ICE Raid In North Carolina, Trump Public Charge Keeps Immigrants Off Welfare

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okay guys we got a lot to get through from new ice rains in North Carolina to
people trying to protest ice to the reaction on Trump’s new policy to
eliminate welfare benefits to immigrants and much more let’s jump straight into
it check this out special immigration
agents just made some arrests in Morganton a manager at case farms says
five workers were arrested around 10:00 a.m. this morning the Western North
Carolina workers Center tells Channel nine immigration officers took the
action because of deportation orders the workers and two other people in
Morganton were taken to Charlotte after they were arrested at that area now I
sent channel 9 this statement saying the individuals arrested by HSI had previous
criminal histories ranging from aggravated identity theft to illegal
reentry of a convicted and deported aggravated felon man suspected of
shooting and critically injuring Colorado Springs police officer Jim
Giselle last year has been ruled mentally competent to stand trial
following a second mental health evaluation news 5’s cate ii blaze in
studio with more on her our alchemist is here in katie well today alchemist
withdrew his not guilty plea he’s now scheduled to appear in court on
september 6th for his arraignment let’s take a look back at what led up to all
of this it all started in the early morning hours of August 2nd last year
according to prosecutors gizelle and another officer responded to an area
near Bonnefoy in Boulder the southeast side of Springs on a shots fired call
shortly after they responded Giselle and Alchemist crossed paths prosecutors said
that’s when they shot at each other officer Gisele was hit in the head cSPD
corporal ron carter shot Alka Massey and began giving medical care to him and
officer Gisele now in October the 4th Judicial Judicial District Attorney’s
Office ruled that you zel and corporal carter were acting in
self-defense and in defense of others when they fired their weapons and
Alchemist ii neither Carter or Gisele were charged following the shooting now
Alka Massey is charged with attempted first-degree murder of a police officer
felony menacing and possession of a weapon by a previous offender as far as
off the officer Gisele Springs police say while recovering he’s experienced
setbacks but has proven time and time again that he is a fighter he still has
a long road ahead but his spirit remains strong always watching out for you
Colorado Springs Kati plays News 5 a group of Vermont advocates are
speaking out after the recent arrests during a protest in Williston the
protest is calling for a shutdown of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement
facility on harvest Lane local 22 Spencer Coughlin has more on why the
group doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon continuing to spread their message
a few dozen advocates gathered outside a Chinon County District Court Tuesday
morning in Burlington it’s where 20 of them could face charges
for their role in disrupting operation at the Williston dice facility last
month we did stop a shift change we spent hours in front of the ice facility
the group is protesting the detainment and deportation of undocumented workers
and family separation policies at the southern border
these are Vermonters hard-working Vermonters they do not get Social
Security they do not get any government assistance they are only contributing to
our tax base they’re also encouraging ice employees at the Williston facility
to leave their jobs we cannot get caught up in this idea that these data
processing jobs at the ice facility are somehow neutral are somehow good jobs
for this state they are not the group says just last week seven people were
detained at a McDonald’s in Hartford Vermont they are kidnapping people they
are detaining people they are holding people in inhumane conditions we cannot
be part of this moving forward the group is planning even more demonstrations and
rallies their neighbors you know the folks who just want to work
alongside them and make a living are the ones being detained let’s stand up for
Valerie Spencer Carlotta local 22news Burlington we reach South immigration
and customs enforcement about those detainment in Hartford and they could
neither confirm nor deny it happened due to the fact that we don’t know their
names a new report claims the number of ice detainees kept in solitary
confinement is on the rise yes the group behind the report says in
many cases detainees were isolated for weeks months and even some more than a
year news for Tucson zhilie Shaheed has the story a new report from DC based
watchdog Project on Government Oversight analyzes more than 6,000 reports of
solitary confinement in ice detention centers from 2016 to May of 2018 when
you compare the 2017 numbers of 2016 the numbers did go up they went up about 15
percent the report indicates that about 40% of the records involve detainees
with some form of mental illness that can really exacerbate their mental
illness especially solitary confinement for a very long time solitary
confinement may have a place for short periods of time but when you put people
into solitary for weeks on end months on end it just it deteriorates the mind
basically just last month senators Chuck Grassley and Richard Blumenthal wrote a
joint letter pushing for answers from ice on their use of solitary confinement
there are problems with these records apparently some detention centers aren’t
fully reporting their use of solitary so that’s one big x-factor here you know we
can only count what we know about in a statement to NBC News I spokesman Brian
Cox said quote any suggestions that the use of segregation in ice custody is
above the norm for detained populations would be a false claim he went on to say
ice provides several levels of oversight to ensure detainees reside in safe
secure and humane environments and under appropriate conditions of confinement
olya shaheed news for Tucson new this morning
a federal judge has ruled that a Haitian immigrant can remain in the US for the
time being the ACLU filed the lawsuit Monday requesting that Jeb oberyn’s
transfer from New Hampshire to Louisiana for deportation be stopped
arguing that he had a pending hearing to reopen his immigration case beau brron
claims that he and his wife fled politically motivated violence in Haiti
in 2016 it was right here inside of this courthouse where a man legally here in
the US was allegedly arrested by ice agents while he was awaiting a court
hearing now the ACLU is demanding video of that arrest but the court says they
don’t have to give it up a scene unfolded in the Bernalillo County Metro
courthouse in February that has the ACLU crying foul this is a record of public
business a lawsuit filed Tuesday claims a PhD student at the University of New
Mexico was arrested by ice agents while awaiting a court hearing the suit claims
the man is here illegally and repeatedly told the agents to call his sponsors
according to the suit agents instead arrested and detained the man at a
center moving airport for hours before letting him go iced exercised more
authority than it had to arrest this this young man the ACLU attempted to
prove that by requesting surveillance video of the day and time of the arrest
under New Mexico public records laws the court denied the request saying
revealing this tape would jeopardize their plans to protect the courthouse
from terrorism the ACLU is claiming they are trying to see if the court is living
up to its own courthouse access policy which states a third party cannot arrest
someone without an arrest warrant or an order from a judge according to the suit
ice had neither we’re interested in knowing what the Metro Court did to
either assist ice or hinder ice or look the other way we reached out to Metro Court for
comment they say they can’t comment on pending lawsuits but did tell me they
have actually never released surveillance video under any
