Human Rights, Peace and Environmental Struggles

Barbara Wien, thank you so much for joining us today and what I would like to hear from you is your perspective on some ethical and leadership challenges that you have faced in your long career of working in peace building. Wein: Well I have dedicated my life to solving the conundrum of war amd trying to find nonviolent alternatives to war and that has led me to often challenge powerful people. But I try to do it in a respectful way, in a civil way to win them over, and to show that it’s in our best interest that war is really the enemy. War makes prisoners of all of us and we need to break out of the national security straightjacket of war if you will because the more we struggle and the more we fight the tighter that national security straitjacket becomes so trying through logic and reasoning to speak truth to power very often and it can be scary but I think that more and more people are seeing that we need to band together to heal the planet and that they want to be part of something greater than themselves and such as yourself your career has been so noble um thank you for having an ethical compass in the right direction. Your own life is a model for the rest of us as well to have a really really powerful leadership to reweave the web of society so that we can all feel together from the intervener piece all the way to global peace. That can be frightening sometimes I never wanted to get wealthy I didn’t seek major monetary gains from it, I was enriched spiritually and in terms of my relationship and my connections to the worldwide human family. So that’s what’s driven my life, that’s what’s motivated me, that’s why I’m thirsty and hungry to get out of bed in the morning to begin my work, it it’s it’s given me a consequential life, a beautiful life. I have not ended war but we are hoping to diminish violence in the world in all its forms. Kojm: Barbara, thank you so much. Wein: Thank you!

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