IBAT College Swords Dublin Ireland www.ibat.ie – ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage – Mary Tobin

okay so we're going to start today I'm going to start by demonstrating at one of the first of the five classical movements which is effleurage and we're going to start on the back of the leg and the first thing you do when you make contact with your client you don't break that contact and so we give the your client is secure and cared for feeling you would never apply the oil directly onto the body you would first apply it into your hand warm it up and apply in long stroking movements okay applying the oil and as I say we're going to start with the effleurage the position of the hands would be fingers together and your thumbs interlaced up in the air like that you start with the full hand contact down at the Achilles working up along the leg applying a nice deep pressure when you get to the back of the leg you're going to change position of the hands and sink into the thigh right hand up on the outside and coming back with less pressure just following the contours of the leg the effleurage warms up the body part it improves circulation by aiding venous return to the heart okay nice deep pressure warming up the effleurage also aids desquamation which is the removal of dead skin cells so very very good for the skin and as i say warming up the body part getting is prepared for the deeper movements I'd like you to pay particular attention now to my posture posture is very very important for the therapist protect the therapists wrists and elbows if you're using your posture along with the massage so the postures show you that to pass to your left leg is at an angle to the end of the plinth and your right leg should be about me with with your clients okay as you move along you been down to your front knee and push into your knee as you come back you straighten up the knee and Bend onto the back one okay you

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