How X-Men: First Class Should Have Ended

How X-Men: First Class Should Have Ended AHHHHH!!! Charles, Im sorry! Im Im so sorry This society won’t accept us. We form our own. the humans have played their hand, Now we get ready to play ours. Who’s with me? Hmm.. No actually not you… Nobody likes you. I meant the team of winners over here. We aren’t going with you! why not? Because Charles has just been shot! Can someone take me to a hospital? I think
I may have been paralyzed. Charles, this is important just wait a minute. So that’s a no? None of you want to come with me? I’ll go with you. I mean I grew up with Charles and he’s pretty much my only family, but yea I’ll abandon him right now as he lays shot
in the sand. Thanks, Raven. Sweet. Why is this even happening? We just went through
all this trouble to defeat Shaw and now you suddenly wanna be just like him. Choose your side! No! Okay, Eric’s right. We should all join him Really? Yep, come on. Everyone, lets go with Eric. Thats great, we’re gonna be such a good team!
It’s gonna be mutant power to the– wait a minute.. are you just saying that so that
we can leave but you really aren’t going to join me at all? Yes. Come on man!! Okay, only say you’re with me if you really
mean it. Ok? No take backs. Because this is it, brothers
and sisters. It has to be today on this beach in Cuba with
Russia and US waging war upon us with Charles laying paralyzed in the sand. Ok? Who’s with me? Or we could just not use our powers for evil! Yea, people might even appreciate having us
around That will never happen. Stop talking crazy. Magneto, you are wearing the helmet of the
man who murdered your mother. This helmet is fabulous, don’t make fun of
it! Why couldn’t you just kill Shaw when you were
like 10 years old? You don’t know how hard it is to be me.. This is insane! Enough!! Charles, what’s going on? What are you doing? I’ve been shot, you selfish A-hole. Well great, now how are we supposed to get
home? Oh Lord! The devil is dropping off people
in the ER! So now I’m in a wheelchair. Magneto and I
are old friends that still play chess together from time to time but we’re also kind of mortal
enemies. Mortal frenemies? And sometimes we play chess with real people’s
lives in the balance. That doesn’t seem like it would help your
cause at all. Well, take it up with this guy. Mutants are the future. We can live in peace! No, we cannot! Oh my gosh, we have been arguing about this
for nearly 50 years! Wow! X-men are stubborn. Tell me about it. And Beast, mutant and proud! You can transform into any person you like.
I have blue hair all over my body! What you say means nothing to me. This is where you say, thanks for watching.
Be sure to subscribe. You know? Watch some other videos, click the like button. No. Ok. Hey boys.. Hey… I’m Batman. You wanna know my secret identity? You’re Bruce Wayne? Dang, I forgot you read minds. Your breath smells like coffee.

100 thoughts on “How X-Men: First Class Should Have Ended

  1. I was so certain that there was gonna be a scene where Banshee dives into the water at jet speed, and consequently gets splattered into pieces. After all, due to physics, diving into water head-first at that speed is equivalent to hitting concrete head first (water can't part away fast enough).

  2. You can transform into any person you like. I have blue hair all over my body! What you say means nothing to me.

  3. Did anyone else watch the film and think 'So THAT'S what Boris the Bullet Dodger was doin before he was in Lock Stock'?

  4. 'Actually not you, nobody likes you. I meant the team of winners over here' That phrase always brings me back to this vid lol

  5. If I had mutant powers I'd just do what Peter Parker did initially when he muted. Use my freakish new abilities to make money. Who cares about human-mutant co-existence? I want to get paid!

  6. @02:08–02:10

    The reason why Magneto couldn't kill Shaw when he was 12 is because he didn't have full control of his powers yet. Plus, he was surrounded by Nazis in that prison camp at the time. He couldn't stand a chance against them at his power-level back in 1944. He would have been dead by then.

  7. oh my gosh we have been arguing about this for nearly 50 years

    I am literally dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lmfao

  8. In the end mutants disappeared, so If you were mutant would you be on Eric's or Charles side, knowing the events of logan

  9. "mutant and proud." "Mystique, you can transform into anybody you like; I have blue hair all over my body, your words mean nothing to me." I NEARLY DIED LAUGHING.

  10. "Hey I'm Batman.. you wanna know my secret identity?"
    – you are Bruce Wayne
    "Dang.. I forgot you read minds" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. I guess Mystique and Azazel….. they’ve DONE IT after first class, when she disappeared with Erik for that period of time. Then Nightcrawler was born

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