Hundreds Of ISIS Family Members Escape Camp In Syria Amid Turkish Advance | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Hundreds Of ISIS Family Members Escape Camp In Syria Amid Turkish Advance | MSNBC

  1. YPG just released those prisoners to make Turkey look bad ..msnbc has an agenda. .They know it but playing the same game, because their boss israel and friends want so.

  2. I’m sure Trumps 2 hotels in Istanbul will thrive now that he is in bed with Turkey!! I hope trump and his entire family gets cancer and dies


  4. Chump should be prosecuted for war crimes with his buddy Erdogan. He's a traitor. This was another of many favors to Putin!

  5. Horror. This sets back trust in the US for decades, like before WWII !! Trivia. What was the full name of the Last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire ? Comment below. Trump’s in the pocket of Putin/Russia, Saoudi Arabia, Turkey, whoever puts his own personal financial interests first. Look at the pathetic clown ! Look at this WRECK ! His face melting, his mouth full of sauna saliva, coming off his druggie high, slurring his speech, a bipolar, narcissistic, aggressive, yet sexually impotent, frustrated, low self-esteem possessing, vain, corrupt-to-the-core, rotten, spineless, sadistic, music-hating, raving maniac ! MAKE ABNORMAL, ABNORMAL AGAIN: MAAA 2020 !

  6. It was just reported that the Turks are using militias with Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters to fight Kurds and massacre Kurdish Women and Children.

    We elected Trump and got Bin Laden.

  7. where is don jr and his stupid kids when they go on fox news to say how great he is? why don't they talk abou this?

  8. Great reporting?  Families, prisoners  or maybe it's a refugee camp but they're…escaping. The media never asked Trump how can he "destroy" an economy of a large country with a dictator in charge.

  9. Trump knew this would happen but he needed to see someone punished…he does something like this whenever he is in trouble…Like kicking the dog instead of hitting your wife.

  10. Bottom line, we cannot trust the President to stand for American, allied, or basic humanitarian interests.
    Trump has his own money interests, which are hidden from the public.

  11. We should have never took prisoners in the first place …..
    We should have ripped out there living guts and used them to grease the tracks of our tanks …..
    A quote from one of America's greatest generals ….

  12. GEE THANKS TRUMP you'll be there right when ISIS blows up a school or a plane or anything you'll be there right to explain to the widows and widowed and children WHY right trump.

  13. So now Turkey will be pummelled by the Syrian and Russian army/airforce!! Don't expect ANY help from the West or NATO, Turkey! Up yours Erdogan 🖕Meanwhile criminal Trump is doing exactly what his master Putin demands from him: destroying the Western alliance who defeated ISIS and enlarging the Russian dominance in that region. Putin surely has some severe "Komprimat" against Trump, to make Trump do his bidding. Meanwhile US national security is severely damaged, as well the US/European alliance. Thanx Trump!

  14. Turkey Does not heroic battle fought in North Korea with you? Are you an unfaithful ally?

    Turkey also to be together with those who detonate bombs in Syria can not imagine. The US should not shrink so

  15. couple of days ago., when turkish forces about to conquer eastern syria, 100 american trucks —- full of ammunation and guns —- made a move from iraq to syria, to help ypg (former pkk) fight. but interrupted by turkish f-16 airforces' bombardment. than moved back to iraq.

  16. Assad Warned The Kurds In Feb 2019: "The Americans won't protect you, they will put you in their pocket." Americans will sell you to Turkey. No one will defend you, except the Syrian army"

  17. Trump wants to war up Us vs Iran. Why? He figures the ISIS escapees will head to Iran. He figures they are a threat to the US. He figures it’s really hard to switch presidents during a war and by coincidence he can help out both Saudi Arabia and Russian

  18. It's time for more capable powerful masculine countries like Russia or China to lead the world. The U.S. needs to take a back seat and shut up, like the little B*^%^% we are.

  19. Nice, Trump is now supporting Islamic terrorists who execute Kurds on video. Sounds like Turkey is trying to be the new ISIS….

  20. This is all lies the prostituted media on the democrytic payroll telling. Watch other channels (in the US they won't show you anything). The U.S was supporting ISIS in the North because it wanted to control oil and region. Now ISIS will be really fought against. And those "escapes from prison" are, in truthful fact,  "escapes away from being killed" now.

  21. ISIS is not only a threat to democracy but to the whole world. It is supported by their political -religious beliefs which is primitive with savage acts of cruelty. Much like ancient Roman paganism with their state religious laws. No different from the Christian Inquisition of the middle ages with oppression of women and creation of witches.

  22. so glad trump is pulling us out of these shitholes. sorry we dont want to spend out money and soldiers lives on your countries I guess.

