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[MUSIC] Human services is really about
the practice of helping people, improving their quality of life. And ideally helping them address anything
that’s getting in the way of that quality of life.>>So people who enter to pursue a degree
in human services are doing that because they wanna at some point be able to
help other people as a counselor, as a clinician, as a case worker.>>It’s not uncommon for people with backgrounds in human services
to work in the medical field in hospitals. In behavioral health, working with
individuals with both mental health and substance-use disorder issues. You also may see individuals with human
service backgrounds in the criminal justice system, working with probation or
social services, like DCFS.>>We have several different options. The most popular option is the Associates
in Applied Sciences, the AAS degree. We happen to have an accreditation
from the Illinois certification board as a substance
abuse counselor training program.>>There are not many schools that
provide the accredited program for the CADC which is Certified Alcohol and
Drug Counselor certification. And this school does so,
I was recommended to come here.>>We also have some students who come to
us they’ve already completed their degree in human services before they got here.. So they take a smaller number of
courses to obtain their CADC in what we call our post
baccalaureate program. So, three different options, but ultimately, they all help prepare you
to enter the field of human services.>>I was glad I came here because of like,
how supportive the staff have been of me. And they’ve really helped me through and
like I said, I’ve been through some really bad
times since I’ve been in school. But, I always stayed on top of my
schoolwork because I always had teachers, and the other instructors kind of backing
me, and the counselors helping me as well. Just to make sure,
pretty much like to make sure you succeed.>>We have smaller classes, and we really have a lot of contact
between students and the instructor. Part of what we, the benefit of having
smaller classes is that we really can create a pretty comfortable
learning environment. We know that coming back to
school can be challenging. We also know that time people can feel
intimidated when they’re in large classrooms and
really an impersonal environment. We wanna have that here at Waubonsee,
you really get to know your instructor and your classmates very well. We also then integrate some realistic
learning experiences into the classroom. So, we will talk about things
like assessment and diagnosis. But we use case studies,
we use in-class activities, we use in-class experiential activities
to let people do that in class. We really try to keep it a small,
comfortable environment to really emphasize the relationship
between the instructors and the students, and
between the students and each other.>>I think Waubonsee does two things very,
very well, which sets them apart from
other academic institutions. One of those is collaboration. The staff at Waubonsee philosophically
very much are in line with what I would consider best practices or
evidence-based practices. Cutting edge in terms of being ahead of or
understanding the research. And so the students we get are more
than ready to tackle the challenges in front of them in working with clients with
mental health and substance use disorders. I think Waubonsee is really top
notch when it comes to bringing students into the field that
are prepared to do what is required of them to be successful in these jobs. [MUSIC]

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