I Quit Social Media & Here’s What Happened | VLOG

hello my love's today we are doing 22 day social media break detox fast whatever you want to call it I'm doing this in collaboration with my beautiful friend Cole what's up you guys my name is Cole Lawson and if you haven't figured out by the title already me and Sid did a thing yes for 22 days we got off social media I know it sounds crazy cuz like what do we do if we weren't on the gram we actually lived a whole life so make sure you like comment subscribe on this video on my page over at post comments I talk about philosophy I talk about self-help I talk about self-care I talk about eating healthy on vegan and on Thursdays y'all would be sipping is Thursday Thursday make sure you like comment subscribe and come to my pillow if you try to dam and heal yourselves okay Cheers she's new to this so please guys go subscribe to her get her up there go show her some love and I hope that you guys enjoy this video opening social media out of habit is bound to happen that's why I logging off is so crucial from me step one is making sure I have enough books to keep my mind busy and at ease and not thinking about social media so I'll be reading and rereading some books during this time it's crazy to me that the average person spends two to three hours per day on social media now if you're millennial are younger that number is probably even more imagine how much you could be doing with you day for the curt's where our research we have the Brooklyn Mirage which is a party with a cold [Applause] hello my love's I'm sorry for the mess of course always messy just don't even look I wanted to hop in and give you guys a little one-week update in the video it has been a little rougher than I thought I thought I was gonna be super productive I have an amazing time learn so much but it hasn't been that way at least not yet I know going forward what I'm gonna do differently and so yeah I guess I just want to encourage you if you have such high expectations of like how amazingly productive you're gonna be on your break on your social media break or just in life in general give yourself grace give yourself time to adjust it's it's hard when you go from being on social media every single day to like not so yeah just give yourself time to adjust I'll check in with you guys in a week and talk some more about what I've been doing what I've been up to and all that good [Applause] throughout this social media break I found time to do things that I normally wouldn't making iced tea coloring meditating and spending time in nature has been some of my favorites hey guys it is week two of my social media break I just wanted to come in check in again everything is going good I really don't have much to say other than if you are a person who procrastinate maybe considers up a little lazy or easily distracted any of those things I think a social media break would be great for you been really great for me it's and super helpful with my productivity so I just really wanted to come on and say that yeah I'm not really missing too much I am missing some of my friends like stories and different things like that but so if you are planning on doing this I would just encourage you to make sure that you have planned things to do to keep yourself busy if not you're going to be really bored and it's not going to be the funnest time for you so that's really just it guys I will see you a couple days over there guys not everything was rainbows and butterflies I broke out a lot more than usual and I had my first ever and hopefully last panic attack but you know what that's okay if it's one thing that I've realized throughout the social media break it's that you really do have to accept the good with the bad you can't have light without darkness right and so in that sense you can't truly appreciate good time if you haven't had bad ones too and that's where social media becomes toxic because we only show our best self and so you only see other people's best selves and that can really mess with our perception of what is real that's why I urge everyone to take social media breaks every once in a while so you can get back in tune with reality the end of my 22 day social media break it was refreshing to say the least I definitely recommend it to everyone all the time because you just learned so much about yourself you have more time to do more things and I don't know I just feel like it's it's beneficial you might be bored at some points but there's always something else for you to be doing and usually it's more productive than just scrolling on Instagram so I just wanted to close out this video remind you to check out Cole's video as well it'll be linked in the description box but thank you again for watching I love you so so much and I will see you soon for the next one take care god bless I promise I'll never let go

10 thoughts on “I Quit Social Media & Here’s What Happened | VLOG

  1. I am glad you are practicing and educating this thing, I deleted my account few months ago and the quality of life has increased way better, better friendship, better productivity and moreover a better peace of mind, no pressure.

  2. Hey girl hey I'm starting my 20 day fast from social media and I thank you and Cole for showing us your journey

  3. Amazing video as usual <3 my mood was kind of off and I saw you uploaded and it genuinely lifted my spirits because you inspire me to be a better me through your channel, so thank you so much. also! where'd you get the "Things To Do Other Than Social Media" book? Looks super interesting 🙂 Love youuuu <3

  4. AHH I can’t get over how much your energy is in this video .. I love you so much, I’m glad you’re flourishing into the better you everyday as well as into your dreams. You’re seriously someone I look up to, thank you for being you 💛

  5. have only started this video now, but this is something ive been trying to do for weeks now. social media is a curse for me. funny conincidence aye! thank you

  6. I Love this video babe ! I broke out too on my break! I think it was our body pushing out all the toxic stuff! You look like you had so much fun and really got to experience different parts of yourself and your life. Getting out of the normal routine of things! So excited for the next videos !

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