Humans of Lakeland – Stacy Fields, Human Resource Management

So once I was laid off from the position I
was at, I was looking for a new job and I couldn’t find one. All of the positions that I was looking for,
they required a college degree. So with my employment running out and my savings
depleted I had to make a decision, so it was either, you know, work at McDonald’s because
I had just kind of worked my way up and had never gone to college, or get a college degree. So I decided to come to Lakeland. Having experience, I guess I had the experience,
but I maybe didn’t have some of the book knowledge, or I didn’t fully understand why something
works, like in marketing or in business ethics or when I took organizational behavior, things
of that nature. So I think that it helped with kind of understanding. I knew that I had liked the H.R., the human
resources management end of my duties that I had performed as an office manager at my
previous job, so I decided to go into Human Resource Management. I like working with people. I like the detail, the detail portion of it,
you know like the comp and benefits. You have to be very detail oriented. I’m a rules kind of person, so you know, definitely
the rules and regulations and keeping track of everything. I also like interviewing and I think that
I’m really good at helping with retention for companies and recruiting, things of that
nature. I liked the new employee orientation and getting
those materials ready. I think that business is really good if you,
it just depends. Like H.R., definitely if you are a Type-A
personality and I think and you’re not afraid to, I think with H.R. the good thing about
it is that there’s both aspects. If you like working with people, but you’re
also kind of like a rules person and detail oriented you definitely, you know, I think
that would be a good field. And business management, it just depends on,
you know, if you’re going into sales, I think you have to have an outgoing personality,
things of that nature. But definitely in business, I think you have
to be organized. Because Cleveland State was a partner with
Lakeland Community College and The Holden University Center that was a big reason why
I chose to go to CSU because it is convenient. I definitely would prefer to go here at Holden
than to drive downtown. You know, talk with a counselor and see what
field would be best for you. You can always change your mind later, but
you know, kind of get an idea so that you have a starting point. I would also suggest taking an aptitude test
and you can always say “Oh, you know.” Like I have a strong aptitude towards accounting. And accounting class was really, really easy
for me, but I don’t want to crunch numbers all day, everyday, so just because an aptitude
test says that you need to be a farmer doesn’t mean you need to be a farmer. It’s just saying that maybe you could go into
horticulture or forestry or, you know, there are other things that, so I think definitely
first step would be going to Counseling and discussing with someone what you want to do. Being open and being honest, you know, saying
“hey.” There’s no point getting a certificate and
then another certificate and then an Associates and then another, you know associates or things
of that nature, so kind of decide what field that you’re thinking about and then, you know,
if you do have to get your bachelor’s for that field, know that going in so that you’re
not taking courses that will only work for your associates degree and not transfer for
your bachelor’s degree. That what I was very lucky, you know, I did
go to counseling because I did have someone that gave me advice and said, you know, “go
and see this counselor” and then she was like “Oh no, don’t take MATH 1040 and 1050, because
those won’t transfer,” because she knew that I wanted to get my bachelors, because I kind
of had a plan. She’s like “just take 1650 because that will
transfer and will wash those out. Ask for help. Talk to somebody. Go to Counseling. If you’re struggling in a class, visit the
Learning Center. So, you know, because, a lot, most departments
if you ask them your question and they can’t help you, they’ll point you in the right direction
or they’ll find someone that will help you. So that would be my advice.

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