Human Rights Situation in Iran

Thank you. Madam Vice President,
In his report to the upcoming session of the UN General Assembly, Mr. Javaid Rehman, the
Special Rapporteur on Iran, has indicated that “Over the past 40 years, the Baha’is,
considered to be the largest non-Muslim and unrecognized religious minority in the Islamic
Republic of Iran … have suffered from the most egregious forms of repression, persecution
and victimization.” Moreover, he referred to the 1991 Secret Memorandum,
which includes directives to deny Baha’is the right to earn a livelihood or have access
to university and complete their degree. Further, he reported on the interference of
the Iranian authorities on Baha’i burial practices. Mr. Rehman also stated that Baha’is are
“Regarded by the Iranian authorities and by the Iranian criminal justice system as
“unprotected infidels”” and that “Baha’is have been murdered with impunity and violations
of their human rights have not been investigated.” The Special Rapporteur also received information
on hateful speeches inciting them to hatred, school textbooks vilifying the Baha’i
faith and statements made against the Baha’is, including by officials. Mr. President,
The 1991 Memorandum, which is incompatible even with Iranian law, has unleashed a program
of persecution of the Bahá’ís in Iran as well as outside of its borders, the latest
instance taking place in Yemen. It is therefore high time that the International
community give Iran the clear message that this persecution cannot be tolerated and the
1991 Memorandum should be entirely revoked. Thank you

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