I Wanted to Return My Dog to the Shelter | My Dog Adoption Experience

It’s feeling pretty warm in here today, I
think I’m actually gonna turn on the air. Huh, set to 72 already. It is a beautiful
day outside so I’m actually gonna take Bentley, since it’s just us two today…
I’m gonna take him to the dog park and I’m gonna explain kind of the backstory
as to why Bentley’s in my life and why I’m really happy that he’s in it, so let
me go ahead and just get ready for the day. Let’s go.
You wanna go up the dog park? Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go to the dog park! God, I’m like legitimately shocked that
he just absolutely did not want to frickin stay outside longer. All he did
was sit there and just freaking sniff and squat and drink water, that’s all the
kid freaking did today. So let’s talk about something a little more
interesting. So I actually got Bentley back in college. I adopted him in January
of 2017. I was like, you know what, I’m gonna get myself a dog. I know I’m gonna
graduate in a couple months, but I’m just gonna figure it out. I’m gonna get myself
an apartment, and it’s gonna be great. If anybody knows life, you know that life
doesn’t go as expected, and I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Whenever
I first brought him home, I was actually really bothered because of the fact that
he peed on our freaking carpet the very first day I brought him home, and then
like literally just the next day he just popped a squat right outside our
bathroom and just started peeing. So I’m gonna tell you guys a little something…
whenever I first got Bentley, I actually wanted to bring him back to the shelter.
I was ready to give him up because I legitimately did not think that I had
what it takes to be a dog owner. I thought I had too many commitments on my
plate, I thought there was too much going on, and yeah… but I actually ended up
keeping Bentley and honestly it was a really great decision because at the
time, like I said I really thought that it didn’t I have what it takes, or what
it took, to be a dog owner, but honestly whenever you have a responsibility like
that, you just kind of– you kind of just got to own up to it because you made a
decision you got the dog you can’t just bring the dog back because that’s just
wrong. So I’m gonna cover like five ways that having a dog has changed my life
personally. So number one is I’m just a lot more accountable of my actions
whenever you have an animal that’s literally depending on you for
everything like you have to feed them you have to give them water you have to
take them out to use the bathroom you have to make sure that they have their
checkups you have to make sure that like they have the right kind of food you
have to pay attention to their dietary needs we have to pay attention to their
activity levels you have to exercise them there’s so many things that go into
having a dog that make you just more aware of your lifestyle and that way it
makes changes and I guess that’s that’s a point in itself it made me really
change up my style Bentley’s kind of on the larger
side he’s not like a massive dog like a mastiff or something but he has a high
energy level because he has a lab and boxer in him so he’s a very high level
energy dog so he has to be exercised quite a bit so I find myself playing
with him more I find myself taking him out more I find myself going out more
and you know it’s just there’s a lot more activity ever since he came into my
life number two I find myself just in a more positive mood because the guy is
freaking stupid so sometimes he’ll just like you know plop over roll on his back
and start making but your noises he beep burps and farts like a man and I swear
it’s so freakin funny it’s just it’s there’s a lot more positivity when you
have a dog just because it’s like you grow a bond with that that animal and
they grow attached to you so it’s just kind of like mutual number three is I’ve
become a lot more just aware of like myself and I’m a lot more stable as a
person I’m not saying I was like an unstable person before I got a dog but
it really makes you more aware of these things because you have to be the
confident leader in the household you have to be the Alpha so it really makes
you open up and just be like yo you can’t do that kind of stuff you have to
be an assertive leader otherwise your dog is gonna run the household and I’ve
known several people that have let their dogs were on their households and it is
rather interesting seeing that dynamic I make sure he recognizes right from wrong
I give him praise when he does things right you know like if he if he properly
handles a situation like if he’s if he like isn’t super like protective over
his toys because that’s one of his things you know I give him praise
because I’m like you’re a good boy because you’re tolerating the situation
correctly that’s good it’s not even like he does anything bad I don’t know I got
super lucky with Bentley because he doesn’t have really that many bad traits
but food he’s rather possessive over in toys he’s possessive over so whenever he
handles the situation properly he you know he gets a lot of praise number four
this is gonna be hilarious to some people it’s a great way to get out of
things like for example if you’re at an event like I don’t know with friends and
it’s just not going well you can just say hey I have a dog I gotta go let them
out I gotta go take care of them they need to be fed oh my god they’ve been
home for seven hours by themselves and it’s a valid excuse because not nobody
freaking question when you say you have a dog to take care
of because they’re like oh snap you have a dog that’s very understanding yeah
because you need to take them out to use the bathroom because they depend on you
like I said earlier in the video oh yeah that’s totally valid go ahead I
will excuse you from this function that you are clearly not enjoying it’s an
excuse that’s not typically something I use very often but it is something that
does come up every now and then because you know you’re not everybody’s gonna
enjoy everything they go with you in life so sometimes you just got to say
hey I gotta let the dogs out you know they’ve been by themselves for a really
long time we should probably probably go take care of them and number five it
really helps whenever you’ve just gotten home and you’ve had a super rough day
and all of a sudden you have this creature that is running around the
house jumping off the walls because just because you got home you got to be
kidding me that’s freaking hilarious and not to mention that’s just a really good
feeling because it’s a dog you know like unconditional love from a creature like
it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life you could have really messed
up a project at work you could have just had a really bad day like you could have
just forgotten to get something at the store or something really tragic could
have happened but at the end of the day that dog is going to see you and they’re
gonna be like you know what I love you no matter what’s going on in your life
it’s just unconditional I’m not saying like go out and do bad things I’m saying
that the dog is gonna love you unconditionally and that’s pretty cool
so there you have it there’s five ways that the dog has impacted my wife
Bentley what do you have to say to that buddy hi buddy how you doing
this is very much so a different type of log than I’m used to making so if you
kind of like this style let me know in the comments below because you know and
now that it’s getting nicer outside I do want to get into more vlog style videos
so hey feedback is appreciated so thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the
next episode what I’ll do is I’ll plaster a bunch of videos over the
screen right now so if you want to see something cool or something and catches
your attention feel free to click it let me know I mean there’s some good videos
on this channel so yeah that’s really all I got you know the floor is actually
kind of comfy I’m actually like not even upset that I’m sitting here right now
that was nasty

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  1. Nah, but nice vid man. My dog passed while I was in college. I still wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and wonder if I've fed them. That responsibility really does stick with you man. I think I directed that over to my plants now. I like the style man. It's more "a day in the life." Although I was half expecting you to hit an alarm clock at some point. lol!

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