet we want to go to a whole different planet? Why?

  17. Ok I understand that this serious mission in one way and what up if someone gets sick or hurt a tooth or a woman enters a period of attack or appendix ?

  18. its stupid to go to mars its better to go to venus we can survive on venus not on mars we would be born handicapped on mars due to gravity.

  19. Hey man if you are going to mars for an infinite visit perhaps it would help if you calm down and speek more slowly. Like take on a texas drawl and start wearing a large tin foil lined cowboy hat to filter some of the radiation ?

  20. they seem very anti social. go there and not come back? yeah okay sherlock. how about being useful and contribute something to the society instead of whining about personal struggle?

  21. u say earth is a bad place to live on? on mars u gotta wear a helmet all the fucking time.. yes.. please tell me about establishing a life sustaining atmosphere, planting forests on mars, and plant the seeds of life from the very beginning! let life be what it is on that planet.

  22. I know that girl named Dina! STORY TIME – So a couple years ago in 2014 i joined the Navy. After boot camp was over i was sent to Pensacola for A school (training) and this girl Dina who we called her by her last name (which i know but wont put out) was one of the head student assistants with the new people coming in from boot camp! I honest to god couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this. She had been stuck in A school for so long because they kept running background checks on her and were having trouble getting her her security clearance for her rate aka job in the military. I know I'm not the only person in the Navy to watch this and recognize her but i still thought it was cool to share my story. Her and i were never friends so i don't know much about her aside from where she was from, that she was super strict and didn't take any of the new people shit, wore lots of makeup, and everyone had a crush on her even though she was kind of a bitch. i wonder if shes still even in the Navy or was let go but its weird that she did this whole thing while still being in. Small world.

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    can i go to mar with them i need go to mar .

  24. Hey, I never heard of any announcement for people to volunteer to go to Mars! When was that? Also, When is the next time to choose new volunteers (if there'll be any)?

  25. Before moving to Mars should't we buy ourselves enough time to build technology to do so..
    for example by controlling climate change?

  26. Whyyyyyyyy are you asking him about masturbation, sex and kissing as the first questions? Anyway, that guy is apparently a near genius by how he recites mathematics, but his level of genius failed to detect how unfeasible the entire Mars One “mission” is, and how it will never happen as Mars One claimed it will, especially in 10 years time initially. Combining that with this weird interview, the entire thing is a comedic farce.

  27. There is no difference between Die on Mars or Die on Earth. Because we own a Universe it's one of Multi-Universe. It's the matter of personal free will at all, and we are a leading actor or actress of a 21-century Fox or Universal film, of cinema. 🙂

  28. i hope they pick someone more clever than the Zimbabwe guy: "you know, on earth so many natural disasters" has he read about mars? lol

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