Human Incarnation a two component system

God enters the soul and the body of His most beloved devotee (son of God), that devotee
becomes the Human Incarnation. In the Human Incarnation, we find both God
and the Son of God mixed with each other in a perfect homogeneous state, so that both
are inseparable. The Human Incarnation is like a live wire. The metal wire is the Son of God and the electricity
that pervades the wire, through-and-through, is God. The live wire must be treated as electricity
itself since there is no alternative way of experiencing the existence of electricity,
other than through the live wire. In this context, a misunderstanding arises. The live wire says that it is moving the fan. In fact, it is the electric current which
is making this claim through the wire. But people misunderstand it, wondering how
a mere metallic wire could move the fan. They think the wire is simply boasting. The live wire looks like any other wire, as
far as the properties of the wire are concerned. It is lean, long and made of metal, like any
other wire. It makes other wires think that the live wire
is also an ordinary unelectrified wire, which is falsely boasting about having some extraordinary
capabilities. This confusion led to the crucifixion of Jesus
by the public. When Jesus claimed that He is the Truth and
the Light and that He and His Father in heaven are one, it was not the claim of the Son of
God. It was the claim of God Himself. But the observers misunderstood these statements
to be those of Jesus. When the person speaking is invisible, the
microphone appears to be speaking by itself. But at no time did the person get converted
into the microphone. At no time did the electricity get converted
into the physical wire. The two items exist separately, at all times. They are only mixed homogeneously together
to form a single phase. This is also true between God and the human
being in the Human Incarnation. If this point had been realized by the public,
Jesus would have escaped the crucifixion. It is this point, which was stressed by Mohammed. He said that God never becomes a human being
or vice-versa. It does not mean that the Son of God should
not be treated as God in the Human Incarnation by the devotees. If you deny this assumption that the Son of
God is God, upon the entry of God in Him, the devotees are dissatisfied. They have prayed to God to be able to experience
Him and serve Him. Denying the divinity of the Human Incarnation,
defeats the very purpose of the Human Incarnation. Mohammed merely gave a clarification regarding
the Human Incarnation to avoid the danger faced by the Human Incarnation from the public. But His followers misunderstood Him, thinking
that He had denied the very concept of Human Incarnation. Buddha revealed the most critical concept
in the spiritual path, which is the elimination of desire, without which, the soul loses the
highest fruit. Mohammed clarified that the God and the soul
remain eternally separate, even in the Human Incarnation. This clarification was meant to avoid the
misunderstanding of the public and their cruelty towards the Human Incarnation. So, both Buddha and Mohammed were Divine Preachers
who warned humanity about avoiding crucial pitfalls in the spiritual path. But their followers wrongly extrapolated the
concepts preached by them. Buddhists thought that God does not exist
and Muslims thought that the Human Incarnation does not exist. The concept of Human Incarnation has been
introduced and well-explained by Krishna in the Gita and Jesus in the Bible. Krishna says that God enters the human being
and Jesus says that God appears in flesh. This clearly means that God is neither the
human being nor the flesh, at any time. But human beings easily misunderstand concepts. So, Buddha and Mohammed clarified the misunderstandings
about this concept. Buddha, through His silence, indicated that
God is unimaginable and Mohammed indicated that God is invisible. The desire to become God generally arises,
when God is seen by the eyes in human form. The concept of Human Incarnation is generally
avoided only to prevent this desire from rising in a devotee’s mind. When God is known to be invisible, the human
being only tends to seek some benefit from the invisible God. At least, he does not desire to become God. But alas! The Advaitin did not even leave the invisible
God! He wants to become even that invisible God! Why becoming God? He claims that he is already God! For this, he proposes that God is the invisible
awareness or the soul, which exists in his body. That soul-God is mixed with different thoughts
or qualities, and when it is mixed with the qualities, it is called the individual soul
(jīva). He proposes that simply filtering out the
qualities from the soul will yield the absolute God because, according to him, God is simply
the pure awareness without any qualities. The Advaitin has thus created his own false
concept of God and also his own false way of becoming God!

31 thoughts on “Human Incarnation a two component system

  1. Swamiji shows how the concept of human incarnation is equally present in Hinduism and Christianity. He has also revealed the concept that the human incarnation is a two in one system and the lack of understanding of this crucial concept led to the crucifixion of Jesus and the killing of other incarnations in other places.

  2. Humans misunderstand eachother and also.. show there peak of misunderstanding with God.
    Because of our foolishness and ignorance God bears all the Pain and suffering….How is this justified??
    Why don't we use a bit of logic…. that if we want to become God we should even suffer like God…But we still desire foolishly to become God…..What a height of foolishness…..
    Hence it's our duty to study spiritual knowledge and remove all misunderstandings so that our beloved God isn't hurt in any way…..πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‡πŸ™

  3. Swami's crystal clear explanation of human incarnation componentπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Inner meaning of Lord Buddha's slient and Mohammed's statement.

  4. Misunderstanding always lead to wrong path. Understanding the knowledge rightly will imporve our devotion. Thank you Swami for the wonderful clarification β€πŸ™

  5. Concept of Human incarnation and the God actions can be understandable through knowledge. When our understanding capabilities will get improve only via Swami's grace and it can attain only through devotion towards GodπŸ™

  6. Blessed are the ones who identify the contemporary Human Incarnation and serve Him without any aspiration for fruit.

  7. Behind Jesus's crucifixion were those people who were supposed to be learned scholars. So how come they were ignorant? It was because of their ego and jealously that they could not digest the truth. So their highly inflated egos and jealously caused the crucifixion of Jesus. Jai Guru Datta!

  8. Swamiji's beauty lies in the way he gives systematic interpretation and correlation among complicated concepts. Jai Guru Datta

  9. No where else i have seen this beautiful explanation of , Son of God, messenger of God as stated by Jesus in Bible. The video also correlates the statements of Jesus with that of Holy Muhammad and Buddha also. Excellent message once again by Shri Datta Swami. Jai Shri Datta Swami..

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