Huntley 158 Today: HHS National Honor Society

[music] I’m Jessica Lombard, associate superintendent. And I’m Superintendent John Burkey, and this
is “Huntley 158 Today.” Well, how are you today, Ms. Lombard? I’m doing great, Dr. Burkey, how about you? I’m doing wonderful. So, Dr. Burkey, today is the last time you
are hosting “Huntley 158 Today.” How does that feel? It actually is. This is going to be hard. We’ve been doing this show for a year and
a half, and next week is when I leave the District for a new job, and so this is, I
guess, my last hosting gig, as they say, of “Huntley 158 Today.” But I’m really proud of what we’ve done. I think we’ve done a lot of good shows over
the last year and a half, and been able to interview a lot of people and provide a lot
of good information to our school and community. Absolutely, and I know I’m going to be sad
to see you go, but now I get the good seat. Yeah, and I hear you’ve already been auditioning
people, and so it’ll be exciting to see who… to see who joins us each week. Who follows. But this show, like any other, will be a great
show, because we have some great guests. Absolutely. Today we have some special guests as part
of the National Honor Society, and we’ll have them introduce themselves. But we have Mrs. Lyons, who is a teacher here
as well as the sponsor of the National Honor Society here at the high school. Mrs. Lyons, can you tell us a little about
the organization and how these ladies, as well as all of the other members of the National
Honor Society, are selected to participate in this really special program. Sure. National Honor Society’s a national organization. Students are invited the second semester of
their sophomore year based on their GPA. They have to have at least a 3.5 GPA. That’s a Huntley standard. Nationwide it’s only a 3.0. But we have so many awesome students at Huntley
that we’ve raised that level a little bit. And then they have to go through a selection
process. We have a faculty committee that reviews their
application where they have to show that they have good character as well as community service
and involvement in the school. And if they show through the application process
that they meet the standards, we have an induction ceremony twice a year where we honor them
and we invite them into National Honor Society. Once they’re involved, or once they’re inducted,
they have to maintain that level of service and character. They complete 15 hours of community service
per semester, and additionally, they with a small group organize a leadership project
once a semester. As of right now, at this point in the year,
we have approximately 280 members. Grades were just finalized recently, and we’ll
be inviting over 200 more sophomores in the next week or so. Excellent. And today the four guests that we have with
you, these are the National Honor Society officers, is that correct? Ladies, if you could introduce yourselves. Mallory, do you want to start? Sure, my name’s Mallory Moffett, and I’m a
senior at Huntley High School, and I’m the vice president. I’m Sarah Glass, I’m a senior also, and I’m
the historian. I’m Anjali Bhatt, I’m also a senior, and I
am the secretary. And I’m Veronica Casey. I’m also a senior, and I’m the president. Excellent, thank you very much for joining
us today. So what made each of you decide to want to
be in National Honor Society? We heard a little about from Mrs. Lyons about
what it is, but what specifically keeps you really interested, and what made you want
to be an officer? Anjali, do you want to start? Well, yeah, so, I thought that National Honor
Society had a large outreach in our community, so I thought it was a good way to get involved
with the community more then you could with any other club here. I got involved because since I had entered
high school, my dad and I had helped run a program here, and NHS was the best way for
me to help expand my service project. Ok, Mallory? I’d have to say the same as Anjali, it had
a lot of ways for me to help the community, not just in the way that I would through my
family or through my church. I just get a much different feel for what
it’s like to volunteer in different aspects. Ok, Veronica? Yeah, not only outreaching into the community,
but also I saw it as an opportunity to become a leader, and becoming an officer was that
further step toward developing these skills. Veronica, how many total members are there
in National Honor Society, about? It’s about 300 members. Ok. Do you get together for a whole general membership
meeting, how often do you do that? Once a month, first Wednesday. Do you hold it in here? Yeah. It’s probably the only place you can all fit
in. And you get to run the meeting as president? Yeah. All four of us. Ok, that’s great. Now I know each of you talked a little bit
about that outreach, and some of the service or the leadership projects. I’m going to ask each one of you to talk a
little bit about one of the ones that maybe you oversee or run or participate in, and
the first one is one that I know a number of organizations and buildings get involved
in as well, and that is part of the adopting a family for Christmastime. So who would like to talk a little about that
one? Is it you, Sarah? My small-group project actually runs that. I’ve gotten the privilege to outreach to NHS,
and this year pretty much the whole district. And this year we actually ended up helping
65 families between four and I think nine members, and so we’re so blessed to have clubs
and families that are willing to jus take these and spend their money, give their resources
to help them have a Christmas that they usually wouldn’t. And then every year we have a big wrapping
event and you have to wrap all the presents and bag them all up, and we filled up a big
truck this year and we got to take them down to the shelter. Oh, that’s so nice. Anjali, we kind of highlighted the Christmas—adopting
a family for Christmas service project that goes on, but the National Honor Society does
a lot of other service projects. Could you kind of highlight what a few of
those are, or maybe some that might be on the horizon that’ll be new this year? Sure, so we do a lot with elementary school
tutoring. We also have a bunch of medical groups going
to Heritage Woods and helping out. We have a 5-K that’s planned for St. Baldrick’s
coming up soon, and we do a lot of fundraisers. For example we had a Culver’s night that raised
money for Mrs. Bencko a while back, and we also did a breast cancer fundraiser. Now, as you said, you’re all seniors, you’ve
all done very well in high school, obviously. So what are your plans after high school? Anjali, do you want to start? Well, I don’t know exactly what college I
want to go to yet, but I know I want to definitely major in some form of business field, and
then go on to law school. Ok, are there a few colleges you’re looking
at or is it still really open right now? It’s really open right now. Ok, well great. Good luck as you go into that. Sarah? I’ll be majoring in chemical engineering at
either University of Arizona, University of Alabama, or Louisiana State University. Wow. Ok, so we’ve got some choices, and I think
from what I heard they’re all warmer locations [laughter]
So in this last week of January it looks pretty inviting to go to a school like that. Mallory, what about you? Well, like Sarah, I’m going south as well,
to the warmth. A common theme here, it looks like. Yeah, I’m planning on majoring in neuroscience
or biology, depending on where I go, and go the pre-med track. My top two schools are Baylor University in
Waco, Texas, and Ole Miss. Oh great. Ok, Veronica? I’m torn right now between University of Minnesota-Twin
Cities or University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. And I know that I definitely want to study
environmental policy and then go on to law school. Ok, that’s great. Well I think if University of Illinois is
in the mix, the choice should be clear, don’t you think, Ms. Lombard? You’re a little biased there, yeah? I’m a little, I’m a little, a little biased. Well, thank you very much for coming on the
show. Obviously four very fine young ladies that
I think are all going to go on to do great things. Mrs. Lyons, thank you very much for, both
for teaching here at the high school but also for sponsoring the National Honor Society. I think this is clearly a great organization. So this has been “Huntley 158 Today,’ coming
to you from a Destination School District (TM), where it’s All Students Always. [music]

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