Human rights defender’s profile: Mphatso Sakala from Zambia

my name is Mphatso sakala
I am from Zambia and I’m the founder and director of an organization called
Intersex Society of Zambia. So the main focus of this organization is to promote
and protect the rights of intersex children and adults. So how I became an activist it was many influenced by what I went through as a person who was born
intersex as well and mainly it was issues around I saw firsthand on how
intersex children we are suffering because there isn’t much help or even
linkages in terms of even parents especially the mothers because mostly
even just the mothers would be accused to be the cause of why they have an
intersex child in the function and this must left to the mothers to raise that
child so for me I thought it would be good because I’ve come to accept and
understand how it is to be intersex and I have linked on how to fit into society if I
can stand I’m able to talk I’m able to voice out these issues why can’t I do it
so in my work as an activist things are So in my work as an activist threats are there but in my case in most cases I would say it’s how I’ve conducted myself also in society. Trying to navigate
around traditions because there are norms which you have to follow and in
terms of religion you face all those barriers because people not understand
you even in the workspaces people don’t understand you even especially when it
comes to school most of the intersex people have dropped out of school
because of the stigma that discrimination which comes because we
could not understand the issues I have intervened on some intersex cases where the child was to undergo surgery. I contributed to
in terms of giving guidance on how best to go around the issue and I’m glad that
my advice was taken up and today I’m happy to say I contributed to that what I would want to achieve with my activism is to bring visibility to the intersex
community so that they are able also to enjoy the human race just like any other
human being and also intersex people having an environment where they can
contribute to the well-being of the country. The hope for the future in
terms of intersex I need to see intersex people get degrees, intersex people
taking up spaces being medical doctors, being engineers that’s what I want to see.

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