I NEED HELP – Destiny's Hardcore Minecraft Challenge P2

oh-ho what does this Afra baat revealing you did you do wait hold on what okay hold on getting on interesting wait what is this fucking comment what as they released observe some weekend's blizzard I'm farming the pepper pods what Roy gonna happen oh oh overwatch just released cool new game that's a team based arena shooter awesome anybody like the old games that we made before do you like no you do yeah Warcraft threes coming up classic I mean we talked about that like like probably 10 years ago but it's happening now you guys have phones what's wrong what you guys don't have a phone am I getting smaller hey all of our all of our CEOs are leaving is that there's nothing wrong with that right but like more employees like top level employees are gone cuz they've released overwatch Blizzard has just been nice famous no you huh no mr. mouton you you know you oh my god guys David Pakman is such a fucking boomer holy shit Kyle I love him oh my god I don't even know if he knows like what a meme is how old is he I think is like my age is like 30 or something I think he just is playing very boomer more than his son soup buh buh I don't even think I sound as a Boomer a son is it boomer no if you meet like real boomers not like baby boomers but like boomer boomers I don't know I think it sounds about which enough now that he's not like huh you ready to go to the end wait did they change the animation why do my hearts have like evil faces in them now go to the end what the fuck you talking about do we have any in China gear yet no I just you don't need in chanted good enough okay well then go then and kill the Ender Dragon well else I might okay oh that's hardcore gotcha oh hey what's up Pack 1 is 35 years old holy shit shut the fuck up you dumb it has a boom fucker why aren't you playing TV tu 35 rightly why does Dan always come in here seriously fuckin problem with it cringe if anything I'm defending fucking boomers I know you're not doing it let me ask yourself are you still gonna be a little bitch when you're 30 years old do you think you'll slowly turn into him probably turn into you be a bigger bitch oh wait why am I not playing T of T is it yes to you mm-hmm I don't know I played it today I think you're gonna play this get a game so you're gonna grind it it doesn't go no fuck that I'm a variety streamer as much as I hate to admit it time is the raw show I don't know you message me any Tony he'll tell you when it's turns I'm doing well are you yes our dance afraid what can't say he knows it is are you aren't them okay is rape Oh up certain things and I don't want to push it it's not my fucking place if you're talking about what I'm talking he's afraid wait shit hold on wait I think I just miss anything wait what are we talking about where you meet it or no no wait what wait what did I miss wait what are we talking about oh no wait never mind that wait what is he talking about wait hold on I've never seen something mr. written you know what we're talking about I'd give them Oh what we were talking about today yeah wait why though how why because some men want to want to fuck watch the fucking world burn that's why dog come on dog no afraid man damn it's not about being afraid it's about not one who's scared just say I'm sorry hold on is it just say I'm sorry create shit in my life where I don't need to create shit okay so you're scared that's not the same thing as being scared mr. mitten okay yours yes or no is he scared he's fucking terrified scared man Dan what are what is their goal right now in this fucking game little the dragon idiot leather and paper I keep making paper but I'm gonna get some leather oh I need to get into the cow so we can have a leather farm dan I need another cow here bring your mom over then any people are on this earth or maybe you want to go get her oh I was letting it hang with hell shit fucking joke have you ever seen some of like the ultra fucking cringe tweets from Neil deGrasse Tyson yeah yeah they're like some God what is he like he's like he's like the epitome of like the I am very smart but what has he tweeted like like today I had to show like he tweets shit like today I had to show a piece of paper to a random guy that we think is responsible for things because of imaginary Laurens drone on him at like he does like shit like that it's like okay dude we get it Wow holy shit what a brave intelligent take where the cows wait he tweeted that today hasn't he tweeted that before tweeted what where you say oh no that's like some tree to the mouse finally just recently he tweeted all this all salt is actually sea salt so it just takes a longer time to get here but apparently somebody that researches it so that's not true so do you see what he chose no wait what do you put about cows yo Dan are you here boom here Dan all right oh he's getting in trouble I was yelling at him fucking fucking yelled at I'm like hey sorry Dan you're afraid of two people a cow is a biological machine invented by humans to turn grass and a steak wait human oh wait hey humans invented cows is that a thing I didn't know that holy shit I'm marveling genetic engineering wait I lost my come along duck why did you come along duck wait word my other lead go pretty sure he was joking uh I've seen an empty tin of dumb shits and not ever assume that he's joking unfortunately I'm sorry how is that wrong and she well one I mean humans didn't invent cows and then two it's it's just like a really tip-tippy thing who invented cows then huh god all mine the TT sir oh no that's a band boys say goodbye minimal hmm no I'm the minecraft section chill that's hope I make it fucking get him out of here I'm sorry guys I let you down why are you afraid of me No I can overtake you in chess at any moment that's a good one little bitch DARPA thirty plus is zero game best of one right now if you know we should play for our lives let's let's play up plus thirty zero game 3008 for our lives let's do right now throw it up do it for a hundred dollars he won't he won't do it you won't throw it out for his life not for my life Dan my life's worth less than a hundred come on you damn you factor in your student debt that actually might be true you should be able to work your student debt off like they throw you in a fucking facility or some shit I heard they were gonna do a thing what you actually can work your student it off after you graduate from college you can get like a job in the job market and then