"I Work At A Pet Store For Cryptids" Creepypasta

I work at a seemingly small pet store in my quite average American town we sell all a variety of foods for your fluffy friends and toys and animals as well and we also have cryptids the store isn't much bigger than any other pet store it looks fun and welcoming from the outside and the inside looks more like a cozy warehouse we're located in a desert but and that's all I can tell you and we have a special section and dedicated to our pets and to be honest and I think it takes up most of the space that we have at least on the top floor but that's good animals have to have a lot of safe space to roam and fly around freely and we've also got shelves packed with colorful all 100% natural snacks Hey herbs and meaty foods for dogs and cats and hundreds of toys and big baskets under the shelves and you can also order anything that you need if your companion is on a Wilder side and one guy adopts injured coyotes so as you can tell we've got everything you need and more there is a secret basement underneath our store that stretches for miles on end all of our employees know about it and are trying to take care of everything that lives there no one else knows in town except for a few veteran customer residents almost all of our basement level clients are from other states or even countries and we sometimes call it of the pit underneath they're simply the Crypt it's the biggest basement that you'd ever seen rows of prison like cells that were customized to safely accommodate their owners seem to go on forever we have about 250 cryptid spottin there are at least 500 more empty cells and we know all of them and take care of them as we do with all of our small friends on the top floor I can't really tell you why they're here but I can tell you how they got here and how we manage them well at least some of them cuz some things are too secretive and mention them here it's quite similar to the SCP organization but our species aren't as dangerous I would say that we were more laid back than those guys an important note we are all trained professionals and we have strict rules regarding the underneath no one and nothing is in danger and we put our hearts and souls into caring for both the cryptids and animals on the top floor and I think I'll started too easy and fauna why do you think nobody has seen Bigfoot since that famous film well he's here he's been here all along the clip was captured by one of our owners grandfather right before he took Bigfoot and they got him here don't worry he didn't just take him and forced him to be here no Bigfoot came voluntarily it sounds crazy but I swear that it's true there were some problems in the woods and the Sasquatch was in direct danger so they had to intervene and we got him a cozy layer down here and made it look like his natural home and we make sure his cell is as close to his previous habitat as possible and we provide him with fresh meat every day and we bring him animals to play with he is a huge scary-looking guy but he's very friendly and all that good stuff also I forgot to mention that the cells are different and they kind of act on their own and they adapted the residents needs and they're kind of like that magic bag that Hermione had they seemed like an almost eyes salicin but once you step in them you can easily get lost if you wandered too far so Bigfoots has his own forest in our basement shed and we went in there recently and discovered a whole s pond right behind the bushes as far as I know and he's not complaining the basement also has sections the wooded section caves and water pavilions the Sasquatch was obviously in the wooded area more in the front of the bottom floor mmm now we'll get to the water parts and it's at the very end of the hallway and when you get to turn right and then go all the way to the end you'll be looking at a big body of water surrounded by willows and various flowery plants there will be vines hanging down from the branches and a few sandy and grassy islands this is where the mermaids live and the cell is soundproof so none of us end up at the bottom of their lake in there we don't really want to get in there and when we need to go into their cell we call a special female unit 10 and they take care of the problem mermaids aren't a threat to women in fact and they love and adore them every time we call in the units and they end up with dozens of flower crowns pearls and small handcrafted gifts from our fish girls it's really sweet but and knowing what they used to make them is a little off-putting right next to the mermaids is where and the result goes live and their cell looks like a metal that you would find somewhere in the middle of the forest with a murky and shallow pond in the center and it's also soundproof and they're more dangerous to us than the mermaid so we have to be more careful around them but they usually just sit on the edge of the water gossip and brush their hair they are not exactly cryptids but I do somehow fall into that category and we're the only place that could keep them and they don't try to cause trouble and they're dangerous if you don't follow the rules and but they don't try as many tricks as the mermaids do they get a little more restless in early June and they're more eager to try to make us go in if we stare too long they get angry and sometimes we'll throw things at the door and it's not anything like flowers we do have a nice pack of Jackalope somewhere between the wooded area and the Cape sections as well and they eat normal rabbit food and sometimes we throw them some meat to the tree and they also love dried dandelions only dried though and it's the only thing that would make them behave and let us take care of their antlers earn any health related issues some of them are very friendly and lettuce Padma and just like normal domestic bunnies and they love it and there are still so many that I could tell you about and that I'll keep it for later if you're interested it and we do have a few very famous creatures that are kept secret from the public so maybe I'll introduce them at some point to avoid misunderstandings I should mention that some of the cryptids aren't exactly straight-up cryptids but they kind of fall into other categories such as a mythical creatures or maybe just creatures from folklore nonetheless they aren't publicly proven to be real and we used the word cryptid as an umbrella term everything that has a legend behind it is neither human nor animal is a cryptid oh so I already told you about their bigan from the Sasquatch and mermaids at rusalka Sand Jackalopes and I would say that these are one of the easiest to maintain and with all the safety protocols experience and knowledge that we have but we don't really worried about getting killed but getting hurt is definitely a threat there are things out there that can do a lot to us and we don't want to risk it luckily and they haven't heard this yet and I don't think that they well as long as we're not stupid of course some of our cryptids are less from lavalla and not particularly me or evil although we do have those two or and but just distant in Grumpy in nature in the cave section and close enough to the wooded area to be able to sprout two small forest far away from potential victims and predators and the infamous at chupacabra there is only one we heard legends about the whole populations of chupacabras and but they are false and the one is here with us it wasn't here when I came but I know this story very well the first sightings a report started creeping in somewhere in early 1995 and but we believe that she was around to wait longer than that at first no one was certain if it's something for us or if it's just a new species of animal or maybe an animal with unusual eating habits but more and more sightings have inton it became clear that it was something more than