I Counted Ninja’s Donations for 24 Hours & Here’s The Total

so you're probably wondering how the heck did this guy find out how many donations ninja gets every stream well it took a lot of math and a lot of time spent watching his old live streams but ladies and gentlemen I had this answer for you guys and we'll be getting into this later on in the video first you have to cover the most important thing that everyone's been wondering which is the Samsung brand deal that ninja recently did so recently Tyler Belvin aka NAND just struck up what could possibly be the largest endorsement deal that any youtuber has ever received in the history of YouTube not only did he make hundreds of thousands of dollars just to promote a product and work with a company but he's also getting a percentage of sales and tons of promotion from this deal so which company is giving him this deal and what product is he endorsing well he's endorsing the brand new Samsung Galaxy S 9 phone heavily on a stream and on his YouTube channel and this isn't a simple shout out to Samsung for sending me this dope new phone sort of brand deal this is a deal where he made an entire video showing off this phone and what it can do some of the phone's features like being able to use the phone camera while playing for night on it and then promoting it heavily to his audience directly linking them to where they can purchase the phone to be honest it's a pretty sick video the package samsung put together for him was pretty Wow check this out woke up this morning you're never gonna believe what arrived at my doors that's right dude it is a real life Supply Drop just got delivered an incredible package I'm hoping for a shock jugs you know and in a gold rock launcher alright let's see what's find out the surprise inside who's the AKG headphones there's more it's a fortnight ninja case are these my actual stats the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 beautiful the old glory of the Samsung it's like I'm usually traveling and I'm not missing I am missing out on game time I'm you can record and have a face camera screen being so massive and is definitely gonna give pretty much anyone an advantage that as this there's a samsung galaxy bundle going on right now you can pre-order right now down below in the video you get access to the AKG headphones alright obviously the Samsung Galaxy Note mine and of course 15,000 v bucks alright so many skids you can purchase that and of course it's gonna come with this beautiful hunk of a man Samsung galaxys game alright guys so basically not only did ninja promote the phone but he also promoted a bundle worth $1,000 if you buy the 128 gigabyte model of the phone and for 1,250 dollars if you buy the 512 gigabyte version of the phone he literally promoted a bundle pack for a product that costs over $1000 on top of the phone and the headphones that come with the bundle it includes a $15,000 v bucks code since he has his own affiliate link to track sales he's likely guaranteed some sort of a sales commission or royalty per sale that is done through the link the video he posted promoting it has six million views alone currently and if even 1% of the viewers bought the phone using the link considering it's $1,000 per minimum purchase and he has a standard Commission of let's say five to ten percent which is very usual with with affiliate codes he's already made anywhere from three to six million dollars and you know on top of that he definitely got a fat check from Samsung to basically produce a commercial first channel to promote the phone it wasn't like he casually mentioned it in a video he literally made some sort of an infomercial type promotional video that had nothing to do beyond promoting the phone and driving sales and the companies like Samsung that's worth big money especially with how popular ninja is there's no way of telling how many sales he's actually making or how much they actually paid him for this video but it's safe to say from those two things he's at least made a few million dollars from this I'm thinking all things said and done it could be up to five million dollars for this deal so we're gonna go more in depth about how his YouTube revenue works and all of the revenues as well really soon in this video but I first have to mention some other benefits that he received from his brand deal obviously working with Samsung and being the first person to received the galaxy skin due to this brand deal got a ninja a ton of attention on twitch and even more on YouTube he actually ended up getting some of the best promotion he could have ever asked for which will make it even more money than the money that Samsung had already paid to him oh my are you looking like inside me yeah I'm like looking up and down and around you see that's okay guys literally feel like I'm staring it like a god like one of the gods of love Eichmann mythology I don't this is the best skin in the game facts and I'm sorry I he's not only racking up a big check from Samsung but he's also racking up more views and more subscribers and new viewers most likely return to his new videos in the future take a look at his social blade so the ad he made to promote the Galaxy S nine was posted on the 21st of August on his social blade you can see a huge spike in views by the 22nd and literally his channel doubled the amount of average gained views and subscribers like I said we'll get more into how youtubers make their money but I just wanted to really point out how successful his brand deal is for him he got paid from Samsung he got promotion on YouTube he was the first one to be able to use the galaxy skin and it actually ended up gaining of subscribers viewership made a more famous so it helped in a lot of ways a lot of people don't see the next thing you guys need to know about is the big sponsorships ninja has the first one we have to talk about is Red Bull On June 17th ninja announced on his livestream that he would be joining the very exclusive list of Red Bull athletes who as of now have players representing them in for eSports altogether this is absolutely huge for those of you guys that are called duty fans out there the name nadeshot may sound familiar nadeshot is arguably one of the most if not the most successful call duty player to have ever competed maybe not in terms of tournament wins or skill in the game but when he did with his gaming career to advance his finances was genius even after he retired