Human Services

Human Services program is designed to
help train individuals to go into entry-level positions in the helping
profession of human services. At any given point, we all need assistance and
we need assistance from those that can provide it in a professional, effective,
and efficient manner. Those that graduate from this program
can do that, and that is why this program is necessary. The Human Services program
is one that I’ve wanted to get into for quite a number of years. I ventured off into a field of
technology. I still wasn’t satisfied, so I came home. So, I’m back in school now at a
very late age, and going for human services. They can do a number of things
with this degree. They don’t just necessarily have to sit behind a desk
and fill out paperwork. They actually get hands-on experience. They find that they
can make a difference in other people’s lives. You have to have that genuine feel
for wanting to help others do something, get somewhere, and that type of thing. Once completing this
degree, our graduates can do a number of things. Currently, our graduates are
working as correctional officers at the city jail, they are peer support
specialists in different residential facilities, they work in skilled nursing
facilities, they provide direct care as caseworkers, some as case managers; there are any
number of places that our graduates work. St. Louis Community College and the
instructors here care about our students. And it shows in the work that they do
with the students in the classroom. You will develop friendships and network
with individuals that will be your colleagues, lifelong relationships, and we
also like to get them involved in other projects and programs in the city and
the county, so that they can develop those networking opportunities, and again,
the soft skills that are needed to be successful as a professional. My favorite
thing about this program is the internship. We get to do 150 hours
for each semester, so we get the chance to do the hands-on and be able to
help others to do what they need to do and provide the services that they needed. I think students love the program because it helps them develop as professionals
and helps them develop personally. I think they enjoy the interaction with
instructors and each other. It offers them an opportunity to expand
their minds and change their lives.

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