circumstances and in this case they are again citing security concerns like for
example people finding out where their cameras are live at Metro Court shelby
Cashman KOAT Action 7 News now ice has responded to the lawsuit they say they
can’t comment on ongoing suits but say our trained law enforcement
professionals adhere to the department’s missions and values and uphold our laws
while continue to provide the nation with safety and security when
immigration and customs enforcement agents raided businesses in Mississippi
a few days ago some clergy here in neighboring Alabama took notice we as
religious leaders reject all forms of dehumanization and we claim all as
precious children of God Sanders among 47 clergy who’ve signed a proclamation
to protect all immigrants they know many people in Alabama want to stem the flow
of immigration but Reverend Paul Agnes Tucker says as a Christian pastor one of
the things that I rely upon earth is my understanding of how Jesus lived and one
of the things he said was that what you do to the least of these you do to me
and this is one example of where we are creating a whole class of the least of
these the pilgrim United Church of Christ is one of several in Jefferson
County prepared to fling open their doors in case immigrants need shelter
they have a safe haven within our sanctuary in our actual facilities our
actual buildings they’re not just for Sunday mornings we will open them to our
brothers and sisters Reverend Julie Conrad II says if ice raids happen here
every effort will be made to restore humanity so we don’t want to say come to
the church and sleep on the floor we want to make sure we have proper
provisions and shower spaces pushing back against what they see as the
politics of hatred hurting not helping America move forward in birmingham jeff
elias off wvt m13 a mississippi nonprofit is helping the family
struggling to get by after last week’s ice rains the Mississippi immigrant
rights Alliance is able to provide much of the support through help and
donations from all over the country they are piled high and are ready to go to
families who lost their primary red winter attorneys are donating their
time to help with any legal issues that might come up there was a similar rate
in Mississippi a little more than a decade ago
Howard industries 11 years ago and one things that was different about that it
was at one location and ironically all of these places in Laurel workers at a
union and in the Howard industries they were in the midst of contract
negotiations or a union contract that expired on the 30th of August and it was
on the 25th of August that ice came and totally disrupted the workplace Ahmir
also plans to help those in custody in Louisiana children and families who have
been released are now burdened with what comes next left with half are now zero
income churches and legal organizations are coming together to help out Alex
loved reports from Forrest it’s been seven days since nearly 700 undocumented
immigrants were detained at several Mississippi food processing plants but
communities are still shaking individuals are still wanting to know
where their loved ones are we are concerned with the well-being the safety
and the stability of families since the raids nearly half of the undocumented
immigrants released have been brought back home reunited with their kids and
families but now comes the legal process a friend of mine that is an immigration
attorney that has taken some cases on pro bono so we’re here for those
individuals so we’re working on their bond packets right now while working
with each household in Scott County who lost a loved one in the ice raids mrs.
Renault so described to us the HAR story she’s heard from families of plant
workers these employees were mistreated and if they wanted to get moved to a
different apartment that they had to pay their supervisor $1,000 one young lady
even told me she’s like they are the thieves still so many questions remain
for kids and released workers but local churches are still reaching out asking
like how am I going to be able to provide
my family what is next for me there is no job here should I move what is
figuring out what to do next food for those who need it available there’s also
been an intake process for those who want to find out more information as to
what they can do what they can do to find their loved ones any kind of help
that they can find in this time reporting in forest
Alex love 12 News legal vice donated goods are still being given out at Saint
Michael’s Catholic Church in Trinity missionary center in force to find out
how you can get involved go to our website it’s WJ
well recent immigration raids at Mississippi chicken processing plants
revived a long-standing complaint about government policy unauthorized workers
are jailed or deported while the managers and business owners who profit
from their labor often go unprosecuted under president donald trump the number
of owners and managers facing criminal charges for employing unauthorized
workers has stayed almost the same as almost every other enforcement measure
has surged last week’s raids were the largest worksite operation conducted
under the trump administration the raids led to 680 arrests of people in the US
illegally criminal charges are expected to follow for some but no plant owners
or top managers were immediately charged that’s been the pattern of other recent
raids investigating managers takes longer and is far more difficult than
arresting workers Allah rally is set to begin within the hour protesting the
Wyatt detention centers agreement with federal immigration officials Eyewitness
News reporter shinola Sciuto joins us now live from Central Falls with that
Gina we’ll make right now we’re next to City
Hall in Central Falls this is where the demonstration starts and we just spoke
with organizers they expect hundreds to be here tonight now we want to show you
video from the last protest in Central Falls that was about a month ago
according to the event organizer the demonstration is in protest of the
Detention Center’s contract with ice as well as the president’s no-tolerance
immigration policies at last check there were 139 ice detainees being held at the
facility and according to a spokesperson for the Wyatt the conditions at the
facility are up to standard as we’ve reported at the similar protest 18
people were arrested including former state representative Erin Reagan Berg he
says demonstrators are willing to do whatever it takes to get their message
across so we’re back here again today a month later from the last demonstration
because we want to make it very clear we are in this fight for the long haul we
are not going to accept state-sponsored violence against our immigrant families
and we are not going to allow local rhode island institutions like the Wyatt
detention facility to continue partnering with ice in perpetrating that
violence no we have reached out to ice about this
but we are still waiting to hear back tonight the rally starts in about 20
minutes we will be following the crowd to the Wyatt and we’ll bring you any
updates both on air and online reporting live in Central Falls tonight I’m Sheena
Lou Sciuto Eyewitness News and we just learned that 26 people were
arrested protesting ice and Border Patrol this evening the protests came
after a string of recent Border Patrol arrests of dozens of undocumented
immigrants across the Upper Valley when we showed up this afternoon police had
put up protective barriers outside of Hartford Town Hall hoping they would
prevent protesters from ending up in the street but around 5:30 the crowd marched
to the corner of Maple Street and Hartford Avenue
they formed a human chain and blocked traffic for the better part of two hours
many of them stayed until they were arrested this is a cause that I believe
in and if people aren’t willing to be body’s blocking the way then changes is
going to occur now clearly we have some individuals that want the symbolism of
being arrested and it’s sad that we have to accommodate them but we’re going to now once the arrests began the scene
