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Time has arrived you guys have seen the great tackle this game. Come on But you haven’t seen me you shout out to uh these six swore I don’t I don’t I don’t know if I’m saying it right. He’s stupid But he said I should play Bigfoot to see how good my survival skills are what you didn’t know is I’m black number one So that already gives me a nine hundred thousand percent chance increase in my survivability. Shut up It was the YouTube welcome back to the cul-de-sac. It’s a bookie show and I welcome you guys It’s a Bigfoot and if you guys remember a couple videos ago ask you guys a question and my favorite spots is right here You guys see it y’all ready Congratulations question of the day if Bigfoot ran up in your crib What’s the first thing you’re about to do leave a response in the comment section down below and the most savage response I see will get featured in the next video Alright boys and girls Today is the day that I prove my worth game name. We’re gonna name this Body because that’s what this game is gonna be by the end of this series Body map glacier voice. Oh my god. Who is this? My bad it took longer because I had to ram my bike since the kayak guy. Why does he look like that? Yeah, that’s not my character. Is it no sir? Not the gold baby girl. I don’t know who the heck that was They over exaggerated the crap out of his nose. Alright, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go Get to the choppa the choppers leaving hello, where am I he’s leaving. Oh Alright document I just arrived on site Is it is it pronounced acute in a chelate ecology anyways I’ve arrived on site no signs of a hostile anywhere in the midst we seem to be winter by 36 degrees Celsius Elk it’s not a deer turn. This is actually like a spot on my mat It’s a green that we can actually go to I didn’t even notice that it’s pretty pretty No already Know should we get a closer look at go to go to base camp y’all saw him, right? Y’all saw that man Bro We know let’s go to Basecamp first. Where are we? I know I’m not tripping if you guys saw him Let me know in the comment section down below I couldn’t be tripping I can’t be tripping right unless I was a deer it happened so fast Basecamp seems to be a couple feet ahead of us I’m Harold. Oh That’s me turning around I’m stupid. Oh you have arrived on site where it camp was supposed to be at it says Oh, it’s right here. It’s a little further. Okay, boom. We found a cabin. It’s about to be nighttime. Are you freaking fast? I cannot see Close the door What’s that? Hey, bro, you can we get a flashlight flashlight. Oh, we do have a flashlight. You got a trap. So how I equip these Oh, Y’all know rifle rifle. Oh Wait, no, it’s a flare gun. No take the rifle back out. And then let’s see. What else we got. Oh, we got a drone Hello, rifle bullets and an axe cool. Take this axe. No. All right. So, um, pretty much got what we need to get this s Commission s Exhibition started. Oh my gosh my fps Okay, now that we’ve made some optimizations to our game we can venture out into the Wow those kind of scared me a little bit Can venture out into the into the unknown now if you guys don’t know now, you know We need to find or do this. We need to set up a perimeter. That’s number one number Num number Relax – relax number one is we got to set up a perimeter now to set up a perimeter I set up a camera now. I want to go back to the cabinet. I don’t know why I We got him we know we know the direction he’s in prepared to watch me get body bag Bro I’m hearing so much Where’s my gun? I got how you quit Equip it Before we get drill Let’s go back to the camp and let’s actually uh, let’s freaky and get the other cameras, right? So let’s get all these cameras So then I’m assuming there’s a tablet right we can use the tablet to check the cameras now by perimeter Not looking to perimeter s but I need to cover as much ground with these cameras as I can but it’s just bad boy down At over yet. Oh, okay I can’t I don’t worry my where am I I’ve fallen and I can’t get it all you know where I’m at dude I had a proof that I fall within the valley we might have to rock out with the flare for now like I don’t know What I don’t know what happened to my flashlight is this That what is that? What are you doing? Oh my god, my flare I’ve wasted too much time Hear that it’s him. It’s definitely It’s not bloody I don’t know what being British but he’s over there alright Let’s get a move on. Let’s actually get this drone going. Whoa. Okay? Okay, how do I go up? Oh space to go up Nope, nope. Nope. Now. Let’s see. We can’t find this guy now you see Bigfoot He likes to we shouldn’t fly the drone out at night. Let’s go back. How am I gonna kill Bigfoot with one bullet? Oh, no, I have 30 a stupid number mister scaredy-pants Now we’re gonna head out and really find this this sucker. Now, he’s got to sniff him out with our keen sense Oh, Smells like musk in the early morning the smell of musk in doo doo Doo now we saw him earlier this general vicinity. My only thing is, you know, Can we get honestly I wish we had a shotgun because all I really need is a shotgun, you know one pump shot To the dome and he’s dead real talk guys about witness true. Emojis Right about now. He’s ready to retrieve a chance to show the shinobi that we are not true What? What does that mean have no just that freaking me. What’s that mean? Dude? I’m hopping like I’m actually playing for tonight Stop it. I have the high ground Anakin It’s over My power and yet do you guys watch Star Wars? I don’t know if any of you guys be watching Star Wars or even if you’re familiar with Star Wars in the slightest But there’s this one scene that’s frickin hilarious It’s not supposed to be funny But I find it so freakin funny and this is just me talking like we’re just having a conversation, you know But it’s like let’s give you guys an inside I’m like, you know my system or whatever, but like I don’t know if you guys are familiar with with black movies Well, I got the freaks of black I mean technically it would be like boys in the hood or like menace to society like those movies, you know This just certain scenes from those movies. I find hilarious that aren’t supposed to be funny But that’s a story for another time how we finna encounter? Oh Let’s eat our to crap in that trap in that trap. I need start placing traps doll, right? There Yes, sir. Okay, we found another outpost. All right. Hey making progress in some areas. Our perimeter is looking pretty scrumptious I want zero blind spots when hunting Bigfoot Okay, absolutely zero zero I’m sorry, I get excited. I need to calm down. Oh, we’re dying to know brother die Now far we are from base, okay we’re dead and We’re dead. Let’s try this again. Oh, wait what slut? But I’m still dead. I gotta start up I guess or a whole new game Bodied Heart – wait – all right Thomas. Like I said, you got to get the Freak I’m gonna roll with my man’s William actually. Nah Rick you look pretty strong. All right, uh this is uh day one of Rick’s expedition. We already have a rifle on us We could actually get right into it my kids I pick up this axe Oh, bro. We have we have NVGs I didn’t even know we had MDGs whenever he yells if he sounded like it’s across the mat Guys guys, we found him we found him Get closer get closer get closer. Come on come the freak. Oh and girl Where’d you go? All right nobody I’m starting to get upset. What did he go? That was really close that was really close there’s no way I messed this one up these sound cues, right? my first seams in front of me, then I hear the girl from across the lake so I can’t help but Theorize that these sound cues are meaningless Dude it sounds like he’s right in front of me You see my trap Dad oh my gosh, oh my gosh Where the Freak is he what I couldn’t shoot is my gun not out. I can’t even fire off a shot It wasn’t loaded Oh Oh what that my flashlight was flickering What the heck was all of that? And then my gun wasn’t loaded. I’m actually Disgusted I’m so disgusted that this gun wasn’t loaded You guys have no idea Get up Jason Jason, what are you he just appears out of nowhere. How am I supposed to fight him like that if he’s good? What if and where does he go? He doesn’t even do a lot of damage I just got a I don’t have a clear shot on him. Like it’s like I’m being hunted now What the heck that brother don’t even look like Bigfoot. He was like a Yeti. Yeah. I said it You look like the freaking Yeti. Oh, don’t alight Bigfoot There he is I see him go go go Where these sounds I’m making it’s so hard to like Curtis Curtis, it’s great. It’s Curtis. This is our chance tonight. It’s not my chances Let’s go show him. What are you doing? Oh my gosh It aha get the Freak up for easy Go back to base camp why am I freezing to death? That’s a freakin die bro, I can’t even pick up the axe to make a freakin get fired like the pretty woman again Do you lie for a lot of fly to fly to fly deflate light a flare? Maybe this’ll warm me up Somebody tell me somebody tell me how am I supposed to kill Bigfoot with a rifle There takes 40 freakin years to reload and the brother can knock me down And then by the time I get up, he’s already gone. Oh My I’m like I’m more angry than I am like, you know Like hope you guys enjoy this video If you guys did please or shorts a karate-chopping Comment down below same with that if you want to see me return back to Bigfoot and attempt is BS again Let me know in the comment section down below also with that like burnt like I said, you know if I see a lot of support on these videos I’m talking I’m talking comments and Likes if I see those two types of supports and watch duration, then I’ll come back to the game as always I will catch it beautiful faces in the next video peace

