How to UNLOCK your full POTENTIAL spiritually | Full Potential Of Human Life

We all have a tremendous potential, because
we are all parts of God. God has not created us by mistake. He has created us to bring us to the ultimate
glory, each and everyone of us. Somebody may do it in this life, somebody
may do it 5 lives down the line. That is why is it always a mistake to see
somebody as a sinner, because person who seems like a sinner today who knows what he becomes
tomorrow. The most sinful Ratnakar became Valmiki. We are all potentially glorious. Swami Vivekananda said these prophets, you
these prophets we talk about they were not unique, they were men as you and I and they
had attained super consciousness and you and I can do the same. The very fact that one man attained that state
indicates that all men can do so, and that ultimately is religion. The purpose of religion is to develop the
consciousness of the soul. From the latent state to the state of full
glory. That is the purpose of the Yog. So we must always see everybody is a work
in progress. W.I.P, you know that’s the professional terminology,
so we’re all W.I.Ps, we’re all works in progress. When we see that we don’t get harassed by
people. Oh this person is so bad and this person is
so awful. They’re all works in progress. There’s been a great painter called James
Bailey. When he was a little kid, he was drawing something
in the margins of the book and his students were looking Ha Ha Ha! The teacher said what is this ruckus going
on? Show me your book, he took the book of James
Bailey and he found that in the margins of the book James Bailey had made cartoons of
the teacher. But the teacher was a philosophic soul. He saw there not the rebellious nature of
James but his latent potential, and he said come here. You have got tremendous talent, take this
book. He gave him another one and fill it up with
cartoons, whatever you wish, do it out here. That person developed his potential to become
a world famous artist. That potential is in everyone. That is how you know Thomas Edison, the great
inventor, who had practically a 1000 patents on his name or maybe even more. He was born practically deaf and he was such
a dull child. When he was a 5 year old, his teacher called
his mother. They had a private PTA meeting. The teacher said your Tommy is too stupid
to study, take him away from school. The mother said my Tommy is not stupid , I
will teach him! And she taught that Tommy who later on became
the great Thomas Alva Edison. So this prespective of that we’re always we’re
always improving, must always be there. With this perspective there are never any
failures. Failure is when our refuse to learn. But if you make a mistake and you learn from
it, it’s not a failure. It’s an opportunity to move ahead. About Thomas Edison itself the famous story
you must have heard. He endeavored to invent the first electric
bulb and he was trying on different elements for the filament. When he failed for the 3999th time, his detractors
said that what is the use, you have failed yet again! ofcourse not I have not failed,
I have found out the 3999th way that it will not work! But then for the 4000th time it did work and
he invented it. And later on you know he established his laboratory,
I think it was in NJ? Right! It later on became GE corporation right! So he invented his laboratory there, he established
it and once the whole laboratory got on fire. It all went down, but look at his positive
attitude. He said Ok all our mistakes have got burnt
away. 2 weeks after that he invented something new. This is the attitude of someone who’s going
places. Who says every failure is an opportunity to
learn and move ahead. This is the journey on which all of us are. Like I was saying yesterday, if we fall it
is only to learn the secrete of a better way to walk. So there is no harm, the saying goes, if you
have fallen down get up and again start walking. If you prayed and cried to God, my Lord I
will surrender to you and again you made a mistake don’t hesitate again go to the shelter
of God again try your best and again if you made a mistake don’t hesitate again go there,
this is such a darbar that He will keep forgiving and keep helping you forward and forward with
his grace. This is the evolution of the soul from the
state of latency to the state of full potential.

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  1. With several real-world examples and Vedic scriptural references, this lecture by Swami Mukundananda is a highly inspirational and sure to catapult you further on your spiritual journey. Please let us know your comments and feedback on this video via comments below!

  2. Excellent Lecture Gurudev. Humble request to come up with a video on varnashrama dharma & Swadharma. Does Swadharma include passion & calling or is it just the ancestral profession? Radhey Radhey Govinda Radhey.

