How to Use Influencer Marketing Effectively – #AskGaryVee Answers

how can brand drive true authenticity with influences while still retaining commerciality so Mike how do we make money through influences without putting out this use up by giving the influencer a hundred percent autonomy and eliminating our egos as brands and thinking that we know exactly what it stands for and what it means I think the what the biggest iOpener to me in corporate America and brand world is the level of ideology and audacity and ego like the thought that like for all the normal people here coca-cola and Heineken and Adidas think that the brand means the same thing to all of you and that's just laughable everybody here when I say the word supreme or you know Kentucky Fried Chicken or thinking different things discussing awesome rad I don't know what that is that and so there's a there's an ideology that brand managers and CMOS in corporate America have about what their brand stands for if you've got a new influencer marketing what you need to do is you need to buy sponsorship through influencers at a good deal they know their audience he if he decided you want to do that I any of you you know your audience and so if your interpretation of this chocolate shake or sneaker or you know blow dryer is it needs to be funny and snarky that's exactly as a brand what you want you're giving him me somebody that's money so that you have something happen for your business Stella wants business the best thing for Stella to do is get out of the way they much like the small business question they're in charge of picking him you picked the influencer you've decided that influencer is somebody I want because she's so awesome I want to give her money so I sell why don't you micromanaging her and telling her like you better use the word great I've never used the word I've never done a sponsorship deal in my life and I big audiences there's a couple reasons it's not how I think about my brand and it's not what I do but even a case like the case twisting that's a partnership right but when I signed my case was heel the most interesting part of me shishun was the standard deal do you have a sneaker deal great so the standard deal is like you don't wear anything else the literally at the 11th hour walked from the case whiskey oh because I wanted to wear whatever I wanted to wear like if I wanted to wear Air Force Ones which I like to wear quite a bit like I didn't want I needed the authenticity of me I didn't need the economics enough and I think that's the best thing for sure not the worst you know because we smell out we're very very good at it you know you could trick us for a minute you know or not for an hour I'm definitely not for a year and so I think that um I think we have brands need to check their egos and get out of the way much like I told that young man you're in control you can say no I don't want to work with you anymore right brands don't have to pick the influencer but once they pick it they need to get out of the way and let the influencer or do their thing that's the reason you picked them in the first place

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  1. Avoid fake influencers and collaborate with the right ones for you, ones with the same market and high following, opt for search platforms such as influencer auditor if need be when finding influencers

  2. Anyone else here watch the Fyre Fest documentaries recently? Great reminder of the crazy power of influencers. Even with an awful product the campaign was extremely successful – just imagine if you combined an effective influencer strategy with a great product… 🔥🔥🔥

  3. So true – you can clearly tell when an influencer has been forced to say something. The best influencer ads barely feel like ads because the style is true to the content creator.

  4. #Perseption! I try to have a theme to my fitness YouTube channel to keep things super simple. And debunk topics that are over thought and made to complex.

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