Humane Society Scam?

We’re here across the street from the
headquarters of the Humane Society of United States And today, we’re gonna play the Pet
Shelter Wheel of Misfortune. Have you ever heard the Humane Society
of the United States? Yes. Yes. Yes. No I have Not. Ok, I want to
take just a minute to show you one of their commercials, and then I’m gonna ask you a couple questions. ♫ Advertisement Playing ♫ How did that commercial make you feel? A little sad, but happy. I actually rescued my own dog. You know it
makes me feel good that there are people out there doing something for all those
animals that are abused and neglected. It’s sad, and it’s heartwarming at the same
time. Based on that commercial that you just saw, what would you say the Humane Society
for the United States does? I would say that it works to help the animals that are
abused, or are not being fed, living on the streets… types like
that, and helping them find a home. Rescue and give treatment to
abandoned animals. I think about more about neglected dogs and cats, and more animals that are pets as
opposed to just animals in general. Definitely animals that you’d have as pets. Okay, how much of their budget, of their donation budget, would you say
that the Humane Society of the United States gives to help support pet shelters. 75 to 85 percent? I don’t know, I would say maybe 75 percent. You would
hope it would be around 90 percent. I’m guessing almost all of it. Alright, we’re
gonna come over here, I’m gonna show you something. Okay. Would it surprise you to find out
that only 1 percent, 1 percent of their budget, actually goes
to helping local pet shelters. Yes, that’s pretty depressing. It’s crazy. I’m not surprised by it. The way they
advertise it, you would think it would be the opposite.
Seeing this, how does that make you feel? Wondering where the other 99 percent goes.
It makes me a little discouraged, and probably not want to donate if most of my money won’t actually go towards the pets. It’s misleading, and it’s dishonest. Would you find that
this would be an acceptable usage of your money? No. Do you think that your money would
be better spent donating to local pet shelter? Yes, definitely. I’d probably go direct to the source, direct to a local shelter. We want to give me a chance to raise
some money for local pet shelter. So we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have you give our Pet Shelter Wheel of Misfortune a spin. If you
can hit the 1 percent, we’re gonna donate two hundred dollars to
local pet shelter. I know it sounds difficult but, we’re gonna go by the
Humane Society of the United States’ standards on this one. Go ahead and give the wheel a spin. We might get really close!

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