turned dramatic a woman who lunged forward shouting quote let go of my kid
was one of a total of 26 people arrested some of the protesters blocking the
street refused to walk away and actually had to be physically picked up and
carried away by police the protesters were all arrested and released after
processing and cited as quote rioters refusing to disperse traffic has since
returned to normal in White River Junction police removed all barricades
after the final protesters were arrested now I want to note that this protest
comes just two weeks after a protest at an ice facility in Williston that drew
about 700 people and led to many arrests for now we’re live in the upper valley
newsroom Nathaniel Reed NBC 5 News and I’m Laurin
Maloney first up on local 22news more than two dozen protesters have been
released after they were arrested in the town of Hartford Vermont earlier yeah
they were protesting recent raids by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement
in the area 22s mic Hoey reads return a short while
ago from Hartford he Ethel Edith the tails mic well Glenn Lauren Hartford’s
police chief says 26 protesters have been arrested for the offence of rioters
refusing to disperse they filled up a crosswalk on Main Street for more than
two hours this evening and once they were there they refused to yield when
police ordered them to disperse they and dozens of supporters chanted a slogan
among other things about a proposed town ordinance that measure would prevent the
Hartford police from arresting or detaining anyone solely on the belief
that a person is in the country illegally the hartford pd wouldn’t be
allowed to help federal authorities like ice with civil immigration enforcement
and town employees including police would also be barred from asking for or
sharing information about immigration or citizenship status unless a state law
federal law or court ruling forces them to those tend to bring out strong emotions
it’s important it’s very much engaged in taking care of all the members of the
community and our guests this is a very heated issue and I don’t think the town
of Carthage should be it uses an example this is how we want to be put on the map
shots fired at two buildings associated with Immigration and Customs Enforcement
early Tuesday no one was injured but there were people
inside at least one of the offices under fire had the bullets gone two inches in
another direction we could be here today talking about the murder of a federal
official the FBI is processing the crime scene and looking at surveillance
footage officials believe the suspects specifically knew which offices Isis
using any attempt at any violence or illegal activity against a federal
official the FBI will open a federal case and we will vigorously go after
those that are responsible this incident comes days after immigration officials
detained nearly 700 undocumented immigrants in Mississippi last week’s
massive ice raid will have an enormous long-term effect on the state of
Mississippi and one day after the Trump administration unveiled a regulation
that makes it tougher for legal immigrants to get green cards if they
received government benefits self-sufficiency is a central part of
America’s proud heritage and we proudly stand behind that tradition federal
authorities have not drawn a link to either of these incidents to Tuesday’s
shooting but do say political discourse could lead to more attacks I’m John
Lawrence reporting I’m joined now by former acting director of ice Tom home
and Tom these are your people it wasn’t that long ago that you left what are
your thoughts today it’s it’s really getting out of control it’s mounting
look when I was younger I had to have a security detail on my home 24/7 because
my family was threatened specifically my son
and so I know what it feels like in this but it’s attack in San Antonio Swan in a
string of attacks and one one correction that one did they shoot into the ice
office of what I saw of employees in danger they also shot into to an another
building another office one of our detention contractors no private
detention company that helps ice maintain facilities that we detain them
against every shot – so the text is not on ice it’s not anybody associated with
ice even our contractors it’s you know that you talked about the attack in
Washington where the man set fire to a car I actually saw that video this
morning Harris not only setting fire to the car he set fire to propane takes an
attempt to burn a building down that would have killed hundreds and hundreds
of immigrants who were being held for the next immigration hearing yeah you
know it’s it’s interesting because I looked at that video too and I wondered
are we even looking at the broader scope of this this is a security issue for
anybody who happens to be near anybody who’s with that agency whether they’re
working with them or not the examples that you give was assault
though on Authority is a slippery slope we know that we know that we see it all
around the world so when you have complete lawlessness oftentimes you can
look back and you can say you know what this started with the authorities being
pressed back well English behind its first I disagree with the up yet I agree
the FBI sacked that this was an act of violence I think this is an act of
terrorism I mean look at the definition of terrorism this is exactly what
they’re doing this is domestic terrorism and what makes me angry everybody that’s
on the Democratic ticket running for president people like the squad people
like Nancy Pelosi who wants attack like daily call them Nazis they’re on
concentration camp they need to be abolished you know and they attack them
the other day Leland did an operation Mississippi that Nancy Pelosi said that
ice invaded these companies and terrorized workers no I did the job to
the enforce law that Nancy closed in 1986 when she was in Congress they
passed the employer sanction laws we got to stop the hate militate
they say that Trump administration all hate rhetorics coming
do not know there’s just as much hate rhetoric if not more on the left so when
you sit there and vilify the men and women of ice and aborto everyday the
media outlets and the people running for president and the Democratic leadership
that catches on and these these these attacks on our law enforcement officers
have escalated ever since they started coming out from the left you know it’s
interesting though to see you talk about both sides in terms of how heated things
have gotten we’re in an election year boy and that rhetoric is hot
Tom Holman thank you very much for your expertise in your time attorneys general
in 13 states have filed a lawsuit challenging a trump administration rule
that allow immigration officials to deny green cards of migrants use public
assistance including food stamps and housing vouchers the federal lawsuit
filed Wednesday in Richland Washington follows a similar one Tuesday by two
California counties under new rules unveiled this week Citizenship and
Immigration Services will consider whether applicants have received public
assistance among other factors such as education to determine whether to grant
legal status the attorneys general argue the expansion will cause irreparable
harm and deter non-citizens from seeking a central public assistance
as a son of an immigrant mother I think it’s unamerican the immigration debate
is intensifying as the Trump administration takes steps to restrict
legal immigration by denying green cards to migrants who use public assistance
for nearly 50,000 people already here in Northeast Ohio the controversial change
could cut off access to Medicaid food stamps and housing vouchers News 5s Mike
Brookbank now tracking the trickle-down effect in our community and immigration
advocate groups here in our city they’re ready to fight yeah Rob and Anita at
global Cleveland is one of the organizations that traveled to
Washington DC to argue against the new rules which target people who entered