just a canine an investigation was the number one priority and they weren't sure how far Jewpacabra was it goin if they would soon start feasting on humans it took quite some time but so they finally caught El Chupacabra on the border of Puerto Rico in 1998 it was a hassle and transporting him here took away longer than expected it remained as one of the hardest transport interventions to this day the descriptions that you find on the Internet – very n they're not too accurate and they get the idea butts and they always mess something up and the chupacabra is about the size of an average goat with the build of a German Shepherd it does indeed have a single row of spines all the way from its head to its tail very sharp teeth and a lizard-like tongue imagine a typical set of canine teeth and the longer sharpen some are even doubled the overall appearance is confusing it it does look like something but at the same time it doesn't look like anything it resembles a dog sometimes even a kangaroo and from certain angles it looks like a monkey it doesn't have fur but it's not just bolts ganda maybe just a thick and extremely short fur maybe skinned with millions of tiny and blunt spikes it's not sharp to the touch but it's also not fluffy he walks on all fours but can stand up and use his friends to catch and hold things and he sort of just jumps like a monkey but when he runs he runs like a dog big claws four fingers hind legs that look like those a rabbit's have except uglier with claws oh and the tail is a little triangle at the ident for the lack of a better example in the stereotypical devil tail our chupacabra is a pain in the ass he or it and we never know how to address chupi so we can just juggle between the Tiwi and he doesn't hate being here he just likes to be nasty he won't eat us or bite us but so who do everything to make our job harder and he's quite a loner and he's doing long as I wanna and but sometimes we will let him play with another creature that we have here and it seems like they get along pretty well it's obviously it's goats and only goats yes so we don't feed him anything Alison and but luckily one to last for a whole week sometimes even longer when it's bigger and more media all of the alleged sightings after 1998 are proved to be false or the witness saw something that looked similar said coyote perhaps all the attacks also had been just other animals there's only one Chupacabra a lot of you asked about the Mothman as well so I decided to mention him briefly he's not here currently buts he belongs to him the underneath we thought about his case for years and at the end we came to a conclusion that he would be better off on his own we wouldn't be able to keep him here and to be fair and we don't want to he doesn't harm anyone or anything and he can easily avoid getting caught or even being spotted so there's no direct danger and we would have also had an issue with the selling me he doesn't really live in a specific location so we just decided to keep an eye on him from a distance monitor the sightings and reports coming back at him and let him be he's a very understanding creature he basically has a brain of an adult human and is really smart he can read and he understands awesome but he can't really communicate very well he doesn't talk and he doesn't write on paper although we can write a word or two in the sand with his finger and we left a letter for him with a small tracking device attached hoping he would understand him he did and we also left instructions where to find us and surprisingly he came and let us put it on him it doesn't affect his life in any way so don't worry he just lets us know where he is and that's all we have a hole a swath man program going on and he has his own separate set of files he's definitely special law nothing like I've seen before recently and we got a few reports and calls from Maine Iowan Ontario that sparked some conversations we thought that we would never get those again it's dark but I thought that I should share it nonetheless years ago we were on a hunt for Wendigos in northern Minnesota and it didn't go too well it killed some folks that wanted to farm to the woods so we had to intervene those bastards are known to be very dangerous and hard to get but it was our duty to respond we geared up and we set off to find Emma and we knew that it might not go according to plan but we had to try now after a day of searching now we found a cave full of dead bodies or should I say remains of dead bodies bones and dried blood we knew that we had the one because of the smell that could belong only to a Wendigo and we got the hell out of there so we wouldn't get caught and decided to split up into two groups setting on both sides of an area with a pond denim waiting for the creature to show up it was the only source of water near the cave so on and they indeed showed up a horrible sight near the creepiest looking things out there I'm sure all of you know how these bastards look like so I'll skip the description all I'm gonna say is that all of them have antlers anyway two of them caiman they were huge we waited for a while but before we got to do anything and they figured out that we were there we did not expect that the protocol says that in case of being spotted you must drop everything and save yourself and that's what we did we ran we had flamethrowers with us in case they got too close enemy we were getting ready to use them when we heard one of them screaming you will know a Wendigo scream when you hear mana we knew that it might be our last day on the job they were chasing us and they were fast they caught up to us pretty quickly and we knew that so we had to get rid of them before him they got rid of us and we stopped and we burned them right then and there two more second son now I wouldn't be writing this right now it was the worst hunt that I had ever been on it left some of the troops speechless for days we didn't want to talk to each other for a while and all of us got a month-long vacation with a possibility to prolong Anton we don't hunt for Wendigos anymore luckily there were only two and we didn't get any more calls up until now and we still don't know what to do we could maybe deal with Maine but two more places no way we're having meetings now and we're trying to come up with a solution and but for now going out there is the last thing on the list fortunately and nobody died yet so and we still ever hopes up but we know that we just can't wait for them to start killing we all know butts and nobody wants to talk about it and we are aware though so if any of you live close to those areas please do not go camping it do not stay out at night and do not leave your animals outside Wendigos will kill you Anna there is no way to escape without burning magma a small update on the Wendigos some locals found a dead carcass in the river somewhere on the east side of Iowa they thought that it was a decaying deer or something but at the closer look in they quickly realized that it was not an animal at all and they obviously know the legends of the Wendigos and they were able to connect the dots special forces have been alerted then they confirm their speculations we don't know how this one died there is not a single burn mark on Anton but the body is going to be transported to a special location and examined hopefully it's the only one out there and will be down to just Maine in Ontario I also have better news to share after years of silence and searching we finally got a hold of the one and only Yeti yeah it felt like forever since we first heard of him or her and now we got the chance to see it to locate it like a large white bear like thing you know but like it was standing but not like a bear you know and huge it was huge no bear can be this huge right explained in broken English by an Indian guy he was very confused but he tried