Humane Society encourages pet fostering

WANTED: PET SITTERS for the Hawaiian Humane Society. The shelter NEVER turns any animals away. In fact, right now it is accepting about 70 dogs and cats into its facility EVERY DAY And as KITV-4’S Ann Sterling show us … With all these animals the shelter is BUSTING at the seams. This story’s all new tonight at 6. 27-32 105-110 121-126 MEET ROCKY.. HE’S A BULL TERRIER MIX AND LOVES TO PLAY. VO AT Rocky – 34.57 play with leash nats 34.04 ball PRINCESS TALKS A LOT … AND SHE’S NOT CAMERA SHY. HAVE ROOM FOR MORE THAN ONE? HOW ABOUT DOUBLE TROUBLE vo at 22.55 lexi nats -26.43 barking OR IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A DOG ON THE SHY SIDE? LEXI MIGHT BE PERFECT FOR YOUR FAMILY. SHE’S A QUIET 3 YEAR OLD FOX TERRIER. ALL — THESE FURRY FRIENDS ARE LOOKING FOR A FOSTER FAMILY. Christina Kam/ Hawaiian Humane Society – 40.15 we are very full. We get about 70 animals every day so the only way we can commit to no time limits to our animals and make sure they all get homes is needing people to adopt and foster for space. 31 THE FOSTER CARE PROGRAM HELPS THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS EVERY YEAR. SOME dogs and cats ONLY NEED A HOME FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS, WHILE OTHERS MAY NEED SEVERAL MONTHS. 39.43 through our foster care program we save about 1600 lives every year and that includes animals who didn’t make it out to adoption gets them ready for adoption for various reasons whatever they are.54 Liz Croegagrt/ Adoption Manager 45.25 we’re looking for foster families to get them ready for adoption. So animals that need to gain weight, animals that may have a cold. Animals that need a couple of weeks in a home to get them ready for a forever home. 34 ANN STERLING stand up 12.46.39 SO IF YOU HAVE ROOM FOR DOUBLE TROUBLE OR MAYBE JUST FOR DUMBO HERE. THE Humane society is looking for foster families year round. 40.54 foster parents play a huge role. They socialize them, give them attention, training. They really get that quiet time with a family as opposed to here. They really enjoy being in a foster home. 11 TO BECOME A “PET SITTER” OR “A SHORT TERM FOSTER PARENT” NO TRAINING IS REQUIRED AND THE HAWAIIAN HUMANE SOCIETY GIVES YOU ALL THE SUPPLIES YOU NEED. Ann.S.S. KITV-4 NEWS The Humane Society is running an adoption special through the weekend. 10 dollars for any cats and HALF off all dogs that are over 6 months old.

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