you pay back money to the people that have your life why would you say you should be a little work off your student debt pay him anything besides of working it off we're gonna have in a factory okay they stay provided jobs wait I'm lost where is her house again I think I'm on the right way come everybody play this game without texture effects now cuz texture packs are for bitches do I need to be ready to show up for fucking D&D on whatever day that's the house explain it destiny y'all and your Twitter world I've been bitching about Tyson to grasp like five years wait what this guy mad for some we're all met neo deGrasse Tyson fan spotted let's get Neil deGrasse Tyson on startups I agree work for it get on it I think people like that probably want to get paid to show up anywhere though no way really wasn't there like a big thing when the other grass Tyson wouldn't show up to like a school because he didn't get paid like $20,000 or some shit I don't remember a long time the Starcraft community I wrote something where I was like if you want somebody to go in you're irrelevant ass-fucking podcast what can offer money and everybody got really mad at me they like you never pay for interviews that's fucked up that's not integrity anyway all right well am I going on your fucking shit air shows and fuck damn now you have 208 whatever happened to the people that used to debate religion all the time but that just kind of died out the people use the debate was he couldn't finish in God so the do people debate water Dawkins and people oh they're still there they do it every fucking day and they're crazy on this stuff podcast you mentioned in this system and about how it's true in every I think it's a dark aspect you think anything can be done about how the humanizing being forced to obey these rules says and could you explain how you cope with it personally what the fuck wait one of these text documents has the answer wait hold on I'll answer your question which one of these text arguments has the dimension statement a big new text document or or or big good one Dan thanks thank you some little Debbie's for Dan I think roles are better than well double use now to show respect for a dead person oh wait they're both the same dude ah you're so dumb sorry fuck up you fuck off vanilla minecraft resuit and sleeper nice where in the fuck is the server done know you're dead my sheep Theresa where the fuck what get in the pit wait danke done hello I too can read chat and see chat suggestions of things that would be funny I know that's where you get most of your ideas your mics a little robot I didn't understand how is it hello Dan Oh Dan are you back hello atlas getting in on the memes – it's fixed it's fixed you're gonna oh good I'm glad that it's fixed it I was really worried why are you so mad I'm just trying to fucking let people you mad in general okay you're molding wait how I have all my hair uh what are your can in a jar if it falls off your head hey more hair giggling mr. moon your hairline is worse than mine is why are you bullying me my healing is beautiful yeah sure but it's less of a hairline than mine no your hairline shit oh it's not and you're gonna die before me Dan I think also actually realistically is probably not exciting I don't think I think I'll live longer than you why because I think wealth probably buys me more years than you being ten years younger than me No we'll see you're probably dying here let's see who's gonna die tomorrow if I want in a video whoa whoa wait what well I'm playing a video game you're gonna kill me kill me while I'm playing rust in rust yeah that's right you better be a little bitch say in the video again mister man you know if I was gonna say to you I wouldn't say it in the video again I know no I'm just saying I did keep scared of three people now Dan I understand wait first off it was only one person Oh your wife just get a hurt – whoa three Dan how many elves can one man take in a single day well thanks again girl for the 18 months buddy oh I'm full Kim sorry I'm just so fucking show guys have you been full can this whole time your mouths are full of cum this whole time oh lot of robots or whatever outside robots it zombies whatever they're called what the fuck doesn't matter you're losing your mind mr. mood Boomer Steve you sir you know you do a job and you expect payment did he do a good job Dan one other fool we can get into that you know what you did a better job than caked it I'll tell you that much Wow better job huh this was fucking furious with the Cape all we were there I was not furious furious you're lying no you were complaining why would you fucking lie oh it was just you know put me in an awkward spot and you're so fucking dumb I just started playing minecraft again after a few years and enjoying it feels good min feelsgoodman is a cock word you that has been trying to solve like different problems and like it started off with like a lot of like how do you process negative comments and that we talked about that one time before yeah yeah and your basic answer was like pretty much every single person that is posting those comments is like just fuckin yeah totally hopeless like they're based and and like I I did what you recommended which is like go through people's like kind of like go through a person's Twitter and see what else the type of stuff they kind of post oh damn I don't necessarily recommend that I just said if you do it usually but I would never recommend that because you might fuck up and you might see the person that's criticize you is actually some really successful person then you feel okay so what's happening is I'm doing these I'm doing these like kind of like big deep dives into like twitch meta discussions or subjects or things like that and what happens is influencers like bigger influencers particularly will or or just people in general will and I knew you wouldn't be able to impact this they'll take one sentence or two sentences out of context and then they'll use that to represent the entire story and this has happened to me on Reddit and YouTube and all over the place I don't know what to do about it I assume this is the third that's part of it but but it's it's like that's that's it's it's like a it's sort of a it's a trend but that's part of it yeah um listen man if you don't have haters you're not doing it right right what um like what what in particular I guess is going on because it really depends on note Devin remember the quote from my wall all right if