HS2 community fund award visit to Amersham Museum

the museum was really the vision of our local Civic Society it was opened in 1991 and we've been going really well ever since last year we had about 10,000 visitors we're a completely independent museum but we do lots of work to local schools where those people lots of arts and crafts projects so it's a really thriving museum the a mushroom museum is a great example of an organization that sits in the heart of the community what we've been able to do here today is to provide funding so they can actually take the museum out into the community and access and involve those people who wouldn't normally be able to get down to be part of this our mobile museum is going to be a vintage style vehicle which houses a little mini museum and people be able to go inside they'll be able to look at maps and photos and documents see objects from our collection they'll be able to listen to oral histories to watch film and pictures but they'll also be able to kind of add their story the projects we're funding through the community and business program are looking for that sustainability moment and looking for that legacy the fact that this has community ownership they've brought together a vehicle we've funded the Fitz out means that it will be around for many years to come having a really good ongoing relationship with a funder and kind of collaborating with other outcomes is amazing really you

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