Hypixel Skyblock — Leaping Sword VS Aspect of the End! What's the difference!?!?

guys welcome back to another episode of happy thoughts Carlo so yeah today I'm with Ken and today we are going to compare living salt and also dress off the end so yeah so we start off we're going to leave it and as you can see as the okay so as we can see the leaving sought 152 damaged with in China potato on + 2 + +2 strength and it says 112 and crit damage 82% and also attack speed 3% face to the epicly fortune so yeah we have about 15 or something and chance I don't need a it has all the basic and chance for a so-called court and also we are at the end here this a bit worse than the means are less compared it's you see the difference between them so yeah okay so first of all we're going to test off the limits on the ability of course is about the leaping thing the ability is to leap into the air and do your 100 damage and also to watch the nearby Bob's so God frees them for one second and yeah let's see how far we can leap so here we go yeah works like a charm like more than like 15 blocks or so although it's like not a grappling hook but it's still pretty decent because it's just really good to fight like in swamps okay so but you're thinking about the dipping sauce ability yeah I think because you can actually leave a lot part and yeah and then you can see the leavings well actually leave around ten plus high to the sky so in terms of the mobility is it's not flexible because the coolest actually on 30 seconds the expert en have no cooldown so I think extra pn is really more flexible yeah I have creepy see the prettiest totally different inter-service ability also I'd like to point out the downside of the living sort because as you can see D being sought cause 24th and Jennifer – Pilar I and each and heard fermented spider i cost 64 spider eyes which is really really expensive compared after and right here which cost way less tears and stuff as you can see on the ax usually the esposa n cells all around like 500k or even at most 1 million but even thought can sell as high as like 5 million or so so a really huge gap so yeah okay now me again is in the Coliseum and so we are going to test about ability he's very wise Hydra head one of the best Hanson game right now and also a heart diamond with a loss of HP so yeah let's test it out so yeah after leaving salt and we're going to creep hint once 582 okay so now we're going to test it on make a person we're 488 health Oh 2233 somehow okay so we are in the deep end cave-ins the Obsidian sent a tree so we're going to try and kill some mobs and as you can see it has a full hell 300 how Sambi and we can hit them and 5630 and let's try it on another bomb and see how much it can do again okay same so yeah let's try it on about the lower house okay so it has a normal zombie five thousand four hundred and forty three it's still really good so let's see what the end to three thousand something it is clear that's they're leaving sword is still pattern then the hospital and in terms of fighting mobs and players so yeah actually i poured this sort from canned but should be honest I don't really think that the dipping sauce is really you brought the party hold resource to grind so I see so I'm gonna fight away yeah thank you guys for watching this episode I really hope you enjoyed please hit the like button and subscribe for more videos goodbye

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