Humane Society of Central Illinois

The Best DogGone team has been working on a diversity project for the Humane Society. We’re looking at trying to get people in from that fifteen percent of the Bloomington–Normal population We live in a community with a beautiful array of people We want them to be represented and to be apart of the Humane Society and to be adopting pets, pets provide a very real benefit to people. We’re hoping that a much more diverse population steps through the doors We need to learn if there are cultural issues with some populations as to why they don’t have pets. We have created artistic depictions of diverse people The purpose is to encourage people to envision themselves as growing stakeholdlers that means adopting, volunteering and donating to the Humane Society. We are utilizing these works of art throughout the Humane Society’s social media and various community organizations and culturally diverse businesses. They jumped in with fabulous enthusiasm but, yes they were very very excited to be able to make an impact for the Humane Society.

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