Human Services Program at Howard Community College

Howard Community College offers a two-year
degree in the field of human services. If you enjoy listening to and helping others,
then human services might be the major for you. Human Service workers help people manage crisis
situations and help them improve the quality of their lives. Human Services is an interdisciplinary major
that incorporates aspects of psychology, counseling, and social work. People who work in human services are helpers
helping people manage some of the most challenging situations. They might work with children and families,
older adults, individuals with disabilities, mental health issues, or
they might work with people who are homeless. Students who get a degree in human services
can go on to work in hospitals, clinics, social service agencies and
substance abuse counseling centers. When you’re in the field and you’re working
with individuals, you’re helping them through the crises, but more
importantly you’re helping them to empower themselves, so that, so that they can move
forward and beyond whatever negative experience they may be having. I look forward to doing, like, individual
counseling, family counseling. And I’m leaning towards mental health, with
wanting to be a therapist. And students who get a degree with a concentration
in Aging will be better prepared to support the county’s growing
changing aging population. Research from the University of Maryland shows
that the number of people 65 and older in Howard County is expected
to double by the year 2040. HCC’s Human Services program is led by instructors
with years of experience in the field. They bring what they’ve learned in their
jobs to their students, making for a more dynamic classroom experience. So I have 15 years of experience in human
services. I started in addictions counseling and I worked
in inpatient, outpatient, and residential settings. I bring all of that into the class. I use examples and lectures. I develop case studies based on things that
I’ve experienced and colleagues have experienced. I really find that it helps students understand
concepts better to hear from professionals with real-world experience. The information in the classroom is very practical,
hands on, and so that can be directly applied once they go into
the community and start their work at different organizations. Every day that I’m in that classroom, I learn
something new, and I’m like “Yes, I picked the right choice.” HCC also offers internships which give students
valuable experience in the field. I interned at Hope Works, which is a domestic
violence center, and I interned at their safe house. I think it’s one thing to be in a class learning
about it, but then it’s another thing to actually apply it to the
real world and see how it works and see what didn’t work, what did work. Even though I was an intern, you’d think that
you would just be behind the scenes. But when I was reading to a kid,
the next time she saw me, she gave me a hug, which really meant a lot to me, and it showed
me how much kids really need human service workers. With an associate degree from HCC, students
are well-prepared for entry-level positions in mental health, social
services, counseling and other helping fields. Students can complete the major and become
certified addictions counselors in the state of Maryland if they take
addictions courses. Other students with associates degrees can
be psychology techs, mental health assistants, human
seervices assistants. Or, they can transfer to a four-year school
and earn a higher degree in human services. With being a therapist I have to venture out
and get a Master’s Degree. So, I looked at four year colleges to
see what I needed and what I’m taking now, and what I will have to take then, and it
balances out so that I’m in a pretty good position once I go into my four
year program. .
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