you never wanna be if you never want to be criticized don't do anything now wow thanks good one done is that really on your wall it used to be anymore why not because he was trying to getting criticized not because that and I painted my wall so I have to remember it my mind so it's not is so the whole idea of like like haters is like whatever in particular the misrepresentation is a little bit different than hate right like if somebody's just posting like hey you're a shitter that I've gotten to the point where I'm fine with that now the trouble is like what and this is why I thought you guys would have some especially there's no effective counter to this I'm like I've literally heard of like stories of like girls that don't talk to me because they think I'm like into like kids like I legitimately heard things like that before I mean it's like really rough I don't know how you do like how you engage in like like a diss disinformation campaign I'm not you're creating essentially your brand and someone is basically at this point possibly taking away from it that you know essentially like ruining your career or something or threatening with this bullshit you know that might be the time to like you know consider if you're doing something that's definitively wrong if it falls under legal guidance nah I do much yeah well I mean listen if someone's actually doing a libel or slander yeah I actually I think he's yeah I considered that like that's that's right but I think like if you do that I think it has another like whole like PR implication – right well I mean look there's certainly there's a what the fucking thing that uh I forget the name of this thing but it's yeah as you make a bigger deal out of it than anything else it's like a mountain out of a molehill Dan no that's not what it is okay it's something fucking else okay it's some goddamn singer let's imagine real quick I need you to come down here come on this price and effect yeah the Barbra Streisand effect the one stairs yeah for the one rip I'm gonna stoop again okay so there's so like you're saying I mean I see this must happen to you all the time right like oh like what say that you take because what you'll do is you'll do the same thing that I do but in a different context you do like like different subjects but you'll take a subject you'll do a deep dive into it you'll come to a conclusion and that conclusion is based off a lot of previous premise that you establish to get to that conclusion right and and what happens to me is like the whole premises get ignored so and then like one thing gets misrepresented so this happened in the one of the thing where like I did IIIi did like a whole take on like twitches inconsistency with bands and like what's going on there and then like someone just took from that like one single clip where I said well maybe a Linda they just like doesn't does it but like because like train was saying last night that like a limit II like is confident so she think that's why she's not gonna get banned that's like maybe she doesn't feel that and then that got taken out of context like I got a bunch of emails and shit so it's like that people ignore the entire argument and then they take one thing from it I don't know what to do or make up like is it just the answer is just to ignore it yeah I mean there's not much you can do you can like make a video and like speak out against it or something but I mean otherwise people are always going to try to misrepresent what you say and then other people use against jr. have you done this have you made like a follow up video if you feel like something is not being clarified yeah I tried it before but um this is always this is what I called earlier I call this the lose lose lose so basically somebody comes out with some piece of slanderous information about you you have three ways you can engage with it and every single way is a losing path you have to pick which one loses the least and the first way you don't address it at all when you don't say anything meaning usually the rumor will Fester and people will start to believe it's true because you haven't addressed it so that's the first way the second way is you come out and you directly refute it when you directly refute it you open people more people up to attack you because they'll try to take issues with certain parts of your reputations because you're not being clear enough you're not releasing enough information and then other people you know will just say that you you know you're just refusing it because you obviously know it's true or whatever right and then oftentimes these statements are not good because you need to release more information to actually clarify position or something especially what I see with personal information and then yeah the third way you can do it is you can actually start to release more information to 100% clear up like a prior point but then you've got to the point where you're releasing more personal information and now people have more things to attack you with and if you're wrong on any minor point at all while you're doing any of this or there's anything else that can be twisted it will be and then you'll look even less credible there's there's like no good way to deal with people that are slandering you it's an incredibly effective way of discrediting somebody online holy shit what if you so one thing I'm considering is like what if you like respond with just a incredibly positive take so like you do something like you respond so like if I'm getting like a lot of tweets like from someone like kiemce right and then I respond with a tweet like hey man like really appreciate you shouting out smaller content creators if you want to get the full information check out youtube.com slash David Nash so they literally rage him into ruining you as well accounting with real counter with really positive stuff if you have that kind of demeanor people will have a harder time attacking you this is a this is a classic I know this because I used to try this shit when I was in fucking school when I was reading that dumbass how to win friends and influence people book here is like a real life tip that you can that you can give to somebody if you are nice to somebody it is impossible for them to be mean to you if somebody comes after you and says like man like you fuck that up so hard like what the fuck were you thinking it's really hard but if you respond with that when you're like me and I did really fuck it out like you so know how to do