all right the headphones are back on we're in my room I'm gonna get a head back over to twitch because you guys really enjoyed the last video that I made where I kind of like troll donate it to streamers so I'm gonna do it again but this time we're gonna get more targets for sure I unfortunately Becca just died so I guess we should donate Urich hunts $5 the message is a lot of you donate oh she's just about again to another game so we got been a great sport about it as we stop as well as that that is really good she won't fall for it again but let's try another one I try again with the classic you Jax well that lost donate was so read all right there we go donate again oh my god well that last donator was so rude hey alright we're gonna move on she was great what a great way to start the show today all right this guy comes to top hundred every game so that seems legit I means he's good right all right let's get the donation on oh wait what oh there's a space there alright that's good dude I've actually not been drinking caffeine you know like the lastly well I can't go like ten minutes without caffeine that's really bad at the moment I need a coffee yo your excellency thanks for that $5 man won't you say I'd appreciate it dude I don't know where thanks man that's an even notice no and the chat have a voice either but these are nice guys let's donate again this one's a classic ice wallowed come they are get that w all right another donations got drill i iced water come man appreciate it alright I just got a notification that chase gone life and we know happen lost son chase stream don't know the droopy dog by Jay we can you baby alright we're giving five say it doesn't get suspicious are we sending it we send them out hey good luck with the stream today smile they even if I plan donation ice fishing there brother we know Christine stream it's fine you to five pounds ice monkey Oh get monkey ice broke that's pretty good chain that was pretty good let's get him again alright we're gonna go and you chew quickly and we're gonna grab the night switch troll and I knew it was him there's god damn peasy yes dude I've had a couple people come in and be trying to be trolls right but you know his cow when it's calbro you know it's calm hi what me alright will you get in this anyway thank you to five pounds brother you gettin rekt che Wow someone gifted me a song all right let's get this next stone over all right there we go feels bad I see recess for this one oh if I get with the knock in H I hope you have a great day dee dee dee why why are you doing this to me why you doing this to me right now stop stop no no no I need to dick me please just moved in with new flatmates and one of them's called Jack and he went Jack not now oh holy Shh Amy don't even a gifted sub – Callum right who joins a pit count well this guy with a poor e hat this guy New Mexican hat all right that's why he speaks English yeah my sitting – you not nearly them hello from Spain he that skips work yeah lazy dad's networks to swear accidentally all right Leopard they can't hear what you say I'll give you an ear when we donate all right let's just donate them what you thinking what we gonna what we gonna do today I reckon we should go for an absolute classic uh-huh Dixon so like Chris Dixon okay cider Dixon cider mate with a CI v er I reckon or else yesyes my cakes in cider how much should be doing this guy's I'm just on to sender okay silly I'm gonna shun just helping out so you can quit that job hashtag work sucks dicks and making the 10 big mistakes just helping out something you can quit that job work sucks thanks man no Joseph got down he's babe doing with another one hit it with another but but this time make it all one word so don't put the little snake all right we'll take it out on that one no that would give someone a email giving you a second chance here I have this one ice water not fate because as soon as you see wallow you gonna be a beautiful thank you guys surprise inhale beat you Oh God patrol names you donating money that's a chargeback Oh can't wait to get that bill in the mail no chargebacks so fun I told you but that was a bait when I told you today pushing solo wins Galilee what's a guanine gap I like a little keep up the great work sounds easy come for easy fancy shit thank you so much I really really appreciate that I want to be a chick yeah right they got their nations like every two seconds Oh hundred biddies and the nice pretty bad shade she gets those bag keys I thought we were coming in hot with it though no but she's out another sort hey York don't you say you're right thank you so much you're a kind I really believe that wow this girl was bad but determined and I come in summer times shakes right let's have some fun I can't even smell so close alright we've sent it free no no but that guy that's just one I think Yara hund hey unlucky with the circles oh I see I see yeah interesting okay that was that was a fake donation that was all right we'll do the goatee when people know what's going on oh I hope it was worth it it was worth trolling me with your name oh I think she's angry with me bye we need to make it out summer there you go I will give her $30 just to say sorry just a little thank-you note but I've also you know put my name as something so we'll see how this goes down less than three thanks for being a good sport good luck what a game smile we made our love let me call you huge but huge but just donated $44 thank you so much no worries no worries troll rating seven out of ten whoa let's go moving up in the world for a amateur like me oh my god chips online hey chip how you doing bro alright let's get them oh you can't send limits I'm gonna get him though I'm gonna get him with the one that's I'm really hard I know we've done it a lot today PaymentSense a chip let's see if we can get him come on chip come on this cams gone let's go I've got everything lost oh you're a con with a five pound donation says hey chip I Love You Man you know I love you too absolutely love you too okay guys you know what I'm gonna quickly he didn't even notice


  1. Aaaaah, i wasn’t focusing on the vid and when you did that knock prank i walked up and opened the door🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. I’m in bed and it’s night and I thought someone was knocking on my window actually scared the shit out of me omg

  3. I mean you’re giving your hard earned money to some ebegging twitch hoe when there are people who can really use the money so who’s really getting trolled lmao

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