How to STORE your SKYDIVING GEAR when not jumping

23 thoughts on “How to STORE your SKYDIVING GEAR when not jumping

  1. Hey, I would advise to never store your PC in your BOC when you are not jumping the next day for the same reason you explained.

  2. i was once told if the gear isn't going to used for 3 months or more to disconnect the RSL and remove the cutaway pad allowing the 3 rings be free rather than have them held in position

  3. Store it in a bin es ok but never forget that condensation may occur in there, so try to use a cotton bag and get the gear in and then all in the bin to avoid moisture ;D

  4. if you're only jumping six months out of the year you might as well fire the reserve before storage as USPA requires a new pack job every 180 days…

  5. Thanks again for this video! I appreciate your effort :-* For me, there's not really an off season. Normally there has never been more than 4 weeks of not jumping. I always store my stuff in a breathable gear bag to avoid demage from UV-light, also inside the house, where the temperature and humidity are consistant. Another tipp – no matter how long the break is going to be: After every jumping day, I untwist my steering lines and pack my parachute myself very carefully. So, no matter when I go jumping the next time, I always know that this was done properly after the last jump. Feels good. 🙂
    Another tip: After a longer break, have a good look at your CYPRES display when starting it up. Did anyone ever experience something beeing slightly different during the self test?

  6. Hallo dear , well we going in to the winter rust in Belguim just for two months, in februari we starts again, i store my rigg in the bedroom in a special closset with a lot of ventilation

  7. Thanks for the video! Very useful as usual 🙂
    I would only add to read the owners manual for each type piece of your equipment.
    There are some differences depending on each brand for each piece.
    I agree on not opening the reserve, since it's designed to be packaged "forever" and repackaged every only 6 months.
    But for the main canopy in my case it's recommended by the manufacture to "Store your parachute unpacked in a cool, dry place in a lightproof container." This is even more relevant for canopies that have harder fabric materials.

  8. Nice video. I have recently bought my own gear. The whole system has 80 jumps on it but the last time it was jumped was 2004. Since then the reserve was not repacked so it's good 15 years since somebody jumped in this gear. Going to bring it to the rigger next month, I am a little nervous what they will find in the reserve container…

  9. Hi, Master rigger here. It is perfectly fine to keep your rig packed during an off season, in fact I would recommend it, just ensure you pack your pilot chute in a manner where it is flat. I have seen rigs that have stayed packed for 20 years and they still worked exactly as intended. There is no need for a bunch of extra stuff. In fact, it is just another way for stuff to potentially become damaged. Store your rig at room temperature in a gear bag or in a bin as she shows. If you're worried about the risers, disconnect the 3 ring assembly and massage the webbing on the risers. This is recommended every few months anyways.

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