  23. Truth America" Again Trump Makes Putin Happy, Makes Erdogan Happy, Putin Has been Trying to Get The U S Out Of the Region For A Decade, America The Timing Of This Phone Call And The Green Light Of this Slaughter ""Is When the Senate and The Congress Is On Recess, So they would be Unable to immediately stop This Green Light Given to Erdogan And Turkey, Where Trump Owns A Massive Hotel, To Make Putin And Russia Happy By Giving Them The Opportunity To Get a Region No other American President Had Given Them, """But Yet For His Good Friends The Saudi's Trump is Sending "3000 American Troops. trump Green lights The Slaughter Of Our Allies the kurds Who fought For Us For "4 1/2 Years Lost 11, 000 Men and Women Soldiers Fighting Isis Successfully, Guarding "13, 000 Isis Prisoners That Will Be Freed. ""America Since When Have a Military Pull Out Been Made On The Same Day As A Phone Call From A Dictator, Without Consultation With The Senate Or The Congress. Trump And Erdogan Knew The Senate And congress Would Have stopped this Green light For Slaughter Of Our Allies. """America Please Look At The Timing Of This Call and Trump's Immediate Decision, ""When The Senate And Congress Was On Recess" ""Who In America Does Not Think This Was Planned? Proverbs 24:11 Rescue Those Who Are Being Taken Away To Death, Hold Back those Who Are Stumbling To The Slaughter. Atrocious killings Of Men, Women and Children, Highways Of Escaped being blocked And Executions Being Carried Out, These "13, 000 Isis Prisoners Will Now Be Set Upon The World, The Blood Of Kurdish Allies Men, Women and Children Will Turn The Streets and Roads Red, But Turkey, And Trump's Istanbul Hotel Will Thrive. "'Decent Americans, Evangelicals You Can Not Condone This Act, You Can Not Co-Sign This. If You Vote For This, Then You Are Co-Signing This. There Are Diplomatic Ways Of Leaving Syria And Negotiating Territory, The U N Just Met.

  24. What's so amazing is that it appears that Trump made this decision without any consultation from anybody. It appears that he's simply trying to sell to his base that he's (finally) fulfilling a campaign promise:: pulling American troops out of the Middle East.

  25. would,could,should…as long as trump has his two towers with his name on them in Istanbul,he won't do a thing.

  26. Trump only did it so Russia can move into the middle East 🤦. All I have to say is when the they come to America to blow shyt up, stay out of the hood. We ain't elect the orange dummy…

  27. Trump proved to be a real leader capable of ending endless wars. This horrible endless war that was started by Obama's regime change lunacy is coming to an end.

  28. Isn't it a little bit late for sanctions against the Turks. Who could have seen this coming . Certainly not Trump and his minions. But don't worry he's sending 2000 more troops to Saudi Arabia. They pay more..

  29. Both Trump, GOP and all those defending Trump from impeachment are responsible for what is going on in overseas. Our US soldiers with the assistance of the Kurds poured their blood sweat, tears and lives lost to bring down ISIS and it one stupid man known as Trump and his followers to destroy all that in one day. May God have mercy on your souls for the crimes that you have done against humanity and the poor children that ended up suffering over this situation that should've never of happened.

    Folks please forgive the religious comment but Trump is the antichrist and his followers are following the devil and not God.

  30. This is not Trumps fault. He is not the one killing people. This is coming from a muslim turk. Stop blaming everything on him.
    The only thing i will say though is that i kind of feel sorry for the kurds. They trusted USA to back them up against Turkiye.
    Do you not remember the verse in the qur'an?
    "And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion. Say, "Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance." If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allah no protector or helper.
    You cannot trust non-muslims in such situations. They will leave you when the going goes tough or when they lose interest. This is what God is teaching you if you take heed.

  31. Thank God are have such a glorious army. TURKEY'S ARMY is the most merciful army. Prejudice is bad.Be neutral.Allahu Ekber.

  32. Thank you McConnell.
    No, not Trump. I mean McConnell.
    If it weren't for McConnell, Trump would never have even attempted troop withdrawal.

  33. I feel very sorry for the citizens who cut up in this horrible situation. I really want to be their and help all those innocent civilians.

    As a refugee from Iraq I feel their pain and suffering. In such times dreams and hope dies. People are hungry and sick and words will not help them.

    Please God help us, help your children from this evil. Please God bless us with peace.

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  35. Pfft that boris call was scripted sitcom, he's the other pet. Whether there'll be civil victim/ ethnic cleansing / whatever whatever or not, that orange will not do anything.. so, europe be ready.. yes europe just like that orange said..

  36. "The Trump Doctrine is really just a fancy name for the common sense view that America’s leaders should use American power to advance the interests of Americans. And that’s why the elite hates it. "

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