the US legally in order to become a permanent resident of the United States
or gain legal status immigrants make up an important part of Northeast Ohio’s
economy you already have to prove you won’t be a burden to taxpayers but in
October new rules are set to go into effect expanding the list of government
assistant programs that could disqualify someone these policies
are for people who did everything right Joe semper mentoring ttan the
ramifications of this in Northeast Ohio are are devastating
his organization global Cleveland strongly opposes the new public charge
rule these are people who are working in jobs who are contributing to society who
we think make Cleveland and Cuyahoga County a better place to be the acting
director of Citizenship and Immigration Services said this week that they want
to see people coming to this country who are quote self-sufficient if you have
this idea that they take jobs but that they’re lazy and so therefore we’re
gonna deny them benefits it’s so lacking in common sense zimmerman tells me the
change not only makes it harder for low-income immigrants to come to this
country for those already in Northeast Ohio it could scare them away from
asking for much-needed help if you are an immigrant but not yet a citizen and
you apply for food stamps public health care public housing it gives our
government the right to not only deny your visa but there’s a policy being
considered right now in Washington that would deport you if they can’t get
government assistance simmerman warns of a crippling strain on places like the
cleveland food bank and hospital systems like Metro that absorb the cost of
uncompensated care and the fear I have is kids that are gonna go without
vaccinations families that are gonna go without food on their table these are
people who are legally allowed to be here and what we’re saying is you’re not
welcome anymore we can’t stand for that global cleveland says the only way to
ensure immigrants won’t be affected by the new criteria is to prove a household
income above 250 percent of the federal poverty guidelines if that’s the case
the migration policy institute estimates some fifty six percent of all family
based green card applicants could be denied why are we now changing a policy
unless what we’re saying is we don’t want to just stop illegal immigration we
want to stop immigration period and this is not the city that I was raised in
right this is not the country that I know to be the United States now the new
rules will take effect in mid-october they do not apply to u.s. citizens
though immigrants related to the citizens may be subject to them and now
Mike some of our local lawmakers are making their thoughts known yeah
democratic woman Marcia fudge saying that this is
just another bigoted attempt by this president to marginalize immigrants the
poor and people of color and a spokesperson for Republican senator Rob
Portman tells me that he is reviewing this policy change and believes that the
immigration system needs to be reformed and that immigrants can continue to
contribute to our economy a topic that we’ve been talking about for a long time
and I know this debate will continue and it will and there’s actually an
immigration law firm service in California that’s threatening a lawsuit
against this so this is really just the big Roosevelt why is this real bad I
hear the left saying that it’s controversial I look at the rule itself
doesn’t seem controversial to me explain well you know I have this discussion and
you know this public discourse with my Democratic friends all the time about
this this particular thing you know on the surface level you know it’s easy to
get emotional and think about the you know the little kids coming over here
and their parents and they want to come to America you know for a greater life
which I understand that about our great nation but on the other hand you know we
have to look at the fact that we have to take care of our own before we can you
know try to take care of somebody else I mean just you know just on a surface
level to you know today 22 veterans are going to commit suicide
yesterday 22 you know on if you get on any given day over 35,000 veterans are
homeless so until we can fix the problems that are going on within our
own citizens you know it’s kind of tough for me to call something like that
chilling you know in us trying to bring in other people in a you know support
them on the same system all right I agree with you I actually agree with
everything that you said so would you say that Democratic legislators members
of Congress are the Democratic pundits on cable news people who are you know
trying to cancel Cuccinelli who are trying to hack the Trump administration
for this do they have this one wrong well it’s not all Democrats I mean you
know some agree with me but you know again I think you know I think the issue
is that we don’t talk about the veterans enough and take care of them first you
know the children women children and veterans right so yeah you know so to
call it races and to say they’re well well we we’ve
already you know always accepted immigrants yeah true but you know the
original act in 1891 you know kind of you know start limiting you know people
you know based on on you know if they were you know the determinant you then
was idiots are crazy and etc so this been going on for you know for a long
time now so again I don’t understand that the new outrage over it alright to
immigration San Francisco and Santa Clara County in California now filing a
lawsuit against the Trump administration saying the government’s move to deny
green cards to immigrants likely to use public assistance programs is unlawful
this as shots were fired into a San Antonio ice office yesterday in the
latest attack on border agencies joining us now is former US ambassador to Mexico
Antonio Garza thank you for joining us I mean I guess as ambassador I would ask
you first about the laws that are the changes that are being proposed by the
Trump administration what impact do you think that would have on people thinking
about or trying to come here what message does it send and does it have a
pronounced impact well I think it has the potential to have a very pronounced
impact depending on how you interpret public charge
and Melissa I think I think you’ve got to look at it both from the standpoint
of people seeking access to the country and and how whether or not they would be
determined to ultimately perhaps be public charge will be determined is
critical how is it going what are the factors that are going to go into
determining whether or not this person if admitted will take advantage of
public services and that’s and that that’s very subjective the other aspect
is those people already in the country that may seek permanent residence status
and they’re how you look at public charge
is it that a majority of their benefits are public or is it a small
percentage if I’m earning 95% of my of my support and a small percentage is
coming from the public so I think it’s being challenged largely on the change
in the rule and how it’ll be interpreted yeah the devil is in the details as
always although other countries yeah I mean Germany does this already they you
have to take a language test you have to prove that you can support yourself you
have to have already purchased health insurance all these kind of things in
order to stay and yet you know here it’s it’s greeted with outrage it’s
interesting let me ask you about this situation in San Antonio where they’re
firing at the ice agents there is it is it a more dangerous time to work for ice
and Border Patrol or are we just more focused on what’s going on right now
what do you think you know it’s probably a little bit of both Melissa I you know
I I grew up along the southern border there in Texas and have known ice agents
and Border Patrol and customs people throughout my life and realize that they
that they did important and difficult work this this shots being fired into
the ice agency there in San Antonio 14th floor three o’clock in the morning
