Hurricane Harvey animals leave Green Country

rtAFTER FLOODING FROM HURRICANE HARVEY FORCED THEM TO “FLEE” FROM TEXAS. NOW SOME OF THOSE PETS ARE “BOUND FOR OTHER PLACES.” “2 WORKS FOR YOU” ANCHOR WILL rtDUPREE TRACKS THEIR JOURNEY FROM TULSA. THE LAYOVER IN TULSA CAME TO AN END FOR ALMOST 120 ANIMALS. THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF TULSA AND MIRANDA rtLAMBERT’S “MUTT NATION FOUNDATION” BROUGHT ALL OF THEM FROM TEXAS…AND rtHELD THEM UNTIL THEY COULD LEAVE FOR THEIR FINAL DESTINATION. THE BOARDING PROCESS WAS ORDERLY AHEAD OF THEIRrt DEPARTURE. EVERY ANIMAL WENT WITH ITS OWN PAPERWORK AND A COLOR-CODED STICKER TO INDICATE WHERE THEY’LL END UP. (Evan Fadem) 15.33.09 for as hard as our team has workertd this week, as much as the community has stepped up, to know that these animals are going to go on and find wonderful homes with great people is incredible 15.33.21 (Will DuPree) Two planes flew into this hangar here rt in Tulsa to take the Hurricane Harvey animals to Illinois and Wisconsin, places where the shelters are less crowded and families are excited to give them homes. rt (Evan Fadem) 15.34.50 everybody wants a hurricane harvey dog. everybody wants to help and do something 15.34.54 OTHER PET RESCUES PLAN TO FERRY DISPLACED ANIMALS TO DIFrtFERENT PARTS DISPLACED ANIMALS TO DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. IN ABOUT A WEEK — THE OKLAHOMA ALLIANCE FOR rtANIMALS WILL SEND NEARLY TWO-HUNDRED PETS TAKEN IN AFTER HARVEY TO THE EAST COAST. (Jamee Suarez) 0.16.11 people help us whenever we have tornadoes. they comrte in. they help us with animals. why don’t we go help them? 0.16.17 A VAN LEFT THIS MORNING FROM THE CHECOTAH ANIMAL SHELTER — CARRYING MORE THAN A DOZEN rtHARVEY DOGS TO ILLINOIS. ALL THESE TRANSPORTS PROVE THAT GREEN COUNTRY GOES TO WHATEVER rtHEIGHTS IT TAKES TO HELP OUT HELPLESS VICTIMS OF HURRICANE HARVEY. FROM TULSA, WILL DUPREE, 2WFY. rtOKLAHOMA GIRL SCOUTS ARE

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