Human Sciences Scholarships

My name is Clancy White and my major is
Nutrition Pre-Professional Health. So when I realized that I was getting a
scholarship, I called my mom and I was like “Hey I got a scholarship and it’s
for more money” so it was really exciting and I just like I definitely needed to
tell her like right away. It shows that hard work does get noticed you know and I
think it’s important to work hard and like there are rewards for that so it
just made you feel like the more you work like it does pay off. My goal is to
be a pharmacist so I will have to go to college for more than four years so
that’s just a huge blessing to receive a scholarship from them and I
would definitely like to thank the owners and thank them for blessing me in that way. Sometimes your goals can seem like a big
thing like you kind of question like “Will I ever get there?”
like “Will I ever make it?” but I think you know it’s definitely possible and with
the scholarships it makes it even like that much more possible because you
don’t have to worry about like how will I pay for it how will I get there you
know like that part’s already covered so I think that helps you just realize that
what you’re shooting for is possible. I think the College of Human Sciences they’re just
willing to help you in any way that they can like I didn’t necessarily apply for the scholarship, they reached out to me and said “Hey like
you’re eligible for this if you’d like to accept it let me know and I’ll take
care of the rest” and so like that was a big deal for me that they were so
willing to help me and take care of all the things that I really didn’t know how
it worked so they really want you to succeed it seems like to me,
like they want you to get all the resources you can.

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