How to Unsnap Cloth Diapers Correctly | Lil Helper

hey this is a Muhammad from lilibet I press and I'm here to show you the right way of snapping and snapping your diapers to make sure that you can get the most use out of them without them falling apart at some point of time okay so this is the inside of a diaper bear the line lioness take to the diaper cover so this is the outside this is the inside this is a liner this is the wrong way of snapping it this way what you're doing is putting a lot of undue pressure on this part of the diaper and so eventually you'll find it this snap to females now Boyer will come off good time so don't do this this is no good best way of snapping and snapping it is just hold it together like this and how it comes once again one two how it comes easy and another tip is when you actually put it in the washer it's we recommend that you take the line as a part and then put it in the washer because again in the washer and the washer or the dryer the liners might get stuck on something and you will do see this constant pulling that might happen and again that might cause the snap to call report so yeah it's your best left to kind of take off this the snaps and then put it in in the washroom where again the front of the diaper you see that a deep there are snaps over here if you start pulling them like this you are putting a lot of stress on on the fabric along the diaper so the best way of unsnapping them again is done just hold it close together just put your fingers near it so that there is no pressure on the fabric itself to put pressure on on the snap and then up in our ultracal okay doesn't know if you have any other questions thank you

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