he still did youtube full-time and streamed now on top of that having a really successful youtube channel he's running his own eSports organization called a hundred thieves nature I was also one of the first redbull athletes who have ever competed in eSports so who cares right Nate Schatz a former called duty player what does this have to do with ninja well I'm using nadeshot as a basis of comparison nadeshot got a similar deal to ninja to represent redbull but he got his deal way back in black ops 2 this was back in 2012 to 2013 and off this deal he ended up making hundreds of thousands with his sponsorship it's now 2018 and ninjas bigger on both twitch and YouTube and just in the world in general right now the nadeshot ever was so how much do you think Red Bulls will in a pain ninja for that endorsement when you've grown a ton as a company in that time and have a lot more money to pull into marketing a snake to say ninja is gonna get somewhere close to a million dollars from this brand deal from Red Bull and to celebrate his new partnership he co-hosted a tournament with Red Bull called Red Bull rise till dawn welcome back ice here at Red Bull rise till dawn my wife was getting tired of stalling so we had to start this game up faster and that's okay that just means more more gaming more [Applause] yeah dude listen if you stymie Bana I'll cry all right you'll see you'll see tears actual tears this tournament was held on the 99th floor of the Willis Tower on July 21st and had a ton of big names from the four night scene there dr. Lupo even teamed up with ninja and played with him during the tournament it was a crazy success even though there was only a couple thousand dollars up for grabs for prize money it still attracted a ton of viewers and I'd say it was definitely worth it to Red Bull to have him host real quick I have a challenge for you guys and you only have five seconds to accomplish this drop will I can subscribe the channel and if you're able to accomplish this in the next five seconds you will have five years of incredible luck trust me it works just try and let's get back into the video if you didn't know this already most players that can be professionally for gaming organizations or are at least big streamers that promote and organization sponsors are in a monthly salary that usually a net sum and annual income so before four nine exploded ninja was on one of the best Halo teams in the world and competed professionally in halo eSports under luminosity gaming 100% I think the Tyler is the best halo player in the entire world he if he ever loses it's because of him and not the person that he's playing I mean they're the best friend she can ask for they they think I'm the best player in the game you know and not like delusional I would say that my brother is definitely top three in the world at halo so for basis of comparison on what his pro player salary was we're gonna compare the salaries of the top-tier called Duty players to a top-tier halo player in the cold duty world league a player with a spot in the league generally asked for about $5,000 a month now some of the top players such as optic scumpii or faze attached are making closer to $10,000 a month which is public knowledge compared to the league Cod eSports is a much more popular game than halo eSports but remember majors one of the best halo players out there so what I've done is split the difference let's say ninjas Pro contract was around 7,500 and due to cold duties popularity being higher than halo but at the same time there's being such a great player he was somewhere on a contract of a $7,500 per month from luminosity gaming he ended up ditching that though to focus on his twitch stream when he did that I'm sure his salary probably dropped a good bit if not dropped entirely however once he blew up massively I guarantee his salary at least doubled maybe even tripled on his dream he hasn't overlaid promoting luminosity gaming all of their sponsors and merchandise he also wraps them on Twitter and on his YouTube channel he alone averages around a hundred thousand viewers on a normal livestream so with the amount of sales he's making for luminosity gaming the amount of promotion he's giving them including their sponsors as well the amount of exposure he's giving their sponsors and the amount of exposure he's giving them in general is probably making them so much money that they could be realistically paying him $250,000 annually and still be making a huge profit paying him that much he is without a doubt their most valuable asset and I can confidently say he's making anywhere between 250,000 to 300,000 dollars a year at this moment from that contract alright it's finally time to talk about ninjas YouTube hi guys what's going on this is going to be my need YouTube webpage it's a youtube.com slash ninjas hyper my other account there was something wrong with it with like the Adsense and I accidentally deleted it to be completely honest and I found out recently how to do you know commentaries with xsplit and I'm gonna be uploading gameplay on a lot better quality than in my previous channel as well I'd just stick around and spread the word that this is my new channel alright thanks guys but I want to dive deep into this beyond what his social blade estimated earnings are I not only want to give you a super accurate estimate of what he's making but I also explained why he's doing so well on YouTube a lot of people probably assume that he's just a big name and that's why he's doing really well but there's a lot more than what you think there's a science to YouTube there's things YouTube sees that makes them prefer certain channels and promote those channels more heavily than others and we'll get into what Ninja is doing to take advantage of this but anyway according to a social blade which is a rough estimate Tyler bell burns aka ninja is estimated making around five hundred and four thousand dollars per year to 8.1 million dollars so really big range but we will actually tighten that range up and get a much closer estimate we're gonna break down all the different things that could be determining whether or not he's in that low end or the high end of that earning estimation then we're gonna get into his twitch money and how much he averages a day from his donations and his streams so question number one why isn't you doing so well on YouTube and what determines how much money he's making so let's first talk about CPM