Hundreds gather for New Bedford’s rescheduled National Night Out

POSITIVE FOR WEST NILE VIRUS. (MM) T-J DEL SANTO WAS IN NEW BEDFORD THIS AFTERNOON, FOR AN EVENT—- THE CITY HAD TO RESCHEDULE BECAUSE OF THE MOSQUITO DANGER. EVEN THOUGH THE NATIONAL NIGHT OUT BECAME AN AFTERNOON OUT, EVERYONE STILL HAD A GOOD TIME. HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE TURNED OUT TO MEET LOCAL AND STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS HERE IN NEW BEDFORD. ORIGINALLY , THIS WAS GOING TO BE AN EVENING EVENT TWO WEEKS AGO, BUT WAS CHANGED TO THIS AFTERNOON BECAUSE OF….MOSQUITOES. the reason for that is we’ve had some pretty serious warnings about risk of eee infection. we want to keep people safe in the spirit of this kind of event. 32 IN FACT, NEW BEDFORD HAS TEMPORARILY BANNED ACTIVITIES AFTER NIGHTFALL IN THE CITY. we’re going to monitor the situation and if we don’t get positive results, we’ll go back to normal and have night time activities. 59 nats: can you look in the front? of course. STILL THE POLICE AND THE KIDS HERE DIDN’T SEEM TO MIND THE CHANGE IN TIME. THE STATE POLICE HELICOPTER AND K-9 OFFICER DEMONSTRATION WERE SOME OF THE BIGGEST DRAWS, BUT THE GOAL WAS FOR AREA POLICE OFFICERS TO ENGAGE WITH THE NEIGHBOROOD, AND ESPECIALLY WITH KIDS. policing can be effective if it has a good relationshop with the community. when they communicate with one another, understand their needs, their concerns and their complaints, to address all of that it requires a good solid relationship. AND THE MOSQUITO SPRAYING HERE IN SOUTHEASTERN MASSACHUSETTS WILL CONTINUE BEGINNING WEDNESDAY NIGHT. I’M T.J. DEL

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