How to use social media to make politics great again

it's often thought that Brussels EU politics is in transparent and inaccessible social media has changed that to make your message work in social media it has to be short simple and digestible the difficulty is many European Union messages are the opposite of that they're complicated they're difficult they're hard to explain and so that's why it's very very hard for many European Union communications people to get used to doing things that way the challenge is in digital particularly is the way we use digital tools across Europe varies a lot so Twitter might work very well in Brussels but it doesn't work very well in Denmark the way Romanian people use Facebook is different than the way Portuguese use Facebook you have to keep on repeating messages to a certain extent until in the end people realize you are to be trusted in a particular policy area it's impossible to campaign today without using social media so if you want to reach politicians Twitter works really well if you want to reach European voters for example far fewer of them are on Twitter so you may need to use Facebook or YouTube or Instagram or a combination of other tools what you have to basically say to yourself every time is this is my campaign aim where are those people to be found and choose your channels accordingly reputation counts if you find people who agree with you who themselves have a large audience they themselves have many followers use their networks leave reach their networks to help you reach your own aims but yes I agree overall it's a very complicated thing these days to do social media without a large budget and that worries me a lot it shouldn't be an a person's ability to pay that should to determine how far their message goes

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