a fucking finish if you if you tell the person something good or if you make yourself out to be like a good person like if you ask them for help or something or you say like hey thanks for this like you we can clarify this whatever people will have a really hard time being mean to you okay go okay Devin didn't say he was doing that keemstar is basically like hey Devin you're full of fucking shit you're a moron I wonder what else you're fucking stupid about and Devin was saying hey how about I respond back with hey dude thanks for shouting out a smaller content creator that's not like being nice like hey yeah that thing is like that sounds a little bit passive-aggressive but like a comment like that like hey sure but the comment but if you say something like hey like I appreciate you like shining a light on this issue like if you they might take is wrong whatever like feel free to stop by and you guys could talk about this there you can comment in here like that type of invitation for discourse makes it a little bit harder for people to come at you like eventually you'll start to look bad if you're hitting on a person that's like pretty open to dialogue and isn't being combative back yeah that is true but I mean with what definite was saying that's like sure with a hyper specific example in the way that he worded it that was poorly paid because it's not passive aggressive yeah yeah yeah well no I because I saw this was on Devin stream like should I post this or not type of thought like that's because I mean I thought this was like a safe thing you're ready to do no you're right yes oh my god was trying I was just considering different options oh Dan you're totally right yeah I don't know yeah if you're like kind of a bitch back I don't wanna say like a bitch but if you're like super friendly like oh wow I didn't look into that yeah we should talk I didn't know I was wrong boy I was just doing my analysis sure that's gonna make it fucking go away just like ignoring it will make you go away the same thing but it well ignoring things don't always make them go away actually people will hold things against you forever this is so like this is a question that I had when a naked ape released that video about me his destiny is autism that had like a whole bunch of like a lot of this stuff was just not true a lot of it was like barely true or like stretch to like absurd links and so I decided not to make a response videos like ah fuck I don't want to give it more attention but it still got a lot of attention people still talk about it I finally did make a response video where I like pretty clearly refuted pretty much every single claim but people still say like oh well actually your reputation is barely good enough or that doesn't even excuse that blah blah blah is like okay well fuck I don't know the fucking point of any of the shit is so this goes just back to like no good answer okay I mean I think like there is no good answer but like the least bad answer doing like proper responses is probably good because people will use your reputations your fans will use that as their arms like in the battlefield so for instance I've seen once that video got released so like as a large content creator I can usually tell when somebody's posting shit about me somewhere because I'll start to get like a lot of attacks that I haven't seen before like if I started to see like a whole bunch of people come up and say like oh yesterday you're so stupid your knees are shit and I see like four people use that innocent like what the fuck I know what it likes somewhere on 4chan or Cuba Farms somebody's made a post like making fun of yous like because why yeah because it's so weird yeah but like what happens is is like you'll see these comments if you actually make like an official response to something and you say like well hey you know like this is this and that's that what will happen is when people make those attacks against you in the future your fans will respond with your responses you kind of like sent the dialog that other people you guys that you like hand out arms for people to fight with basically yeah so in a particular situation where I have like a few like select influencers who are like – like saying something like this or mr. separate like you think that there's no response to do because all of my videos already cover the subject hmm so so like so like specifically know why like specifically people are saying like oh like Devin said that phase what will get shut down right and what I said was face could get shut down if these following check boxes are checked right and so like it doesn't really need to be I don't know I think you made stronger statements in it I recall you did but I didn't have the full information either so like really we're talking about a period of time that's like three weeks in five videos uh-huh so like by the fifth video when I'm aware of like likely tranqs connections to the labor commission and like what's actually happening then I can go back on a couple of things and be like okay like it's now more likely that these things will happen right but yeah so so like regardless or I can just say like out right like if phase doesn't end up getting shutting down I can own that too I don't know I don't really care I'm not like I'm not like particularly bothered by being wrong about this as well if you want to take it that way either so like like the question is like I don't know what the video would look like right because like it's like there's no response like the information is presented it's it goes one way or the other but it would come help me I need help holy fucking get down here kill these fucking dudes holy yeah hey we all die over concern over I got to put my shield on I'm walling that shit off okay we're gonna shatter a bank oh you're gonna die going over there good luck that's all you 100% sell the movie I can't I'm fucking the only one okay now we're on land food okay I'm going back okay I'm sorry kick on down well is it that's where we go from there I haven't seen all of your stuff but you're doing primarily like opinion pieces right um what I'm trying to do I don't know how well I'm succeeding is I'm trying to get I'm trying to take issues and gaming is in the industry and I'm trying to provide an objective view of like what's happening around those issues and clarifying them and then coming to a conclusion based on that I don't know like I have varying degrees of success sometimes I do it well sometimes I don't