in business and advertising CPM essentially means cost per thousand so in terms of YouTube it's how much money advertisers are paying per thousand monetized clicks a monetized click means that the viewers being presented with at least one ad now there's a lot of factors that determine whether or not a channel is gonna get high CPM or low CPM what I mean by high and low is the high end of the CPM some of the best channels on YouTube that have the highest CPM get around five to eight dollars per thousand monetized clicks while others may only get $2 to $3 per thousand monetized clicks ninja is definitely going to be on that high CPM bracket and here's why YouTube has different tiers of ads and something that YouTube has at the highest level of those ads are premium ads and these ads are only dished out to the most family-friendly content that's very age-appropriate and you know we have the most least controversial content while other channels that are more controversial don't get these premium ads and as a result their cost per thousand monetized clicks goes down and they're only two to three dollar CPMs ninja is the biggest four-night streamer in the world for niche a colorful game free to play anyone can play it even a kid he doesn't swear he does everything to keep his videos super family-friendly he may even be him Google preferred which basically means that he's advertiser friendly and been completely cleared by YouTube which means they throw even more premium ads on his channel that gives them even a higher CPM so with the game being free-to-play colorful any kid can watch it he gets a really high viewership as you guys can see he gets a really good CPM because he doesn't swear in his videos and it makes for his channel being the ultimate cash cow on YouTube but just being colorful and four-night being a popular game isn't really in to guarantee success to him it just means the potentials there to be honest that's what we're gonna talk about why he's so successful exactly why because anyone can post a four-night video anyone can just try but they're not gonna be successful like ninja and here's the reason why it's no secret when a YouTube videos more than 10 minutes the youtubers making a significantly more amount of money than if it was not 10 minutes the reason for this is because the 10 minute video is allowed to have significantly more ads on it they could be video ads pop-up ads ads before and after the video plays a 10 minute video can have a bunch of different ads all over it the length of ninjas videos are for sure a big factor in to why he's landing so close to that 8 million mark on a social blade if you haven't noticed ninjas videos are much much longer than 10 minutes most of them are between 18 to 25 minutes obviously a lot of youtubers do stretch out content to the 10 minute threshold but ninja makes videos twice as long as most youtubers and manages to do it without stretching the video I mean she has a great personality and he's really good at the game plus the people he usually plays with in the videos are generally just as fun and entertaining as he is making for a genuinely good viewing experience even though it's so long but most of his videos he's probably getting five to eight Admirals per viewer that watches all the way through which brings us on to our next reason why ninjas videos perform so well on YouTube watch time the average viewer doesn't know this but a big part of how YouTube decides what videos to promote and push to the new viewer is watch time the reason for this is because if a creator is getting higher watch time google slash YouTube can make even more money with the ads that role on this creators video ninjas videos are super long and get a crazy amount of watch time some days he gets over 10 million views and the amount of money made on a video that's 25 minutes long bursts the amount of money made on a video that's 10 minutes long well let's just say the 25 minute long can easily make double the money if not triple the money in some cases because ninja gets such a good amount of watch time he's going to continuously get promoted heavily by the YouTube algorithm and then they give new viewers more views and more watch time basically as long as his video stay consistent and keep getting him high watch time his channel will keep blossoming Plus on top of this his videos don't even take that much time or effort to make them not to say he makes them without even trying but he's basically just putting together his best moments of his dreams and reuploading it to his YouTube channel he's got some nice transitions and a dope intro but really his videos aren't even that much extra work on top of his twitch which is making it an even sweeter deal for him another reason his videos generally do so well and get promoted so heavily in the algorithm is his super axe fanbase so when the channel uploads a video the video can gain a heavy matter promotion if there's a ton of interaction right off the RIP so ninja's channel is so massive that every time his notification goes out his videos have thousands of likes and thousands of comments in the first a minute of it going up which tells you to to promote the video even more because it's doing so well amongst his fanbase not only does Linda have the watch time for his videos to accumulate views over time and continue to be promoted he also has an active fan base that are quick to check out videos which ensures success far more and gives him a big advantage over other youtubers it's safe to say that he's probably making a cool 8 million dollars a year in ad revenue possibly even more keep in mind his channel is growing and he is getting tons of views every day so that number could continue to increase by the end of the year so next let's get into his twitch subscribers the amount of donations he gets per day so at this moment ninjas twitches a falling of nearly 11 million followers all of those 11 million followers about 90,000 are subscribed according to twitch stats dotnet so how much money is that guaranteeing ninja a month before his donations well it depends on what tier subs he has if you didn't know a standard subscription on Twitch is worth about $5 and depending on what kind of contract you have with twitch you may get anywhere between 50% to 90% of that subscriber money now on top is splitting the sub revenue with twitch like I said there are different tiers of subscribers generally purchasing a higher