I Know What Real Friendship Is | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

31 thoughts on “I Know What Real Friendship Is | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. I am on Ron & Angelinas side on this one. When you have people like Jwow in your life that always comment on others relationships but are mute when it comes to their own, you 100% understand Ron.

  2. I'm with Ron on this one! They all act like children but put Ronnie front and center like hes the only one…just not right. They all make fun of him and that's not true friendship!

  3. Fake?! Ron you need to evaluate your on/off every week relationship with your gf. And her hitting you- your eyes still black here smh.

  4. it was funny in your 20's not so funny to treat your friends like that in your 30's but i suppose it's ronnie's karma for wilin' out all those years.

  5. Ron, Jenni doesn't want to talk about it because then if she gets caught in one of her lies, it can be brought up in divorce court.

  6. Y’all are going after Ronnie when he’s just feeling like his friends are against him. These people have to be there for him. They see what he’s going through and they still make fun of it like if they didn’t know Ronnie was hurting deep inside. His friends were already making jokes when he said he got jumped, imagine if something like that happened to you and the first thing your friends did was laugh? Wouldn’t feel good right?

  7. I was wondering when he was gonna realize that real friends don’t do that make a joke about his situations an every time he laughed but u could see it bothered him .

  8. Ronnie is 100% wrong about jenny. I get not wanting to talk about your life on t.v but she should also stay out of everyone else's business.

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