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Hi, we’re going to show you how to view other members profiles and review their uploaded documents. At Returnloads, your safety when completing jobs with other members is our highest priority, for that reason we’re going to show you the best way to verify other members profiles and their documents to be certain you know who you are working with. First off, if you have found a load that you are interested in you’ll have the option to view the company profile in order to contact them and discuss the terms of the job alternatively, you can also search for a members profile by using the search bar located at the top of the page next to ‘My Account’. Simply type in the companies name click on the company you are seaching for then click the magnifying glass from here, you have access to all the information on Returnloads regarding that member. Along with their contact information and company description all of our members are verified uploaded with business documents for other members on the website to view and verify. On the company profile tab you will see the ‘Business documents’ option They will have at least two business documents you can verify them with details on the site can be compared with other official sources like Companies House. Take a moment to check the details if something seems off. In any cases where the information doesn’t match or an account is un-verified please contact a member of the team so we can look into the account. You can also view members feedback on their profile by clicking ‘Reviews’ – You can view and see all of the feedback left for this company by other members and see their overall rating. To leave feedback on a members profile click on the ‘Leave Feedback’ button on the top menu. Firstly, you want to select the member you are leaving feedback for simply type in their company name and click it on the drop down menu. Next, select whether you were the ‘Haulier’ or the ‘Load Poster’ and input the date the load was completed and then enter the from and to locations and select a rating between 1-5 stars based upon your experiences. Finally, decide if you would like to recommend this company or not by clicking on one of our options and type in your comments regarding this load and your feedback about the company. Once completed, click on ‘Post your review’ and this will then be posted to the members profile for our members to see. That’s it, we hope you enjoy the benefit from having your own Micro-site on Thank you.

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