apparently shots fired in other directions whether it was something
directed at ice or are simply shots being fired in the night and in either
case it’s not acceptable and I’m glad to see that the FBI is on and aggressively
I think they have somebody in custody and I’m going to pursue this and
prosecute it that if that’s the course if they can build a case so
yeah it’s tough work perhaps a bit more visible now because the discussions
we’re having on the immigration but it’s always been tough work what do you think
about these employees at Google who are furious with their companies I want the
company to not bid on providing cloud services to you know basically anyone
involved with immigration it follows a pattern we’ve seen of you know consumers
and employees being furious at companies for doing business with Border Patrol or
immigration or any of those officials what are your thoughts on that yeah well
I’ll try to make it stew points and I’ll try to make them quick
one is I think I think we’re at a point in in the United States where we’ve had
a very polarizing and contentious debates about immigration and what is
acceptable in immigration in the role of security I think both the administration
and the Democratic leadership have been in extremes and have not really found a
thoughtful sensible way to discuss these issues and it’s being reflected in the
workplace you know I work with youngers and Millennials and and they want they
want a workplace and to work for companies where there’s a certain
alignment in their values and when we have very polarized and polarizing
contentious debates in the public arena I think you’re gonna see this reflected
in the workspace as well and there’s no middle ground I think these Google
employees probably feel as though they’re taking a stand on principle and
it’s another facet of the employer employee relationship that I think we’re
gonna have to work through interesting Antonio Garza
thanks for spending time with us tonight and also right here in charlotte atop
trump administration official at the center of a controversy after an
interview now this hashtag Statue of Liberty is going viral all over social
media ken cuccinelli who’s the acting director of Citizenship and Immigration
Services during an NPR interview he talked about new regulations targeting
legal immigration a lot of people are saying this targets immigrants with
low-income little education those that are dependent on various government aids
like Medicaid or food stamps well he put a twist on part of a poem that’s on the
Statue of Liberty we have a piece of that interview for you to take a listen
this morning would you also agree that emma Lazarus’s words etched on the
Statue of Liberty give me your tired your poor are also part of the American
ethos they certainly are give me your tired and your poor who can stand on
their own two feet and who will not become a public charge
all right so exactly on the Statue of Liberty the poem reads part of it and
give me your tired your poor as you just heard your huddled masses yearning to
breathe free and what Ken said was give me your tired your poor who can stand on
their own two feet and who will not become a public charge so that changed
their that twist is what’s sparking a lot of reaction on social media
Democratic candidate better a-work said that they think that the Statue of
Liberty only applies to white people the administration does and then also a
senator in Hawaii tweeted this Brian Schatz said the whole point is you come
here with nothing and you build something so obviously a little bit
different than what Ken Cuccinelli was saying on not being dependent or not
letting the administration be dependent on you so yeah he said last night on CNN
that it that poem specifically referred to strictly Europeans back in the day
and I mean anybody know who knows our history knows whether it’s Europeans or
folks from south of the border a lot of times they’re escaping what is right
they don’t have that much to begin with exactly and you can’t rewrite a poem
that’s on delivery it’s still gonna be there there’s this poem it’s on the
Statue of Liberty and it reads as follows give me your tired your poor
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
now can you said that refers many to immigrants from Europe what do you mean
by that well we’re talking about people who are coming from class-based
societies and so forth to live in America where everybody has opportunity
and it’s that yearning to be free that we focus on it’s not to get free stuff
its freedom for opportunity but people have to be prepared to take advantage of
that opportunity tens of thousands of people were turned away they’re at Ellis
Island because they were deemed to be public charges are likely to be public
charges in the future and we’re now filtering for that again when people
seek green cards the Border Patrol do it at ports of entry the State Department
will do it when people seek visas but that is a long historical standard and
it’s a tradition in this country steward and of course you know the process
itself having gone through that yourself and so I do
and at the green card process my agency will be screening for people’s ability
to sustain themselves on their own without government assistance ken
cuccinelli thank you very much for joining us Odile
extremely busy day a decrease in migration numbers for the first time in
months US Customs and Border Protection
officials say fewer migrants are showing up at the us-mexico border giving us
some of the lowest numbers we’ve seen this year in July nearly 72 thousand
people were apprehended at the southern border which is down about 24% from
nearly 95 thousand arrests made in June if you compare July’s numbers to May
there’s an even larger decrease with a forty three percent drop in arrests
majority of these migrants are still coming from the northern triangle which
include wat Amala El Salvador and Honduras Fidel Baca is a border patrol
agent with the O Paso sector and while he couldn’t speak directly to the
nationwide statistics he says our region is seeing the same trend now we have
seen a decrease these numbers are still high compared to last year’s but why are
the numbers going down well officials say it’s a combination of reasons we go
through cycles ups and those right now we just happen to be on a decline
earlier this summer President Donald Trump threatened to impose tariffs on
Mexico if they didn’t take steps to stop the large groups of migrants showing up
at the border in June Mexico and the u.s. finally reached a deal Mexico
saying they take unprecedented steps to help reduce the number of migrants
trying to reach US soil other reasons for the lower numbers an
agreement with what Amala as well as policies like the migrant protection
protocol which requires migrants to return back to Mexico to await their
immigration hearing also the interim final rule or the safe third country
policy which requires migrants passing through another country to get to the
United States to first apply for asylum in that country rather than at the US
border officials also say agents being moved from checkpoints and other
assignments to assist with the larger groups at the border also a contributing
factor we had to relocate those agents to other duties such as processing such
as hospital watch earlier this month the Border Patrol checkpoints
reopened but CBP officials say about 40 to 60% of their agents are still
spending time away from their normal duties to assist with the humanitarian
crisis at the border Marisa demas KOAT Action 7 News of the
Miami Herald are reporting that according to federal sources the
homestead detention facility for migrant children will reopen as early as October
even though it was officially shut down less than two weeks ago
last Monday we reported that the Department of Health and Human Services
announced that all the children who were previously housed there had been
reunited with family members linked with a sponsor or transferred to another