to describe the thing as best as he could and you saw it where in the woods no no behind a tree outside of my so just a single tree is their forest and what was it doing and did somebody else see it the tree outside my house just standing there like a man it looked like a bear but I saw some bears of my life and they don't do stuff like that I don't know I didn't see anyone I'm not gonna write down the entire conversation and you get the idea what pulse of my friends and I the most was that the sighting occurred in the middle of the day in a remotely populated area was it confused scared maybe was it looking for help we didn't know when the guy didn't know either when we sent some of our people to investigate but they didn't find anything and we sent in order to search every forest every cave and to make helicopter rods at least three times a day nothing and we had nothing for years we even set up a base to be there at all times and we still haven't gotten anything but recently we got a call from Tibet that claimed to have the Snowman so we immediately went to see what was going on and they really did get a hold of our Yeti here they located a cave that was inhabited by something so on they decided to watch to see what was living in Anton it turned out to be the Snowman we don't know if it was the same one from India since the locations were not too close to each other and but we were too happy to question Anton we sent out a team and they took charge in the investigation and we now have the exact location of the Yeti and we're kind of spying on Anton and we still don't know if it's a he or she the name says snowman but honestly no one ever got close enough to no one like how you even check just ask it of course we're doing everything from a distance to not disturb Anton and what if there's more than wanna what if it has kids so many questions have even more answers that's we're very excited for then I'll keep you updated on enta not bad to our older residents it has quite a sappy backstory but things got better we have a beautiful church Graham that we caught about five years ago in an old graveyard west of York Shire for those of you who have never heard of such a thing a church Graham is a spirit that protects the Christian Church and the church Arda and from what you ask basically from everything that could cause harm back in the day witches are evil spirits and now stupid people and it usually takes the form of a big black dog and this one was especially big and the poor thing was probably lonely and confused why nobody knew was coming to him with no other soul in there he was the only one bound to that place that was long gone and we came across to an article from an English newspaper about a teenaged boy who got attacked by him an aggressive dog with red eyes while exploring an abandoned church in a graveyard he was literally spray-painting some offensive stuff in the graves luckily he was only lightly scratched but we all knew what was coming for that dog we thought that it might be a church grammar a black shuck even and we decided to go and see for ourselves normally we wouldn't get involved but all the red flags robbed when we did some asking around and we located the graveyard showed up at night till we weighted it at some point so we spotted two red dots flying around one of the tombstones and we made a run for engine sadly we had to use some force to take the dog and because we knew it was better that we would get him before the townsfolk did we also heard that the graveyard was gonna end up relocated or something like that so we didn't even have a choice he was impossible to catch and he left us all bleeding there but we finally had him and so now the church a small tribute to Pet Sematary that lives with us and he's a very lively and happy pop it's like he's not a ghost at all he loves to play fetch in me he's very protective of us he was timid at first but he quickly made friends with our hellhounds and other doglike creatures he loves hellhounds the most though we even made an exception to the rule and moved him to their cell recently cousin they were happier that way and speaking of Hell hon say yes we do have them and like actual hellhounds from Powell don't ask me how we got them because it's a terrible story but they here with us and then they're very energetic some of you asked about my favorite cryptid and I said Bigfoot each time but now that I've run into sound I have to say that I really love Church in the how handsome and good boys are my we cast also another quick and fun story once somebody showed up on our doorstep visibly scared he said that he had something for us in his truck so we got to his truck and we see something enormous under a blanket it was Sarah bass a sleeping Sarah bison I'm telling you man it ate my dog's food and it passed out in the shadow and my dog has to take these meds to make him sleep so I put it in his food and like he ate that I mean this ate it my Bongo didn't even get to take a bite and the whole last bag of dog food was gone to my lord it hit everything he was sweating like crazy he probably thought that he was losing his mind I don't know how Cerebus could pass out from such a small dose of sleep medicine and but it did it was out like a sleeping baby if I wasn't in this job I would tell this guy to go check if his brain is where it should be but somehow it all made sense to me and we took Cerebus in and after about a week another guy showed up he was dressed in a white suit with a tail cool thingy at the back he had brown curly hair in a full grown beard he was quite nicely tan and honestly and a really good-looking he had very dark eyes but there is something unusual about that' and like little sparkles flying inside Obama or maybe it was just the lights in our store either way after a few seconds of being just standing there and staring at him he found he asked to go somewhere private then I took him to a small room that serves as her office he introduced himself and explained why he came and guess what Hades comes to my store to get his three-headed dog that he lost you know like he usually does now I asked my boss to come and help cuz I was how the dumbfoundead oh I had seen some things but that was just plain weird last time I chatted Hades didn't wear suits and he definitely didn't speak fluent English sure Cerebus did just go missing from the underworld I had a headache for about two days after that but it was really Hades though he showed us some things that only a god could do and when we let him in the basement Cerebus recognized Emma and we signed some papers and they went back home and I haven't encountered anything weirder than that at least yet I can tell you that ATS is a really nice guy though you as polite well-mannered and he seemed to really care about his pop he was a little intimidating but soon what else can you expect from the ruler of the underworld and then before you ask I don't know if other Greek Nordic or any other gods exist or if they roam earth three years ago I would say hell nah WA but now I lean towards they probably do what I haven't seen her match any of them except for Hades but if he was here why not the others personally huh I'm not religious but when a God physically stands in front of me I won't question answer anyways sorry if I don't post for a little while after that summer is hard for us cuz we have way more customers upstairs and we also have to deal with way more injuries some cryptids are more active during the summer so we go out more as well I'll try my best though if you want more stories I'll give you more how do you have some news and encounters written down that I thought you might like and there are a few things happening currently so I should be back with another post eventually stay safe folks and be careful around ponds and hide when your halima its werewolf season you you

