I Sold Feet Pictures For A Week And Made £____

When I became a youtuber I was expecting a lifestyle like that of ksi But instead I’m sat here wondering KS. Why don’t I have any money? As a youtuber, you know I was expecting my bank account to be thicker than Kim K and it’s just not it’s just not happening I’ll bet if I can just out all that. What do you want I am I have something that could you know, just just fix this issue. I’d literally just like need money So I’m all ears. You could just get a real job just The problem is I have grown accustomed to a very specific Type of lifestyle that’s just a way for me to make waking up at 2 p.m every day sound a little bit more exotic see the problem is is I’m an attention whore and It’s very hard to work down the local co-op. Someone would come in Ask him where the kidney beans were and before we knew it. I was lip-syncing Rihanna in aisle 10 Like I just I’m not cut out for it So after deeply searching through my soul and the internet I came across two Perfect jobs for me the first being porn and the second being selling feet pictures now porn seemed like a great option until I remembered That I said opposite mean and at Christmas dinner and it’s gonna make the spreading of the turkey thighs just that Butt a little bit too weird So after a little bit of clicking around I found that Twitter is actually just this massive hub for foot fetishism I’m starting to think that the people who made Twitter made it originally as a feet sharing community because think about it tweet Beat very similar words Very similar. I came across a thread of a woman who said she made 50,000 pounds a year from selling photos of her feet from celanese. She made 50,000 pounds from a foot Mat, so obviously I wanted to hop in on this they didn’t want anyone to know that it was me YouTube sensation elbow So I made an undercover foot pictures account and I thought here I’m gonna be dishing out feet pics left Right and center and I’m gonna be raking in the cash Unfortunately for me, it seemed that every other one on the planet had also decided to make an undercover foot Sally Twitter account there’s a lot of them like a Lot, just go on to the foot fetish part of Twitter and just look at the hashtags because they are something else foot freak Sexy Souls and my personal favorite was during the Superbowl super soul Sunday It’s like the mecca of foot fetish hashtags doesn’t get better than that kids that person just peaked They peaked to this day bet that’s the proudest thing they’ve ever done in their life Bet I didn’t actually find anyone who wanted to buy my feet pics on Twitter Despite my best efforts what I found an abundance of was just old old men Just saying they were rich when really they have no money and they just want attention. I Just described myself didn’t I? So what I realized was that selling fit pictures on Twitter? It’s you know, it’s for amateurs It’s for a giggle does his face look like it wants a giggle No, this face looks like it wants cash cold hard cash And so I abandon my Twitter account Love you at feeling fee and I had done to the internet to find another place to sell my glorious feed pictures I found a bunch of websites that selfie pictures to people who want feet pictures, but they take 50% Which was a bit steep considering I need every single penny I can get and just as luck would have it I got approached by someone on my emails who said hey bit of an odd request, but Would you mind sending me a feet pic and I could not believe my luck here I was scouring the lands for someone after me feet and one just happens to slide right on into my Inbox It was fate. He just goes off tells me how much money he’s willing to pay for feet pictures, and I’m sat there thinking Quit 50 quid, he’s just gonna send me 50 quid and I’m just gonna I’m gonna send him a foot pic done made happy but no that’s Not quite where the conversation went at this point my anonymous friend said to me that he was going to need to see a preview of My my little piggies here you just you just wanted to price up me feet Now I thought this was a little bit odd kids. Obviously. I’m a newbie too thing But after a google I found out that actually asking for previews of fee is actually pretty common People use the previews to decide how much effort is worth and how much they’re willing to pay for exclusive pictures But interesting me on these pages talking about foot previews every single one of them said you have to slightly blur The photos of your feet and apparently it’s gives a lot of time people ask for previews You send photos of your feet and then they do a runner with the goods and you never get paid Nene I’m not gonna be fooled by this. You know, I need the cash money So I shot our anonymous friend a message and what they replied with was essentially along the lines of how to charge the beauty of a flower If I can’t see the detail Basically where he was saying is he couldn’t price up me fee if he couldn’t see me piggies at this point I didn’t know what to do. If I said no, I might lose the buyer But if I said, yes, and he did a run-in with me pic side I’d be cashless So I messaged a good mate of mine who I thought out of all of my friends Probably is tried to selfie pictures before so I hopped on the phone to calyx I explained the situation and said look, I’m worried My man’s gonna probably do a runner with me feet pics to which he basically just said do it Anyway, I thought okay, I’m gonna make this the best feet Preview you’ve ever seen in your life So I hollered at my mother shares and she gave me a very nice pedicure by the way channel shares and we made my feet Beautiful something that you probably wouldn’t notice before. Is that much like your face? Your feet have good angles and bad angles And so I spent a solid 30 minutes exploring my angles never thought I’d see my camera roll full of feet But there we were I think I took probably 300 photos of my feet that day Definitely gone down as one of the weirder days of my existence Now this person wanted to see my feet and then also the soles of my feet too and with my heart Pounding and my sweat slightly pouring. I attached two of my best most flawless feet pictures and then I set them free There they go and then I waited and I waited Waited and I waited and I waited and I waited For days went by and I’d had nothing for my anonymous foot buyer It was more obsessed than sending a nude and being left on red. So I shamelessly sent another email I cooked he received an email back and they basically said that they won’t holiday and they would get back to me the week of The 25th and I thought okay, that’s pretty believable. Well, I’ll cut him some slack, you know, I’ll leave it as it is I’ll choose to trust them with my feed pages And so I waited and I waited and I waited and I waited and I waited But the week of the 25th came and went and there was no response at this point I started to get a little bit worried and I sent my resident foot pic expert calyx another message I told him I was concerned that he was going to do a runner with me foot picks and callek said as he always does Keep going with it. And so I did and I waited it was at this point that I Chlorine to the cash that had been snatched from my fingertips Sent another email I tried to sound Dignified but I think the desperation was seeping out of every single word that I wrote. We’ve read between the lines of that email The next week there was no response to the email So if you’re wondering about the answer to how much money I made selling foot pictures Here’s your answer nothing, not a single penny zero zilch not I am two foot pictures down and No cash up. How did that happen? I lost my foot picture virginity and got no money for it I’m just gonna leave my paypal in the pinned comment And if anyone would like a foot picture now I’m a resident expert just send me 50 quid and your Twitter app and I will send you a foot picture I will I will do that God gifted me with feet and I’m gonna use them to make money on another note now if you would like to support me and You don’t want to see my nasty-ass feet. I do have a patreon It’s linked in the description and it is a hundred percent foot free something I didn’t expect I’d have to say on my YouTube channel but there we are patreon link in description and no fee at all Hey, so a lesson to all of you looking to sell your foot pics online. Let’s blow your bloody previews or your They’re gonna they’re gonna steal your Fitbit Just like I I got robbed in broad daylight If you like this video give it a thumbs up. If you didn’t like it give it a thumbs down It’s a free world you do you boo And in this case if you did want to just like it I completely understand there was a there was a lot of feet in this video lotsa, fee like quite a abnormally large quantity of feet, so this Just give it a dislike if you want. Actually you just I won’t even be mad to be honest. It was either this or Becoming a pornstar. So I’m glad that this is the direction we decided to go with on the elbow YouTube channel, babe. I Think the most concerning thing about all of this is the fact that my mum actively encouraged me to sell my feet for money