facility hey that’s what that’s the message from
Mayor Muriel Bowser who says she would fight any plan to bring a detention
center to DC for unaccompanied migrant children our Ivan Koslov joins us now in
the studio with more on what mayor Bowser had to say yeah she had some
really strong messages right there as you just said not in our city is the big
message but that’s despite the fact that there are still a lot of questions about
this facility namely where the federal government wants to put it and how many
children they actually want to shelter one thing is clear though the mayor says
she’s gonna fight it Mayor Muriel Bowser not mincing her words in a statement she
wrote Washington DC will not be complicit in the inhumane practice of
detaining migrant children in warehouses continuing later we have no intention of
accepting a new federal facility least of all one that detains and dehumanizes
migrant children all this as the federal government looks into a DC shelter the
Washington Post reports that a federal contractor called dynamic service
solutions based out of National Harbor has applied to open the shelter online
wusa9 found job listings from the company which appear to be connected to
this proposed shelter for now details on this application remains sparse but a
person familiar to the application told The Washington Post that it may house as
many as 242 children and some members of DC council have indicated it’s the
Tacoma area that may be the proposed home for the shelter councilmember
Brandon Todd who represents that section of DC took to Twitter to criticize the
plan saying I’m shocked and appalled at the proposal adding I will do everything
in my power to fight against this inhumanity meanwhile there is a similar
battle brewing in Northern Virginia the Department of Health and Human Services
is looking to build a facility there as well top Democrats all
already have voiced their opposition so it looks like we’re gonna have some
local federal battles up ahead in DC and Virginia well even a city that’s facing
displacement of its own residence and rising costs people on a bill unable to
afford to live here sounds like the last place you would actually want to put a
facility when you have ample other space in order to put it but just in general
it’s a very divisive issue which causes a lot of people to object to it at the
same time a lot of a lot of the primary reason why people object is because of
the overcrowding which these new facilities would help alleviate so it’s
like a multi-faceted issue right here but as far as DC is concerned that
should be well we all we all knew there was gonna be opposition here in DC it’s
a very liberal government so naturally this was to be expected
fair enough thank you very much Evan so in less than 24 hours the remaining
asylum seekers staying at the Portland Expo building will have to leave the
city is closing that temporary shelter tomorrow afternoon because they have to
turn it back over to the Red Claws basketball team so today families at the
expo were packing up their belongings here’s a look at the numbers for
families left at the expo today for permanent or temporary housing they’re
headed to Scarborough tomorrow ten families are expected to leave for
housing in Brunswick and Bath 30 families are staying in host homes in
the Greater Portland area already in all city officials say 242 asylum seekers
are now in permanent or temporary housing it’s been a race to find housing
for all these people particularly with the deadline of August 15th approaching
the only one that excited the one who already found the housing or a place to
go but few of the family who probably don’t know where they’re gonna go there
I’m not really happy but we are doing the best you can to make sure that they
get somewhere you know they get housing and at this time city officials are
predicting that only two or three families will have to go to one of
Portland’s overflow shelters which by the way are not open 24/7 the
immigration agreement Guatemala signed with the u.s. in July won’t work
according to Guatemala’s new president-elect US and international law
required that the US hear Asylum cases the deal known as the safe third country
agreement is a way around that it requires Central American asylum seekers
who passed through Guatemala to apply for protections there before going to
the US if migrants fail to do that and arrive at the US border they can be sent
back to Guatemala Guatemala’s outgoing president signed
the deal after President Donald Trump threatened the country with tariffs but
president elect Alejandro Giamatti told The Associated Press on Tuesday that
even though the deal was signed it’s probably not going to work out for one
thing Guatemala would have to be certified by the UN as a safe third
country and he doesn’t think Guatemala fits the criteria a safe third country
has to meet several conditions on the most basic level asylum seekers can’t be
at risk of serious harm or persecution in that country and they can’t be forced
to go back to their home country where they might be persecuted
beyond that the country must adhere to a 1951 UN Convention outlining the
treatment of refugees including that refugees must have access to work social
services and education safe third country agreements are rare but not
unheard of the u.s. currently has one with Canada but chances of Guatemala
meeting those conditions are slim the u.s. currently has a travel advisory
against the country which states that violent crime such as armed robbery and
murder is common the UN certification isn’t the only hurdle Guatemala Supreme
Court ruled the agreement must be approved by the country’s legislature
before it can take effect an American policy stipulates that the US has to
prove Guatemala has a full and fair Asylum system since a 2018 US State
Department report citing the UN said Guatemala’s Asylum system was inadequate
that will be a challenge that would it would be a very difficult situation
Christa Ramos is a US citizen who suit the Trump administration to stop the
government from deporting her mother and hundreds of thousands of others by
ending TPS protections for people from El Salvador Haiti Nicaragua and Sudan a
federal judge ruled in her favor but the Trump administration appealed Ramos as
lawsuit claims the decision to end TPS was racially motivated it seems to me
the record is fairly thin the case was back in court Wednesday in the Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals in California the lawyer representing Ramos and the
other GPS recipients argued that President Trump pressured immigration
officials into ending the TPS programs but the appellate court judges seemed
unimpressed the president’s pressure is influencing the decision maker now
questions about whether the judge that ruled in Ramos favor mishandled the case
the district court made so many errors violated the law in so many ways the
attorney for the immigrants pleaded with the panel of judges to proceed with
caution before allowing the government to end the TPS programs otherwise
300,000 400,000 people will lose their employment authorization
the right to work some of them will be deported he argued this case is far from
over and said consequences like deportation are hard to undo in
Washington Alexandra Limon who is your brother
where does your grandmother live these were the questions we were asked after a
decade of waiting and thousands of dollars that’s about how long and how
much it cost my family to enter the United States legally you can achieve
when some people think of immigration they think of the undocumented migrant
jumping the border refugees who escape war persecution families separated at
the border but these aren’t the only narratives that belong to immigrants
most immigrants are hardworking law-abiding people who have contributed
to the American society like Joseph Pulitzer a Hungarian immigrant and
journalist who founded the Pulitzer Prize program or Freddie Adu
a Ghanaian immigrant and the youngest athlete at 14 to sign a professional