tier such as a $10 will give the subscriber more benefits in the stream such as different sub badges more emotes to use in chat and in some cases a moderator role so it's hard to tell how many more $5 ones $10 ones and $25 ones but there are incentives to be $10 and $25 subs so he probably has a good bit of those as well so that'll be something they have to factor in when looking at his total 90,000 subscribers on Twitch so let's start off with the percentage of subscribers he's gaining Ninja is basically the poster child of twitch at the moment so he's probably getting the best contract he possibly could get he's probably getting 80 to 90% of a subscriber money so let's say theoretically every single one of these subscribers is a gifted sub or was only the $5 tier and he's getting 80% of the revenue that means at the very least he's making at least 360 thousand dollars per month just from our subscribers alone realistically it's safe to say that he's been getting a lot of high tier subs so let's say he's probably making some around five hundred thousand dollars a month because that's a much better estimation of his real income from his twitch subs at least on top of his twitch subs like YouTube streamers have the ability to run ads during their streams kind of like commercials now if you remember earlier in the video we talked about CPM or cost per thousand views now I'm sure twitch doesn't get ads quite as good as YouTube but every time he decides to run an ad he's literally running in front of a hundred thousand people that are watching his streams now depending on how his contract splits his twitch ad revenue that number could vary a lot assuming he has a similar deal with his twitch subs depending on how much ads he runs on stream he could easily be making another five hundred thousand dollars a month on ads alone on Twitch especially since every single new viewer that tunes into stream have to watch a twitch ad by default we can estimate that he's guaranteed around a million dollars a month from his twitch revenue before donations this means that between his estimated 8 million dollars a year off YouTube his 12 million dollars a year from twitch his millions of dollars of royalties or commissions and payments from brand deals as well as his luminosity contracts ninjas Posse making 21 million dollars annually which already is a lot more than I ever thought he was making before after realizing he makes that much money I wondered how much he donated every single day on stream that's one of his last incomes and once you have that you pretty much know the number of how much he's making so the question is how much will be making donations this year well let's get into it in order to find out how much Ninja makes from donations I had to go back to his old live streams like you're seeing on screen right now and count the number of donations he got per day unfortunately because his channel is so massive and he's getting so many subscribers on twitch the only alert you see during his streams nowadays are as subs Andry subs he may have even turned his donations off because I literally could not find any donations in his recent streams so what I did was I went all the way back to the first time he streamed fortnight and only averaged around 3,000 to 5,000 viewers I went through a ton of these old streams and counted how many donations he was getting a day when he was streaming there are two types of donations on Twitch there's a normal type of donation where it's in bits the conversion from bits to dollars is one bit equals 1 USD penny so basically a hundred bits is one dollar between all his bits and all his regular donations when ninja first began streaming he averaged around 150 donations a day which added up to six hundred and eighty-five dollars in donations a day obviously that was when his stream was a fraction of what it is now so what I did that I took those numbers and divided his average viewership nowadays which is nearly a hundred thousand by the amount of average viewers he had back then which is about 5,000 so the estimate I got from this is his stream holds about 20 times viewership more today than it did back then so after that I took that number 685 and multiplied it by 20 and got 13,700 based on the average of these number Nietzsche's making about thirteen thousand seven hundred dollars a day in donations alone take that number multiplied by 30 and you have four hundred and eleven thousand dollars per month take $411,000 multiplied by twelve and you have four point nine three two million dollars a year in donations alone on twich the right piece on fluctuation from this because as i said his donations don't pop up on screen and that probably is a bit less incentivizing for viewers to donate but roughly he is making millions in donations it seems we should just mind blowing and I don't think anyone's ever covered this no one's talked about the fact that he's making this much in donations they only talk about his twitch subs but he's probably making just as much on donation as twitch subscribers so now with all these things out of the way let's do his estimated annual income before we estimated his donations the annual income we had estimated him at was twenty-one million dollars a year with this additional four point nine million dollars this would net ninja around twenty five million dollars a year before taxes which is absolutely crazy I don't even know what I would do with this much money honestly now keep mine at Ninja is self-employed so for the most part he'll probably owe about thirty percent in taxes and they need to pay self-employment tax which is an additional 15 percent on top of that depending on which state you are etc so even worst case scenario if he's paying like 40 percent taxes or forty five percent taxes he's still balling out this man is making crazy money so anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video let me know in the comments do you guys think my estimation was fair enough doing this is closely my money you think he actually makes limit in the comment section down below what you estimate where he's at again this is just my opinion mixed in with a bunch of facts and all kinds of information and all the information I could possibly grab on ninja but let me know who I should cover in the series next it's Ben axillary have maizena guys thank you guys so much for watching I'm out peace

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