who are you sir I'm Larry Ryan's man has told me gonna run the hundred yeah he's gonna run the hurdles y'all asked have you ever ran the hurdles before no said no hey I said let me see you first and then I'd say if you can do we're gonna find out today hey man we gonna find out what's good job boys this avoid DeStorm back for another video see we have to track baby we got the track coach baby yeah I told you I'm getting a track coach I'm getting somebody to help me get in shape to beat Logan Paul I can't talk orders John I can't train play football be a pro athlete and go lose to this man I can't do that but it's gonna teach me how to hurdle today he has his students out here who's going on what's up my name is John Keller I'm a nice song yeah 510 I ten thank him for that he's my bro James van R two best hurdles in the freakin country but you going to college for this model Florida State he gonna be a Seminole oh I don't know what he has us doing today hopefully I don't die out here's the hot Florida Sun and it's 9:30 in the morning but you know we out here ready to work go ahead subscribe this channel Turner post know he's like the video do all the good stuff you know I'm saying uh let's get to work everybody thinks it's about the fastest guy it's really not about the fastest guy obviously genetics has something to do with it but if all things are the same the guy that's the most efficient and slows down the least wins the race I bet you people gonna be out there trying fighting it that's not what it's about whoever slows down at least you got to probably maintain that's being around 50 just start turning sure you hold the school you got a record card what's the record it's uh seven 12 and a 55 meter hurt and I'll never get broken one know why cuz they run the sixteen out in a run aficionado hey man hold it oh you sure don't play around but we bringing out the big dogs the real deal out here but we ain't getting trained by no chumps rekka holders college athletes great like dad don't overthink on right now for the legs are more important right now but that's good okay oh no all right so one thing you further said if you would like okay so when you pull if I pull my arm this way what does it do opens my chest up so that means if I'm a right lately and not come over and I pull my arm here when I land it's gonna open me up and make me off balance right so I don't want to be here I want to be here I want to pull it back where's his arms got this up this arms gonna come when I come around coming here and down then this man has it down but look how perfect that look at this is why he going to Florida State that was beautiful girl I hope to be like you would so weird little little motion okay no just wait on it bro destroy it look like like a bitch right now but just wait on it we walk through it now time drew except we're gonna skip through it if I think too much then I start fucking it up I don't think about it too much just do it it's good you like you came out the womb doing this boy's not ready bra he Boyd not ready to uh we get up before school I wake up at 4:30 to get the gym at 5:00 and I left for an hour before school it's dedication if you want to be great you gotta say this if you want to do something everybody ain't doing you got to do some stuff that everybody ain't doing here we go here we go if you wanna do some stuff that ain't nobody doing you got to do some stuff too ain't nobody don't straight like ya drop that down in the comments but remember that they'll get akiza what I want is told over the hurdal down what you're doing is you're pulling up but you letting this quit be late here's what's gonna happen now in a race if I'm hurling and I'm a little low boom I'm gonna kick it out the way I get to mess around with this damn toe and got bent I'm it's okay first time running hurdles this is gonna be a breeze okay we don't want none of that I'm gonna turn into a meme at this event we have Laura de so we got a hit that's the new hashtag beat Logan Logan in the comments easy this is like me trying to learn how to play quarterback from Tom Brady bro it's like Tom Brady is like I just go out there and do this thing all right now your turn put the right foot in the air now go off to the left and swing the leg over yes see what I'm saying Maine start city and ugly what we gonna get there we're gonna get Logan Paul Jay Paul hope you got watch hope you're paying attention right now Oh whoever's running this her over hope you're paying attention like Megatron out there like I'm getting hanger this man gotta crawl before you walk or walk we judge a dog free sprint so we get it be patient yo best alike but if you haven't yet cop that ban Kody 25 we should abandon eggs at this race oh no he want to say it like that no homo no homo we ain't banging nobody like we bang niggas like Dustin oh let's just get over this the first time doing it that's ghetto first time running hurdles it's been a few I hate go say that cuz I'll know better back leg caught a little bit oh let's say this gamma not these curves right here there's some toast me I'm some butter smooth this butter baby okay this is what we're gonna do here we got the hurdle set up so we're gonna simulate you the race because this is just a little bit shorter distance than what it will actually be yet so you take eight steps from the from the