soccer contract in the United States according to the Pew Research Center the
majority of the nation’s immigrants are in the US legally naturalized citizens
account for the largest portion of the foreign-born population the journey to
America was a long and tedious process for my family my grandmother hired a
lawyer and filed a petition for my mom and my family to get a green card to
enter the United States my grandmother had a dream to bring her children to
America for access to better opportunities that dream was also true
of my parents for my brother and me the process to enter the United States
legally varies for different people depending on the situation I even questioned why do we need all
these I remember the weekend my father told me that our paperwork was approved
for a visa interview in that moment I don’t think I realized that this is what
it meant for my family and I then came the painful part the medical exams and
shots I remember receiving six shots in my thighs suing each one and they hurt
then the day finally came on my birthday we were on a plane to our new home in
the United States of America with two suitcases each weighing 50 pounds and
that was everything we had I will show you what happens in the next nine years
of my family’s American Dream in part you may sue ABC for calm the esalaam WA
family came to San Diego in 2016 from a refugee camp in Tanzania they say since
moving to their two-bedroom apartment in City Heights they’ve dealt with a broken
stove and refrigerator and cockroaches in their apartment this week back in
Africa we thought America was happy America is not wood on a recent
afternoon Katherine Mendonsa came to visit the s alone was and other families
living on Polk Avenue she’s a community organizer with the San
Diego tenants Union a lot of them are refugee and immigrant status or non
citizen status a lot of them have resettled and I’ve just gotten
acclimated with what it’s like to live in America as far as the routine the
schedule and a lot of them aren’t aware that there are rights with living in a
home nicole Johnson lives downstairs she called the tenants Union after getting
eviction papers for not paying her rent she says the people living here have
been dealing with awful conditions and the manager is responsible for her
property or doing nothing to help we don’t have a working stove we don’t have
a working frigerator there their toilet was not
on the ground properly so where you could move it the water the feces water
was leaking from recently on me and my daughter Mendonsa says it’s a common
problem she sees with low-income and minority tenants especially when there
is a language barrier like what the esalaam was she says one of the top
priorities of the tenants union is to notify renters of their rights people
need to think of it more as a contract between two parties versus a landlord
that is deciding everyone’s fate it’s a mutual contract when you pay each month
that means you and the property manager landlord etc accepts that contract the
tenants union also tries to serve as an advocate for renters when they have
issues with their landlords in this case the properties on Polk Avenue are
managed by prime asset management the owner made a site visit but left before
our scheduled interview he told me over the phone that he hadn’t received any
work orders from the upstairs tenants and that the issues with nicole
Johnson’s apartment had been resolved he said their company has an online work
order system but acknowledged that it might be difficult to navigate for
tenants who don’t speak English refugee resettlement agencies regularly have to
deal with situations like these Donna duvan is the executive director of
the International Rescue Committee in San Diego the agency that resettled the
esalaam was I do think there’s an element of this sense to that if they
are expressing concerns about their living environment and if that isn’t
well-received then that also is risking the safety and stability of their
families she says during the first six months after placing a family in housing
they see them almost every day sometimes caseworkers make home visits but usually
the families come to the IR C’s offices duvan says the IRC tries to educate
families about their rights but it’s often hard for them to understand that
as tenants they can speak up about housing problems
Christopher Ridgeway is a real estate attorney he says he frequently deals
with habitability issues with tenants and that it’s a landlord’s
responsibility to resolve most problems in a timely
he says a landlord could be sued if they don’t if the population that they’re
dealing with isn’t likely going to sue them what then then it becomes a moral
question really it’s a bigger business question or moral question what’s going
to motivate somebody excuse me one second sweetie I got it take some
footage back on Polk Avenue mendonça says legal help is among the services
the tenant Union offers as part of a $25 a year membership this is a beautiful
community it is so diverse with how many people of different backgrounds live
here and they deserve the same living conditions as anybody else living in the
u.s. regardless if they know it or not since we started working on the story
prime asset management says they’re not going to evict nicole Johnson from her
apartment the IRC has also offered to find new housing for the east Salome was
preassure either KPBS news a Brooks County Rancher worried about a rise in
immigrant deaths this summer he says recently he’s seen more traffic
on his property Channel Five’s Frank McCaffrey reports
dr. Michael Vickers owns a lot of ranch land here in Brooks County and he says
this summer has been hotter than just about every summer he’s had here Victor
says he’s noticed with the rise in temperature the number of immigrants
being found dead in his county has also gone up
he says it’s on track to be more than last year according to Brooks County
Sheriff Benny Martinez there were about 50 discovered countywide in 2018 up
until a week or so ago we had I think it was at 23 we had four deaths last week
which increased it to 27 and now we had 29 Vicar says that’s just the amount of
deaths reported in 2019 he anticipates that war will be reported
as the year goes on because a lot of these bodies disappear over the period
of about a week and maybe less where the animals feed on them they deteriorate in
this heat a lot of these bodies may not be found until hunting season when
people are out there hunting and most of them probably never will be fat vicar
says he knows to deal with the traffic crossing his property he has to keep in
regular contact with the authorities we actually have a direct line as ranchers
to call rather than the 800 number we have the checkpoint number and there’s a
specific number we can call the station and get in touch with the board of the
crow real quick we reached out to Border Patrol a spokesperson for the group
dustin around spoke with us off-camera he says the relationship with landowners
in Brooks County is key to Border Patrol’s mission he encourages Vicker to
keep in regular communication araújo recommends everyone in the valley called
911 or report suspicious activities to Border Patrol at 886 three nine three
eight two in Brooks County Frank McCaffrey Channel five News at six high
temperatures may have played a role in three migrant deaths last week Border
Patrol agents say they discovered the bodies on three consecutive days the
first body was found Thursday near Sullivan City the second body was found
Friday near the checkpoint on 77 and the third body was found Saturday near LaRue
you did a Border Patrol released images over the weekend of a river boat that
was shot at from the Mexican site of the river
agents were patrolling near the town of fronting the photos released on
Twitter’s show bullet holes and indentions BP officials tell us agents
saw four subjects with automatic weapons who shot over 50 rounds at them luckily
though no one on board was injured the incident remains under investigation

