yo words onegai is before the video is starch I just want to give a shout-out to my friend a Panna he just recently started this channel and he's actually doing a giveaway to kick-start his channel if you want to check him out his channel he beat out at the top of the description he does swear make some offensive jokes but its content is actually like really funny it's actually really enjoyable to watch if you guys want to go check him out I'm channeling to be at the top of the description boys and let's get right into today's video I know ladies and gentlemen welcome back to a brand new video boys today we were here on hypixel sky black boys and today I'm gonna be showing you guys the best Enderman farm to actually go ahead and unlock yourself the aspect of the end sword the aspect of the end sword is actually a really good sword and you have like this cool ability you know like go through walls and stuff like that and pretty much what it takes it does take some ender pearls going and unlock and yeah pretty much I'm just gonna show you guys one of the best ways to go ahead and unlock it like super super fast as you guys can see I have this type of grinder going on right here currently I'm on a I'm currently I'm just on my island right now you know I'm just making this video really quick for you guys but pretty much I have this grinder right here and those guys can see I have this thing where I'm like you they just filter it up into here and they're filters down into this chest and i'ma show you guys here really fast so as you guys can see it's this if so I'm just gonna let you guys like copy the design pretty much it's a really good design and there's enough space for about 8 minions I would say 8 minions would probably be the like good enough to go ahead and undo it go and do this method that's currently the amount of minions that I am using on my Island to go ahead and do this but pretty much you're just gonna want this area you're gonna need 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 by 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and the inside and then the outside of course that is pretty sure that's 10 or 11 um you know that's 10 by 10 on the outside you know when I have it like 1 2 3 4 5 blocks at all and in the middle all the water will meet into this one hopper and this is how pretty much you'll get all the drops because of course you can either be in here while grinding them or like without a looting sword you can just let them automatically die and you might be wondering what the heck these fence gate things are these fence gates right here actually represent a minion because currently at my minions I just don't feel like putting them up at the moment but pretty much a minion would go right here Minoru go right here right here right here right here so there's 4 minions rounding of this one hopper right here like if I close all these gates actually that doesn't really help because there aren't like to the side but if I close all these gates there will be four minions around me and then on the outside there's before more minions as you guys can see and done when you do place the minions at blake break the block underneath the minions so all the in terment are possible to go ahead and spawn and then when the Enderman do spawn in this box since they are trapped inside of a box they can there's literally no way for them to get out of this box so pretty much they just start instantly dying as soon as they spawn and the ender memories will just they like the Enderman we'll just keep spawning and they will just keep getting stuck back in this box like they they can't teleport out I've tried it so many times and they never teleport out pretty much they'll just keep dying in here and then the Enderman gone like the ender pearls will just fall right into this right into this little hopper right here just go down and then of course some of your minions might actually end up collecting some ender pearls just depends how long it actually takes for the just depends how long it takes for the actual intermittent go ahead and die to the water because if you guys do not know intermón do take water damage so the ender man should die around here when the when the minions go ahead and spawn them and it is a really good way I would say if you afk it for about an hour I would say you could probably get up to wrong maybe like a dub and a half of ender pearls it's a really good way at the moment I haven't had mine up like at all today like I've really just been cutting I've been kind of working on my coop Island with a few of my buddies we've been trying to make a big pumpkin farm umm but yeah we pretty much I just decided I wanted to show you guys because this is what I'm grinding for on my other co-op Island no this is my no this is my soul locale this is my soul on I mean I'm this is what I've been grinding for my solo Island at the moment just to unlock the collection and then go ahead and craft them so I can do giveaways for them and stuff like that so this is definitely a very good way to go in and buildin actually to get this design for my friend agro and see if you guys want to go check out his video um there's a link in the description guys can go check out his video yeah he's pretty much the creator of this grinder and this grinder does indeed work very very well to get ender pearls and stuff like that boys so um yeah that's pretty much the end of today's video if you guys enjoyed today's video smash the like button subscribe to the channel if you are new turnable certifications and yeah Boise that's pretty much it also 2 guys in the next one see you later good

25 thoughts on “Hypixel Skyblock: THE BEST GRINDER FOR GETTING ASPECT OF THE END (Guide/Tips)

    this method doesn't work anymore because it has been PATCHED!!!
    i tried this method, and the endermen just teleport to the opposite side of your island. dont waste time building it to only find that it doesn't work. ZAP can you please pin this so others like myself don't get disapointed. thanks for reading.

  2. tried to do the grinder and its give me ender pearls that i can't use and the ender pearls don't give me the ender collection

  3. Personally, to go to the collection AND the sword, I had about 7 enderman minions all in boxes, 3 level 3 the rest level 1, and one level one blaze minion in a box. To get the minion, I brewed Fire resistance potions and went to the blazing fortresses and used a grappler to melee the blazes. Once I got the craft and the rods, I made the minion and put it into a box. Then, I made my Enderman minions and eventually, I got the sword in about 1 week. 32 enchanted eyes of ender, 32×16 enchanted pearls, 32×64 blaze POWDER 1 blaze rod = 2 powders

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