How To Use Helpers In 3Ds-Max! (Expose TM)

okay so today we will be looking at a health or cold exposed transform basically all it does is that it makes oopsy I need to put a dummy let me find the dummy dummies like a square you oh my god what do I always move the wrong thing got you oh but anyway this is what you can do you move the dummy and then when you move the dummy they are attracted towards it if you have no idea what I said stay tuned this is the final scene but if you move the dummy you can make like amazing animations like you can make stairs and stuff so let's get started by doing everything and going oh so first you must must have to make a box you can't make anything else you can tell make a sphere unless if you want sphere to be pulled and that is gonna look because the segments will stretch now go into your helpers tab and then make click on exposed transform and then go ahead and click it anywhere you want just one then make a dummy and then do that this must be aligned to this object so you click on a line click on the box to set your Center X Y right click on OK select this and then go to your modify tab uncheck parent expose node box local reference node dummy now this is the hard part select the bog animation wire parameters wire parameters go to a box height then it's like the exposed transform and go to object and then you get all of these which your are looking at distance it should select height for you then you just click on this and it then you exit now whenever I move the dummy oh yeah I remove the debris closer it gets shorter and this is what I mean you must select only these two you will not select the domain only these two they supposed transform in the box you hold shift and then you drag and then you'll see you have a copy instance and refers if you're making an instance that will all be same so you have to make it a copy must be a cup and then you choose how many copies you want it's gonna use ten now I will select these but you may not select dummy if you select the dummy you're toward then you I'm just gonna make 10 again and they must be a copy yeah now watch what happens as I move this I have no idea how this plugin works I just watched you and they had they had no idea how to describe it so I said to make one and well that's your finished product you can put this urn like reactor make these like static and then a ball and then look if you animate this this is what's gonna happen dumpling bow Bimini baby or anything you want so you collect make a sphere like in the middle and then it goes for you all of a sudden like in reactor or mass effects or something which I have never tried because it failed easily I hope this teaches you something you can use this for anything you like you can use this for magical stare it's like so they say get on it and also the higher it is then the higher they will be in them and if it goes below 0 is the z axis that's what's gonna happen I hope my video is helpful and subscribe if you want to and I'll see you next time yeah that's all I gotta say but I think you can do something else from the dummy bye so just do using the dummy because I have no idea if something else will work by the way this is all 3ds max 2013 which is amazing so um bye see you next time

15 thoughts on “How To Use Helpers In 3Ds-Max! (Expose TM)


  2. Qaisar, do u remember when I (ALWAYS) needed ur help on dreambox is what i meant
    P.S. have u seen Julio in the summer? How is yours?

  3. So confused! And I thought I was good at computers!!!( And dreambox if you know what i mean)
    -Brandon Phan

  4. Great Job! Busy playing with this helper now, trying to figure out how to get it working with rotation.

  5. Qaisar! – Very Good job
    I love parametric design and this is really cool trick for wiring parameters.
    If you continue with this pace, Start writing stories & produce some short film.

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