the phase example was one where like I could have done a lot better for example basically um you have to like when you go to shit talk somebody in a game before the games even started the more you should talk them in the beginning without even playing the more at is when you win and the worst it is when you lose when you're giving opinion takes about news it's the exact same thing so like if you give a take like phase is gonna shut down 100 percent bla bla bla that's an epic take it's gonna get a lot of fucking attention and if you end up being right it's really good but then if you're wrong there's a lot of blowback I don't think there's a way to like avoid that kind of thing so I mean like the way that you can kind of approach doing opinion related stuff is you can either like try to temper the takes quite a bit which makes them a little bit less impactful because you always have wiggle room or you can just give the nuclear takes and then accept that when you're right you're gonna be really right and when you're wrong you're gonna be really wrong basically is yeah that makes tons of sense okay what what um what's like what is your general strategy around that like what do you do I don't give a fuck so that's like my I don't know nice she's never wrong right I'm never wrong just just don't be wrong in the first place just be make sure that you're cognizant at all times of like how you're acting and and the way that you're doing things I normally like being really confrontational I'm wrong about a lot of shit but like I understand that if you're wrong about something if you can just fucking weather the storm for a few days or a week or two it'll blow over it always does even when it seems impossible that's portal or gate stuff right it blew over after it took like a month but it did but like yeah as long as I dig pics got fucking leaked I fucking stream the next day didn't talk about it a week later fucking blow over it like just fucking just keep moving forward people forget shit it can be really hard it feels like in the moment like it feels like the world is ending and everything is fucked but if you give things like a couple weeks like the Internet's like memory is very fucking short and people shit yeah like really quick how much are you getting from as a result of keemstar tweets right now um like in what Waddy defined like like how like are you getting emails are you just getting like random just like just like so it's like clown faces and comments and shit yeah and like people don't usually people usually don't do the work to like these guys are all like 12 year olds so like I assume so like they don't do the work to like find my email or like my business contact and shit they just like biggest DM me clown faces or fucking comments and shit and then come into my twitch chat that's all it's a it's it's it's a lot though it's like more than I expect do you think that keemstar is doing a larger piece on your um now oh yeah normally I would say no but the like who else is he brought up like five times in a row in the last like you're saying like he said you King star not only did that when he finds the duty I'll tweet about him a few times and they tweet some other dumb irrelevant shit about a few times and then eventually he moves on to the next shit isn't that like his job yeah literally yeah we really drama alert right it's literally – yeah that's why I thought that the best result might not might be to not engage because like it's just it just feels there's there's no winning against someone that's completely unreasonable right like any attempt to engage with a person like that will just not result like I can present fact like objective logic it won't matter right like it's it's not the content right well you're not you're trying to convince everybody else not him right I guess yeah but like I feel like I've already done that a lot through like videos but those people that are not those people are not gonna be convinced right though they won't watch the videos in the first place they're not gonna take the time but no I don't I don't think so and like if there if there was like a hit piece what would it be about like I don't really have a lot of dirt in the industry I've had a pretty like solid career there's not really any bodies buried with me I guess you could miss but you could misrepresent it somehow right like that that could happen but I don't know what you'd go after I mean like I guess they'd find something like they found stuff on Stephen so well I have a lot of legitimate dumb stuff done it's a lot different likely is it like you you you think you have like bodies buried in shit like yeah of course I've done a lot of crazy should I call the fucking Korean do to the G word nope I start grab days what you mean I've got a ton of shit okay fine yeah maybe it's de lot of personal mistakes and like yeah of course I've been involved a lot of shit I feel like if you yeah I guess I feel if you want to go after like a like you look at my business history you look at my sale of like M&A I guess or like I don't even know where would you go like like maybe like you'd find that old video of me dancing on YouTube and I don't know like what do you what yeah for somebody like you I don't think you've been involved in a lot of dumb shit that people could like blast you over everyone yeah yeah can we see a corporate show that's a compliment totally fine with that careful depends on which community oh it's true I'm in the yeah weeping how I should yeah I think many people need to sleep I think it's like 70% so I think I need to know Oh Maddie really you've won bin well you better make a second one and you better not connect them why not because I said so can we sleep in the same room though ban bitch it's love you idiot so your old so your basic strategy with this is like if you feel like the issue has to be represented more like you'll make maybe a response if it gets big enough if not then why if you think it's cool and like you've explained it pretty well don't give a fuck and just wait for everything blow over basically yeah and as long as you like being nice and cordial on the other end like I think eventually like the the winds will change it seems like it's not but like so like for instance like I very specifically I think I even said this on screaming few times like I very specifically handled myself like in a particular way after all of the after all the stuff with his son like I very specifically didn't attack him I