Humane society to evacuate cats to make room for animals displaced by Hurricane Michael

welcome back at 6:45 and in about half an hour 100 cats and kittens will be evacuated from the Jacksonville Humane Society to make room for animals displaced by hurricane Michael it’s a special flight it’s made possible by Jaguars defensive tackle Malik Jackson and his foundation Malik gifts news for Jax reporter Ashley Harding joining us live this morning from the Humane Society there on Beach Boulevard and Ashley this is just the first stop on a long trip for these kittens yes Melanie Advent good morning it is the first stop just to be clear that’s about 50 cats coming from Jackson means exciting about 50 cats coming from a lot joy Humane Society we can actually take a look at them right here if you listen closely you can hear the meows you can see their cute little faces they’ve obviously they’ve already been loaded up onto the caravans from here they will board a wings of rescue flight at Cecil Cecil Airport that will be happening at 9 o’clock so just about 2 hours before making their final stop in Delaware now you know we’ve reported on this space was already tight at the Humane Society before the storm hit now the shelter stopped taking in strays and surrenders just last Tuesday to get ready to help shelters in the Florida area they even held a free adoption over the weekend to free up some space now looking at this right here on your screen you can see that picture of Malik Jackson holding a kitten the cats and kittens will be flown to Brandywine Valley SPCA in Delaware the Jacksonville cleaning Society has been designated as a hurricane Michael hub now we don’t know how many animals are coming to the Humane Society but a lot of is hurricane Michael animals still need help you can make some donations just head over to jackson slash donate and choose hurricane relief we’re on our way to Cecil Airport now where we will see these cats of course we’ll take you to take that live for you reporting live this morning Ashley Harding channel 4 the local station

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