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  1. Kish…just wanted to say I’m so proud of you. You’re leveling up! Can’t wait till you get monetized! Much love 💗 btw I was thinking about getting this game myself! Now you know this your favorite comment 🤪

  2. If Bigfoot broke into my house we gonna have to throw them hands! Because he disturbing my Game time! Grabs Shotgun*

  3. If big foot came in my house…. I'd take a selfie then whip out my bazooka. (Don't ask where I got the bazooka from…. Hehehehehe)

  4. If Bigfoot came in my crib I’d show him these nice lil hands of mine. And then he go night night, then I take his body then pluck his hair, and then clone another Bigfoot and raise my own Bigfoot child and become my bodyguard my friend my son, and my bro.

  5. If Bigfoot showed :I'm calling on the ALMIGHTY POWERFUL LORD JESUS CHRIST. /black charecter dude woke up on the wrong side of the computer ain't it 😁

  6. Bigfoot came in my room I’ll first hide under the bed I will call my boy Cory and I will tell him to bring two shotguns. Cory going to come out of nowhere shoot that man and he’s going to pass me the other shotgun and then we’re going to team on that man.😄👍🏾

  7. Ift Bigfoot broke in I would sit down talk to him and smoke some blunts chill and hear some hearape meme songs………..
    S A V A G E 😐😐😐😐😐

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