very specifically didn't make any personal like mean comments about him running like that and for the most part I've waited like shit talking his takes and anything related to that after everything and I did that like with a very intentional take in mind right and I saw like if you read the comments like over and over and over again like eventually I think I even made the comment I think in my chat that like it feels like you're playing a game of League and the enemy team is like 15 and 2 but then the Yasuo like starts tilting and runs it down mid and as long as you don't fuck the game up like you're guaranteed to win like that's more or less kind of like what started to happen was like Hasan was getting progressively more angry and I was just kinda like chin like hey well you know I'm not have I'm not mad or whatever like everything's Cho and then like as the other person digs himself in deeper and deeper like as long as you can kind of like see the winds changing like you're here so like as long as you're kind of like chill with the game star stuff and like doing what you say like twitting out like hey like if you just good my takes whatever like feel free to stop by you guys gonna ask questions or whatever I can clarify what I said I mean you can chill like it seems he keeps going in on you you typically it's if one person is being nice on a side of things and then another person is being really mean you have to be very sociopathic to think that like the guy being me and is on the right it's just a really hard thing yep that makes perfect sense basically you just keep and that was your same strategy with like the hustle on situation you're saying it's like basically just like wanted to respond objectively as possible so that you didn't like eventually it would you know not even objectively but just like well without ad hominem yeah exactly well it wasn't just avoid yeah just avoid looking mean or whatever here yeah yeah that makes total sense okay well fast Devin do you think you were right and that he was wrong in this case what unfounded mmm no I think I think I took a pretty serious position on it with not full information and I had to already walk that back like three videos later because I didn't have everything so I think it's not what changed what changed was that the of what I think changed is that I think that the CEO of phase has very deep connections to I didn't realize I didn't know there was a CEO of phase I thought that banks was like and like a few of the other people that have no business sense are the people that are running it but it's actually run by a pretty hard-hitting an individual who has a lot of connections within law he was a previous DA he also has and I feel like he has connections to the labor commission or enough so that like he's not like labor Commission's if they look into this they're gonna get fines at worst and maybe nothing happens right what I think changed is that I put a lot of stock on the Bryan Friedman's narrative that he was gonna go in on the labor commission and raise the issues that have been long-standing the esports like our esports people employers or contractors these are things that we've been worried about for years and I thought those were gonna come to Wyatt when I and then like I kind of realized over the period of time that there was unfolding that that one phase would probably have the connections to deal with that and number two Brian Friedman isn't really doing that tifa's Larry he's probably just trying to get to you out of a contract so like so like what his narrative was in the beginning to like champion eSports players and get this brought up to like a California Court to decide if he supports players could be locked into these exclusive contracts that doesn't seem to actually be his narrative at this point are you talking about teeth whose only right yeah that the whole idea was just using it as leverage in order to try to I don't want to deal with a shit fuck it yep exactly yeah so that so they gets him out of the contract and that was I think my mistake was that I I operated believing that teeth whose lawyer had the agenda that he had originally stated and didn't and that didn't really come to execution or hasn't so far the other thing too is that like these things take a really long time right so it might be months or months or not years before we have any kind of like conclusion on this when the labor commission actually takes the time to look into the issue really think the labor commission is gonna take a look into it I think when you look at issues like underage underage employment she's like oh the underage in planet-like this was a certain extent but like that one says the kids parents that was a the hi sky or whatever it dudes yeah it's like bullshitting right well they're they're definitely making a mistake too right like but but like having like the the issues of having kids in a house who are sort of employees and sort of not who are underage who are in and where there's drinking going on where there's and then like all that stuff kind of like put together it feels like to me that that's something to the labor commission would turn their head out and that combined with the the really prevalent issue which is like re sports people talent like all that kind of coming together feels like they could they could turn their head but I always overestimate or underestimate how like absolutely lazy the government is and like how long it takes them to pay attention to anything sure but regardless in this case couldn't you just say okay I was wrong sorry I'm like wouldn't that solution why I'm wrong so far I'm not yeah you also have to be careful in saying that you're wrong because people aren't going to levy this alike keemstar isn't going to love you to claim at you that you were incorrect about some piece of information he's going to levy the claim at you that you hate phase and you were trying to destroy them you can't admit that you're wrong when that's what somebody's attacking you with because if you admit that you're wrong then they think you're admitting guilt to all of that you have to be careful about that yeah that's fair yeah I think I still think it's really possible that the labor commission comes in and does something I just don't know the extent to which that would actually affect phase in the long term like the worst of it that I said was that they could stop doing business in California but I thought that that was reaching even when I said