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  1. In 1974 on a Navy base outside MemphisTenn., at about 2am, I witnessed a black spider the size of a volkswagon wrap up in web a medium sized german shepherd dog. I was down wind and first noticed an acidic smell as I walked across a field behind the chiefs housing area, heading home. As soon as I saw this, I froze in place. It was backing out of a yard dragging and wrapping the dog. It clutched the dog up underneath it's body, turned and scurried over to the perimeter fence. It stopped for a moment, turned in a circle and was facing in my direction. It stopped and seemed to be looking at me. I had stopped breathing from fear. After a couple of seconds that seemed like forever, it completed the circle and climbed over the base fence like it wasn't even there. It hurried into the swsmpy forest behind the base. After regaining my breath, I took off for home as fast as I could run. Everyone I told, thought I had been drunk or on drugs. To this day I have never done either. The base police told me to stop bothering them with fairy tales. The base animal control officer did say that a lot of cats and dogs had been missing in the area on and off the base lately. He figured that someone was snatching and selling them to a local pharmacology testing company. The last three months I lived on that base before being transferred, I spent indoors after dark. Anyone else ever seen one of these things?

  2. But others call it a crypt I see what they did there,crytptids man jokes can be made about em till shit gets serious

  3. does anyone know what the creature was after mermaids ? i didn’t understand can you help😂 i am stupid

  4. Cerberus not cerebus – other than this thing that ticked me off a lot, great story, great video. Thx for the hellhound by the way.

  5. 1st of all. I don't know what Cerebus is. I do what Cerberus is, and I'm pretty sure you mean the same thing, and if they are the same thing, than
    2nd of all. that is not how you pronounce Cerberus

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