start line to the first hurdle so I need you to take eight steps on that line take off on 8 and then Papa bop ba-bop ba-bop ba-bop ba-bop and I'm not we just want to go through okay I'm gonna be dreaming about that Papa mama you got to all the rhythm all right James you up first I didn't think I was going to eight sex eight steps shouting man now we could all get better from here man they can't be that high if you get ID and it look like that just do this and walk right off y'all here here first is this hot do not do it and doing somebody going down okay realistically it can't be that hard this entertainer event it's not like we trying to qualify for damn Olympics or something they're gonna have those out there let's do this we're gonna go back and we're just gonna do the first hurdle so let's try to get that same eight steps just over the first hurdle don't worry about everything else I'm moving that I want you to back your ear you let your left foot up cuz you were here six inches because you were a little bit too close to it it was so close you took off about right here yeah you need to be taking off back here oh man so we're gonna move you back six watch it's gonna be perfect this ain't for second thing with that trail leg when this knee comes up that told must come up because what happens is I got my toe uh now it comes over now if I don't have my toe up right let's say I'm hanging it I'm hanging at your leg good call yeah sounds personal I gotta focus on bringing it around yeah okay I'm thinking too much into getting over I just got a distress I teach you how to get in these real quick you want to back into the bluffs I'm back in June right so back in I want my feet not touching the ground but really close to it they're right just knock that kick out to just get let go exactly yeah who's back block I wonder when I come up into the set position I want it I want to be as flat as I can it's like pushing off a wall okay so my hands I want to post my hands up a little bit wider than shoulder-width apart right this is the part that's important back flat back flat now watch this I turned my elbows inside so I lock you in the position my back is flat so on the set all I'm doing is just raising my behind right there see that see it we're in the money exactly alright we're gonna go over I'm gonna move it down window for this one just in case body boy back left yep arms lock on lock you come on Lawton when you come up come on now they try to sass me with a lower level hurdle they know man it was ugly but we can get better from there we can get better from there okay so but let's all real talk what you did was you bought the chillin on the knee place remember bring him outside around and down here's what's gonna happen the first five her does no matter how early you do it is gonna be cool I'm trying to get you right for the first five it's the last five when you start getting tired where you go have to be doing it right second one with a whole lot better you're gonna be doing five steps because they're not gonna want to switch legs and there might be fast enough to do this time we're gonna come out we're gonna go over the first two hurdles except I'm gonna put a watch on it because I want to see how fast running and I think you're gonna be surprised how fast you get I try to stay Laura now that was one to seven in between like first day doing that you always hit one tool you got more than enough gas in the tank so I'm not worried about that so just be smooth don't worry about press and you're gonna have to press remember the guidance the most efficient wins so don't prick I want to raise it up but if you come through that foot like this when I raise it up it's about to be hard on the yard alright y'all boys we raise the Mustang up now I know I could clear but if I don't Kiki I love you hi y'all my subscribers I'll tell my mom I love her we gonna make it though thank you my guy hey y'all see this now spike spike spikes the speed gonna go up about 1/4 second now hello hello Gopal take po yeah what Louise y'all know that right All Right see y'all there they just feel like I can move a lot more a lot closer to the ground a lot more attraction Oh y'all last one we raised it up a little bit I don't know what they're gonna have us race at this event but no matter what we're gonna bang this friggin bang through straight like that just be smart and then a right go around oh here we go Oh oh my god he don't get it you don't get this yeah better like that not just lean forward a little bit now about mmm I see it yeah exactly cuz that's gonna take everything away be tight and efficient to the wetness race it's just be efficient and relaxed and relaxed and you'll win it you'll win it I'm telling you today's a day after all this eagerness after all this competitive after all the shit talking and hyping up today it's finally in shining my cut you see me riding on my tractor I got jerky i'ma cut and I got lean all that my bladder being a bullet to the church I got on me the plaster I got right there all my ass cause I was singing all just pastor I got


  1. What’s the outro song called because it’s fire, if y’all could help me out that’d be amazing🔥🔥

  2. Bruh deadass, this was so unnecessary, u would’ve still dusted everyone like u did at the track event 😂😂


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