it and I mentioned that again this is like the full context of the videos that I posted right did anything ever happen with streaming in Germany do you remember here mothership what I thought a while ago fuck was like a year ago I thought that somebody got in trouble with like the government where the they came in and randomly like oh wait if you want to stream you need a light of like a radio license to do it or something boy shut and then like everybody was worried that in Germany it was going to change like the entire streaming everything because no streamers are going to get like radio license or something oh boy my channel is here German did that go through do you actually need like a license in Germany to streamed you just hope to not get caught or yes you do wait what so what all it goes into getting a radio license in Germany but it's very rarely enforced yeah probably oh it's just not enforced okay yeah that's true so you can you get banned off for twitch give me this illegal in the law so the big thing that I'm kind of like waiting for with streamers is this whole idea of like okay so this is one thing destiny like that I think about a lot is like and it's the same with the eSports problem can twitch really hold people to exclusivity on their platform I don't know yeah I don't know that sounds like bullshit to me I really don't understand how like how they can do it I really I don't understand how I can get banned from a platform and I can't seek employment elsewhere and I'm just a contractor that feels so fucking wrong thing I don't understand yeah and that's the same problem that eSports is going through where it's like okay you can't play for another team even though you're not classified as an athlete and that's what I actually thought that phase was gonna go up for I thought they're gonna become the poster child that because that's what Brian Friedman actually said he's going after as well like shit how do they work it out like in the NFL and she'll like are you an employee of the Green Bay Packers they're really horribly different classification they're an athlete the government actually has a classification for athletes but oh yeah they really not no definitely not don't you get don't you normally get um what are the athlete visas we can get a p1a for for them huh but I think that's like a talent visa I got a ton of hits like extraordinary talent or some shit it's it's not a the athlete visa is an o1 a I believe or something like that I'm probably wrong on this site it's been a while since I did visa applications but I I do specifically remember like when we were when we were bringing in we had to bring Jake Jake Pajero xiith II into the into the country from the Philippines we did a p1 a and that was that was fine gotcha yeah so like they're not because they're not classified as athletes they don't get whatever like protections but they're not really classified as anything so if anything that can be classified as like employee employees or contractors and that's where this issue gets kind of weird mm-hmm wait I'm curious Stephen you don't think that it's okay that twitch if they were to ban you for seven days that they can tell you in the meantime you clintus dream elsewhere not if I'm not an employee of theirs this fuck yeah well no yeah you can but then you just can't come back so they're not they're not they're saying hey if you want to come back then you can't yeah but if you're making my contract work with you conditional on me doing it exclusively it feels like I'm not a contractor I've flown it feels like I'm an employee of your company especially when you and I feel like there's a lot of other argument you can make there too like if you start to make it so that um that you're essentially paying you which Prime that's but you're not but they're not they're cut they're contracting me for work that I'm giving them right I'm not like an employee what do you mean like it's like you're using their platform I mean I I don't feel it yeah but like it I'm not but if I was just using their platform that's one thing but not only did that like exclusively hold me to their platform in order to utilize it they also like I can get in trouble on their platform for things that I even do off platform that just seems really weird I just I don't know how else like if I was like a construction worker and I did roofing and then all of a sudden I get on Twitter and I say some dumb shit about like another roofing company and I'm just a contractor like could that could that roofing when you come back if I was just a country but like hey we're gonna dock your pay or some shit I don't it just seems like really weird yeah they can fire you of course well they could not work with you anymore but like the idea of being held in an exclusive arrangement that I sign on to and then my off platform content is policed by date I don't know just don't stream policy would that change your mind no I just I feel like the exclusivity thing plays it just doesn't feel my relationship to twitch feels like they're an employer of mine it doesn't feel like I'm a contractor I know like what would what more would they have to do for me to be an employee and not a country like what other differences could even possibly do at this point aside from providing specific training howto right there or something yeah I mean it's the same way let me ask you this if you sold a lot on eBay what you feel like eBay was your employer if I sold my one if you were a full-time seller of shit on eBay and say that eBay was we don't know if I would I would get a you know on eBay but you can't sell on Amazon and you can't so really yeah yeah of course because you get the preferential rates I can tell you what the Amazon they do the same thing I don't get a hold on I kick there's people that get different rates than other people on the condition that you do not work with other people yes this absolutely exists 100% it exists right now what did the Amazon with eBay yeah that seems really weird to me I don't know I don't like it I I guess like the argument that I would say I guess in the context of twitch is like okay twitch is a california-based company right in California it's specific that you you cannot have any kind of exclusive agreement with any company where you can't wear that will bar you from working somewhere else well I don't think that's true so the difference so for also for the record this is like a very gray area because this is like one of the most abuse things