Human Society asking for help

A CENTRAL KENTUCKY ANIMAL SHELTER…NEEDS HELP, CARING FOR SOME OF ITS NEWEST ADDITIONS! THE MADISON COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY, JUST GOT A LITTER OF NINE PUPPIES… AND VOLUNTEERS SAY THEY AREN’T PREPARED FOR THE EXTRA DOGS! WKYT’S MICHELE CHAMBERLAND EXPLAINS WHAT KIND OF HELP THEY NOW NEED. “Oh my gosh, they’re just gorgeous.”A litter of nine, 8-week-old puppies has arrived at the Humane Society Animal League for Life of Madison County. Jessica Adams/Volunteer: “We were asked to take them, and we couldn’t just turn them down.” Once spayed and neutered, these four girls and five boys can officially be adopted, but meanwhile, the humane society is in need of food for these puppies and is asking for your help. Adams: “It’s not something we’re prepared for. Puppy food is not something we stock on our shelves on a regular basis.” Although these puppies are adorably small right now, they are a believed to be a boxer/pit bull mix, and are expected to be fairly large dogs. “We have currently 16 large breed puppies and two of those are like 6-months-old now, so they’re eating lots and lots of food. With a large breed of puppy and a large number of them, we need all the help we can.”

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