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  1. bet you thought I was joking about this bit didn't you…

    I now have an OnlyFans just for my prime piggies: https://onlyfans.com/ellbat

  2. I’ll sell feet picks lol. HMU on Snapchat @ Murder101baby 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m 5”6 Russian Brazilian hawaiian and Swedish and I wear a size 4 & 1/2 shoe 😝❤️

  3. If you have pretty feet and wanna make some money, send me a dm @ theonlyfootdaddy on Instagram. I buy pics, Skype, and do custom Amazon orders, if you’re lucky. College girls preferred.

  4. If you can't make anything selling pictures of your georgious feet, no one can. Now try videos with a spoiled dominant flavor. Men are easily led when a woman tells them forcefully where to go after she informed them they are objects to be used with her feet as her incentive for attention.

  5. I did one pick and didn't get paid either.The guy started begging and offering more money.I said Hell no, I sent you one pic and didn't get paid…he actually came to me with the proposition. I'd never heard of it and thought it was strange tbh…I ended up having to block him.

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 So sorry for your loss! Scamming bastards are EVERYWHERE! Before you do anything, put yourself in their position and ask yourself What Would You Do?

  7. Me and girl gonna start this feet lic business together 🤣 If my girl wanna sell feet pics and make some money im not gonna say no, im gonna say lemme grab my camera and let's get this bread

  8. Check out my new Instagram page for anything feet! @CuteAndStinkyForYou You can DM or email me any requests, [email protected] My Rules and Prices are available on my page. No judging or kink shaming!! If you want to make a purchase, let me know you're from Youtube and I'll give you 25% off your purchase as well as one free video!

  9. I had to comment… you're video was hilarious! I "use to" "date" a guy into feet. I watched a video prior to yours of a girl "how to start selling feet pics" just out of curiosity. 10 mins in she had still made no point of video title and 5 mins in I felt I lost 5 brain cells. At this point, I should have been charging her for brain damage. You're video was great! I'm not really into dieting or anorexia, but you're witty, intelligent and funny. I would def watch more of your videos. thumbs up!

  10. soo imma do this, become rich, and THEN tell my mom. she won’t be able to get mad at me because the money could be used for so much 💀

  11. If you're DICK only gets HARD from a woman's FEET you NEED a PHYCIATRIST immediately!! No Joke there is something WRONG MENTALLY!!

  12. God I am jobless because of my social anxiety attacks, if I could just sell photos of my feet I would be happy

  13. I keep trying to sell pictures of my feet but guys hit me up trying to be sexual and its making me very uncomfortable. How do I keep it strictly business like…

  14. Seller 10-… never give someone your product without payment FIRST! You can’t go in a store and leave with an item w/o payment.. don’t do it with your feet pics… Great vid! Great advice! Thumbs up 👍🏾

  15. Worried that your parents will find your you're a p0rnstar? Just sell foot pics instead! its a fantastic and flawless way to make a quick cash grab to pay for collage. Best of all, your parents will never need a awkward dinnertime with you unless they recognize that much, which they would have to admit their foot fetish first before calling you out as the seller.

  16. I tried selling my feet pics for like 2/3 weeks, but there are some THIRSTY man out there… Sending dick pics and trying to get free pictures… I got nothing, didn't sell anything, just got dick pics and insults when I wasn't willing to send a "preview" of my feet (even tho my profile had a bunch of pics of my feet) ;-;

  17. Lol made an account today. So far got 3 followers and 2 dm from guys telling me they’re hard. No requests for feet yet. Throwing in the towel. Apparently my feet are not in high demand

  18. I’m very entertained:)
    You are a very talented, and you should check out clips4sale and femdom. I’d love to elaborate:)

  19. Summary: she made $0 because she got scammed lmao. The lesson: set your price and NEVER go below and always demand the money first, feet pics after.

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