of all time like people like you can go and find people talking about how like a lot of companies have come under re-evaluation because of like abusing this contractor thing yeah so for in order to decide whether another employee is a contractor or an employee I think there's like a 20 question litmus test that like the IRS whatever you can ask you and it's not it's it's kind of like arguing fair use for like copyright it's not like an ironclad like this is guaranteed and this isn't but they're like a lot of indicators that could be like oh yeah well this is probably you know we actually we can run through those we're a quick fuck I'm gonna be in a row soon but we can like look at him real quick actually someone wants to google it okay sure I mean because that's only gonna be specific for federal taxes like California might have different okay so here is the 20 points that have been estate okay must be IRS yeah so must the individual take instruction from your management staff regarding when where and how work is to be done mmm probably not on this one you can stream wherever you want typically and you can stream in whatever manner you want typically as long as you abide by the tos so like that's okay sorry okay does the individual receive training FEMA company which doesn't provide any direct training is the success or continuation of your business somewhat dependent on the type of service provided by the individual that's pretty much a yes right which does rely on that so that's like one point for the 1099 two points for the w-2 I think one is the success of you the contractor dependent on the well I mean couldn't you say you could go to YouTube it's a success is the success or continuation of your business so like twitch is you ended on the type of service provided by the talent the individual oh the other way yeah sure for sure here I can link you this to second line no Musti individual personally perform the contracted services I don't know actually I don't know what the rules are on twitch for this one if you have a stream do you have to personally do it or could you get because there's been like the twitch plays Pokemon and there's been a so you could outsource that yeah have you hired supervisor paid individuals to assist the worker in completing the project stated in the contract which hired someone to help me a streamer who's not even know like you know I would say probably not for this one I don't know if like a count managers and stuff would fall under this purview I don't think so so I'd probably say is there a continuing relationship between your company and the individual of course usually for many years must the individual work set hours I believe to qualify well actually in this is yes I'm almost positive I don't agree because I can just stop streaming a name point right now yeah but then won't you won't you don't you have to stream a minimum number of hours for partnerships like even qualify for you know to get initially I don't know if this was that's what this question is asking specifically yes you have to work in a certain amount of hours to complete the form on their site but once you're a partner or an a or an affiliate by the way right the affiliate doesn't even need that you don't have to string it all you could just I'm pretty sure okay I'll give that one although I think there are some contracts that mandate like a minimum hour streamed but but but we'll say that's not is there continue unless the individual work set hours no you don't know today you have control of your schedule is the image you're required to work full-time at your company note you don't have to do that is the work performant company premises no although it is digital so that's kind of weird but I will say probably no for that one is the individual required to follow a set sequence or routine and the performance of his work probably not most individual give you reports regarding his or her work I don't think so no is the individual paid by the hour week or month you typically to Commission so no do you reimburse the individual for business or travel expenses not unless you're specifically contracted to go to like twitch account or something do you supply the individual with needed tools or materials I don't think so unless digital stuff counts cuz the digital shows kind of weird like they gave you like the in jest shirt in jest sir bird shit I don't know if that would count thought of that though have you made a significant investment in facilities used by the individual to perform services this is like this is like roughly like the the checklist they use as a guide where that these are the things that they look through is the individual free from suffering a loss or realizing a profit based on his work is the individual free from either just they get paid nothing or make something so so yes oh so yeah you would be a does the individual only perform services for your company if you're exclusive than yes does the individual limit the availability of his services to the general public if you're contracted then yes aren't all twitch contracts now exclusive I think it was partners right yeah role partners yeah do you have the right to discharge the individual yes and then may the individual terminate his services at any time um I think you have to give like a sixty-day written notice or something wait to get partnered or if you want to break your contract don't you have to give like a written termination or whatever wait what is contract with twitch even entail do they just take you off the platform I guess well you you're a partnership gets removed and everything oh I didn't even know that's part has that ever happened I don't know if anybody would actually do it but yeah okay yeah but anyway yeah I mean I don't know I feel like you I feel like you have an argument therefore like I feel more like an employee than a contractor but I mean I could see it going either way so um okay I love you all I'm gonna hop over to Raj thanks man thanks for helping with us I appreciate it a lot yeah peace out I'm gonna keep my name is Herman okay yeah okay I gotta get back to my plane I'll see you guys later okay man all right hey have you got twitch crimes you better fucking use them on me instead of Raj okay I love you all very much I'm gonna go over and join Roger stream okay I love you guys we're gonna cappuccino cappuccino hop turn opportunityto cappuccino cappuccino opportun of my duderinos

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