32 thoughts on “I Quit Social Media for 48 Hours

  1. Good,i once quit social media for one month.It helped me to concentrate on other very important aspect of my life

  2. Your a tool bro, I can't believe you removed me from your marketing ninjas facebook group because I asked for help regarding FB ads and mentioned how the training video is outdated.. guess that struck a nerve, make some new videos on facebook ads ya tool bag.

  3. Hey KD greetings from Cameroon.thanks a million for this video.the content is on point.keep up with the good work.

  4. thank you kevin for covering this i can understand you 100% and you are a good guy keep up the good work and if you fall always stay up one more time to get up again!

  5. They key is to control the app….especially instagram…and not let it control you. I'm on like day 30 of my instagram cleanse and boy does it feel good!! Living life again and actually moving the needle forward in my real life! With real people!

  6. Yeah good content, my business is pretty reliant on social media which kinda forces me into it, but yeah good idea on moving the app

  7. You are truly a great person, Kevin. I honestly cannot understand why youd be jealous of anyone at all, but Id assume that since you are a person who strives for success and has a strong desire to achieve greatness, (in a good way, not for haughty reasons..) you automatically compare yourself to others. You're human, just like the rest of us- and its that "human" quality that you possess that is the very reason why I, and so many others are drawn to you. So I say once again- Thank You- so very much in fact, for once again enlightening us with another way to become success in life- this time to be a success in becoming a better person. Keep up the great work brother- and may God continue to bless you with success in every single aspect of your life- and so generously sharing it with the world…

  8. Thank you for speaking about this, it’s not spoken about enough. Social media is equivalent to giving children alcohol and it becomes a addiction in the long run if you do not take control of your choices. We must remember to always give ourselves the love and attention we deserve and never disconnect from who we are. Thanks for this video Kevin. I honestly hope this video reaches more people this is exactly the mindset or realization people need to see for themselves.

  9. I care about you Kevin, love your work & love you too. It is not that i only like your work but i like you as a person. The value you provide is can't be compared with money. I believe that ideas value more than money does.

    Stay healthy and fit.

  10. Hi Kevin, I am a newbie struggling to go live on the web selling product and generating an income equal to or greater than my yearly salary. I consistently compare myself to all these amazing individuals (like yourself) who already have achieved the success that I desire for myself. It is terrifically depressing because I know I am intelligent and am just struggling through the learning curve for this endeavor. I was really relieved to see this video, I personally feel that it took a lot of courage from you to put this raw truth out there and be 100% transparent about your addiction, not easy! And I want to thank you Kevin, because you reminded me of something my grandmother used to say and that is, "Show me the top 5 people you spend your time with and I will show you who you are" or modified for today, "Show me the top 5 apps that you spend your time with and I will show you how far off of reality you are" I now look at these apps as you described, it is people showcasing the very best of themselves, situations and environments for no other reason than to feed their own ego and see how many likes they can get, it is the wild wild west and the sheriff ain't in town! So I am committing to myself right here and right now to take a hiatus from Facebook, IG, SC, etc. for a minimum of one full week! I will only get on Facebook to watch training videos that will bring me closer to realizing my dream and financial success! Thank you again just for being who you are, in my mind you just elevated yourself to a whole new level of admiration and respect. Peace, Love & Light!

  11. Maybe you should get rid of your iPhone get a flip phone. Also get rid of the laptop and all mobile technologies and force yourself to use a desktop. This will alleviate the addiction to social media.

    As far as comparison is concerned perfection is an illusion. If something seems perfect there is something hidden you’re not seeing.

  12. Going through the same addiction and currently documenting the journey so I can share the cure and my process like you! Thank you for the inspiration, not pathetic at all!

  13. I am happy for you and respect you, cos you do, no one ever do, you are trying to discuss about real thing ,to show sadness, stregle in life, real filling about it and difficult ways to reach out .i think most of the people's have that emotion, don't worry, you do what must be do saving society from unhealthy social, economical and morally values.

  14. You might be a Leo; which means you’re likely to be astrologically aligned to instinctively crave attention or be center of attention which is not a fault. It’s just a tendency that can be used for the good; like creating a freeken university that’s changing the lives of millions around the world. Embrace it Dude, the world needs you to be the center so we can be continued to be inspired. We don’t live long, keep sending out the love while we have it to give. ☀️ Admire your focus on balance.

  15. I told you guys , this guy is like brother
    A part of our family. I told you before Kevin , when you come to Barcelona you have a brother. I will take you restaurant to thanks to what you bright our mind .

  16. Just giving you some advice. Have a SMA (social media assistant) to handle your social media app. Spend more time on family, welfare activities and be close to Allah.

  17. Hey David I am a small YouTuber and saw one of your videos and inspired me a bit, I like your videos and not like other creators you are for real

  18. Don’t say that, I care about you, really! You’re so brave to admit this situation. I wish many people realize it! It’s never to late to fix it! You’re an amazing person and people love you

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  20. I QUIT SOCIAL MEDIA FOR 1 MONTH WAS an amazing feeling, No SHAME to do it from Time to Time

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