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  48. How about these folks that want to stand up and abolish ice , how about they talk to the people that have tax problems now due to illegal immigrants using their social security number !! Oh but there a benefit to our society????

  49. You fake luke warm false prophet's!!! Jesus is about laws and doing good for others. Not covering lies and illegal acts.

  50. There was no welfare before 1965 for anybody people fail to realize that somehow people survived with no welfare no SSI nothing. Second of all the minute they closed down that meat processing plant and arrested the illegals the ones that were working on somebody else's social security number the black people lined up and had a job. They always say oh no American would do the work they were out the door waiting to get those jobs. President Trump wants to have an initiative or has an initiative where people that are in jail come out and find a job while all these people that are being taken out for working illegally that'll be a perfect opportunity to give somebody a second chance. Until every American that is already here is housed, because they're really not creating any more low-income housing, and has a job we can't afford to be taking other people in I'm sorry. The goal should be to get everybody off of welfare except for maybe 5% of the population that's disabled

  51. The law that people are being taken off of welfare as a law that's been around for a very long time it was a Clinton initiative. And was fun and dandy to make that law as long as they had the black people voting for them the Democrats. But now that the black people are waking up now they don't like that they made that law. I bet Pelosi I signed up on it I bet Maxine signed up on it the clintons definitely signed up on it this is like egg on their face. I love that Trump figures out a way to beat them using their game

  52. Why do ILLEGAL ALIENS abandon their children when they are deported?? Rats don’t abandon their babies. Parents must be forced to take their children with them when they are deported. When their children are old enough to leave home. They will be welcomed with open arms. Then they can legally sponsor their parents and siblings.
    Sorry for insulting rats. Rats are much better parents than ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  53. Keep throwing the illegals out arrest the ones that are impeding this process and deport them to Venezuela

  54. A handful of dumb libtards! Wherthe care for your fellow homeless American citizens who desperately need help? 🇺🇸


  56. Johanna colwell, inhumane are our veterans living in the streets hungry and sick. While you cater to lawless breeders of future freeloading breeders. Thank you I.C.E. and President Trump. NM teachers, professors are teaching illegals, that US stole the land and encouraging to take back, by out breeding, depress economy and are violence.

  57. These comments are disgusting. Y’all are okay with splitting up families. Y’all would do anything for your children so why can’t these people do the same. Not everybody has the choice to wait 20+ years and thousands of dollars to waste jus to come into a country. These people are not lazy because they do all the jobs that American citizens won’t do. And I don’t understand how y’all are okay with calling these people “aliens” dehumanizing someone is NEVER okay. Y’all call yourself Americans, but a true American doesn’t discriminate. Y’all are clown. And trash people

  58. Older generations are filled with such hatred for people who aren’t white American citizens. All the older generations wanna do is fuck up the system even more and pass it on to millennials and generation z.

  59. They have a job Protect the people american citizens people who are not citizen become american what are here for in USA if you have USA one word leave and instead of rally go back to work.

  60. It's always the freaky looking ones; normally social outcast that do the most whining as they look for meaning in their deluded lives.

  61. All them white folks wonder how many are white Americans and how many are white immigrants probably illegal themselves 🤔#ICE needs to start doing facial recognition at these protest!

  62. The Bible also said you must obey the laws of the land and not to be a burden of others folks need to stop and these Christian pastors why don’t they and the squad go and help these people left behind in these countries! There is a reason God made borders!

  63. those who stand up for illegals are Standing against Americans..They are supporting the Homelessness in America and the downfall of American Families who have been rejected for jobs in order to give them to illegals they don't have to pay taxes nor include workmans comp,unEmployment and all the red tape we Americans carry with us..Companies pay them a lower wage and nothing more..So when you see a Homeless American..thank those who support illegal labor.

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