  3. Our ultimate potential is to become perfect like God.
    To reach that ultimate potential is the goal of human life.
    Thank for Swamiji for guiding and motivating us on this journey🙏🙏
    Jai RadheyGovind🙏

  4. Swamiji, awesome video clip. Life is a journey. It’s just a matter of time when person determines to follow spiritual life and have realization of Supreme Lord.

  5. What an amazing lecture. Swami ji has shared an awesome message…If you have fallen down, get up and start walking!!

  6. Great lecture on how to unlock your full spiritual potential! To fall and get up and move ahead is the secret to success! Not to be discouraged by obstacles and impediments, rather to see each challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow is the key to rapid growth on the spiritual path. Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge!

  7. Namaste,
    Very nice Swamiji,
    I just want to add that there is nothing great about the person called Edison because he actually stole everything from the great Nikola Tesla. Aum shanti

  8. Swamiji's sentences are full of inspirations and creates new hope to proceed in the Journey. RadheyRadhey.

  9. Every triumph of ours is a step toward realizing our full potential. Such a Marvell piece of inspiring lecture !!

    Each time you listen it , it will fill you with enthusiasm.

  10. Swamiji so beautifully states that making mistakes is not an indicator of failure. However, not making attempts to learn from one's mistakes is a sign of failure. Our attitude toward our life's experiences and toward others should be the acceptance that we are all works in progress that need continuous refinement. Thank you, Swamiji!

  11. My God !!!!!!!! What an amazing video to have a positive perspective always and keep trying and trying to progress! The last part of the video about God’s kingdom being the place of infinite forgiveness is very touching 🙏😊❤️

  12. A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!! We need to learn from our mistakes to try again and again until we reach our goal. Thank you Swamiji

  13. Thanks Swamiji for this really hopeful inspiration. With this inspiration, we can definitely one day achieve our goal of material work as well as divine love. We should remember we should not find fault with anybody since we are all work in progress and anybody can become like valmiki. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and find the secret to do it in a better way. It is a failure only if we refuse to learn. I should learn to practice this perspective.

  14. Our attitude toward our life's experiences and toward others should be the acceptance that we are all works in progress that need continuous refinement. Thank you, Swamiji!

  15. Refreshing worthwhile lecture on unlocking our full potential from spiritual teacher, Swami Mukundananda. He is helping us to apply spiritual principles in our everyday life.

  16. Thank you Swamiji, for such an inspiring and assuring lecture! In the court of God, with sincere repentance and remorse, our sins are forgiven.

  17. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and move ahead. Every failure teaches us a secret of a better way!

  18. Wonderful inspiration by Swamiji that there is no failure rather every failure is a step towards success….. he has given examples of historic personalities such as Thomas Alva Edison and James Bailey

    We should not see anyone as sinner because we all are WIPs (work in progress), the great example for this is Maharishi Valmiki who was a Dacoit but by surrendering to Guru transformed into Great Saint …..
    Radhey Radhey

  19. The purpose of the religion is to develop the consciousness of the Soul. From the latent state to full glory. Story of Valmiki is the great example he was a great sinner who elevated himself and became the Saint. Thanks Swami Ji. I really like your stories as a example.

  20. We should not look at faults of other people. Everyone is in a journey to achieve happiness and peace in the way they understand.

  21. Each one of us have infinite potential. Many of the successful people had ordinary beginnings. We keep trying with our best, without getting disheartened. Every failure is step up towards success. It is more so in the spiritual journey, with God and Guru having infinite capacity to encourage.
    Thank you Swamiji

  22. Excellent presentation Swamiji! Real world examples to motivate and to unleash our unlimited potential!

  23. My true potential of my german blood is killing jews and dying for my country amd people.

    My ancestors are proud of my german potential i hope.

  24. Swamiji i listen to u r lectures often…i dont think negative of anyone…this happen bcoz of listning of u r lectures…when i see someone crying internally i can sence them and wants to help them but i cant bcoz of my finincial background…i feel myself helpless when i see someone in need….

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