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hi everybody this is Tommy Rosen and I'm the founder of recovery 2.0 this is our recovery 2.0 protocol for getting beyond alcoholism for stopping drinking if you think you have a problem with alcohol you probably do if you think a lot about alcohol it's gonna be an interesting inquiry for you to determine whether you have a problem or not if you've lost your ability to choose when you drink or how much you drink when you drink that's a pretty good sign that your relationship with alcohol is out of whack the assumption I'm making here in this protocol is that you know that you have a problem and you're just not sure what to do about it so let's say you've come to that point where you realize I might be an alcoholic I struggle in the way that I drink I don't seem to have the ability to choose when to stop I'd like to do something about this problem here are some of the things that you can do number one if you are a severe alcoholic this is a very very important thing to listen to right now alcohol is one of the few detoxes that you can go through that is life-threatening if you're a severe alcoholic you're actually going to need medical support you're going to have to go into a hospital or a treatment center that that has the kind of medical staff that can support you through alcohol withdrawal many people over the years have died through the withdrawal process from alcoholism because they died of a heart attack or other related causes so be aware of that if you want to stop and you've been drinking a lot of alcohol and you know that you're gonna go through withdrawals be humble respect this the power of this thing and get help from a medical staff and a medical team in our society today alcohol is embraced in every occasion at births and deaths every social occasion sporting events marriages divorces everything one gets to thinking that it's abnormal not to drink it's abnormal not to intoxicating substance that your body knows is a poison many times I stand at a function and someone comes up to me and says Tommy I noticed you're not drinking do you have a problem with alcohol and I look at them with a drink in their hand and I'll say I notice you are drinking do you have a problem with alcohol you see we've all bought into this illusion that somehow it's okay to drink as our way of getting through life so it's a very difficult thing when we come to the point in our life where we're thinking about letting go of alcohol so difficult often times our social our entire social community our whole world is built around alcohol how will we be without it who will we be without it who will our friends be how will we connect with anyone these are the kinds of questions that come up for people when they're drinking now people caught in severe alcoholism are dealing with yet another set of problems that's the physical addiction to alcohol after a while it becomes physically addictive to the point where you absolutely have to drink just to calm your nerves you couldn't possibly function and by this point in the alcoholics journey you're probably alone much of the time unless you have somebody that somehow has been able to have the fortitude to be around someone at that advanced level of drinking and alcoholism so I say all these things just to let you know that I understand firsthand what it's like to get out of that 26 years ago I overcame alcoholism and drug addiction and 26 years later right now I'm free from all that how do you get there how do you be there are basically three options for you number one you can go to treatment treatment is either inpatient or outpatient if you can get it I suggest inpatient treatment find a treatment center hopefully you have insurance or somebody wealthy in your family so they can pay for a good level of treatment for you 30 days or there abouts will help you get enough time and enough momentum away from alcohol and away from the environment you've been in where you've been drinking it'll give you a jump a head start and a jumping-off point to the rest of your recovery outpatient is kind of like inpatient except you stay at home at night so you'll go to outpatient five or six days a week you'll spend most of the day and evening there but you'll be going back home to sleep if you can't afford inpatient or for some reason maybe it's children or job or other responsibilities you are absolutely unable to leave you can use you can choose outpatient as an opportunity for you one thing I want to say quickly about that remember if you don't get sober if you were true alcoholic you won't have relationships with your children your wife or your husband you won't have a job anyway and your life will not be going anywhere so in your consideration of what kind of help you need if you can go to inpatient treatment it really can be a very powerful life transforming thing that's what I did I went away and I got the help that I needed beyond treatment you've also got therapy now I have known some people to get sober through one-on-one therapeutic processes this is you in an office connecting with a therapist of a variety of different kinds of modalities and cognitive behavior therapy dialectical behavior therapy all forms of spiritual psychology of different approaches in the therapeutic realm but most of the people I know who got sober in that way got sober because their therapist sent them to a 12-step meeting or another group of people who were also getting sober so that brings us to the third option the third option is you step into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting most people don't know much about Alcoholics Anonymous until they're a part of it the reason is is because people who are members of Alcoholics Anonymous rarely speak about it because they feel that to speak openly in public about what happens in that process and in in that fellowship it goes against their traditions since I don't consider myself a member of Alcoholics Anonymous I feel very free to to speak about what my experience has been with the 12 steps so the twelve steps are a process that a sponsor will guide you through for free at no cost to help you have spiritual and physical and mental and emotional transformation in your life the way I would describe it to you what happened for me was I went through the 12-step process and I went from a person who couldn't imagine a day without drinking and using drugs to a person who couldn't imagine a day that included drinking and drugs really a powerful process it may not be for everyone but it certainly is for many people and it is absolutely effective for those who dedicate themselves to do that particular program there are other programs there's smart recovery refuge recovery that's a refuge recovery is a Buddhist approach to recovery smart recovery is a cognitive more psychological approach to recovery you have yoga of 12-step recovery that's Nikki Myers wonderful work and many many others so there are many programs that you can get involved in to get the support that you need to begin to put one day of recovery under your belt and then to do it the next day and to put two days of recovery under your belt and to go through the process of healing as I said at the beginning if you're a severe alcoholic you're going to need medical support if you're a serious alcoholic but you haven't gotten to that extent it's possible that you could just step into a 12-step meeting and get sober you would have to open up about what's going on in your life you would have to connect with people who were there and you would have to get a sponsor and work those 12 steps for me and I advocate for what I'm about to say I would suggest you do everything go to treatment have a therapist and embrace the 12 steps or another program of recovery what I have found in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is a life beyond my wildest imaginings so much meaning and purpose and joy the things that I had hoped could come to pass in my life became possible and then manifested and I went way beyond what I could even imagine it happened when I opened up when I connected with people I got into community of other people who were looking to better themselves and I had teachers I always had a teacher at every step of the way these are the things that's required it begins with your commitment today I've had enough I can't continue the way I've been going but I don't know what else to do watch this video again and again and do these things if you need treatment pick up the phone and call a treatment center and tell them what's going on it's better yet speak to a family member or loved one and say I need help could you help me I bet you're gonna find support if you if you got a therapist go there pick up the phone call them I need to speak to you now I need to make a major change in my life can you support me can you help me or if you're one of those folks who can step off the street into a 12-step meeting call somebody you know who's also sober hey could you take me to one of those meetings you've been going to or a family member or a loved one hey could you take me to a meeting I need to make a change in my life I think it's really important I feel like a part of me is dying and maybe I feel like I'm dying and I don't want to go down this road any longer so we have so many options today in this world so many ways to get sober to move beyond but it's just gonna require that you move out of isolation and into community and get the help that's waiting for you I wish it for you it's possible for everybody do not despair there's a way through every block if we can support you in recovery 2.0 in any way I trust and hope that you will reach out to us we have a lot of resources available to you online for free in in youtube and all over the web so take advantage of what's here if you've truly had enough then take the steps that are necessary to bring change into your life until then be well in always and I will look forward to seeing you on this incredible path take care

23 thoughts on “How to Stop Drinking Alcohol | Recovery 2.0 | Holistic Recovery

  1. There's also a membership that you can join online called Sunday Morning. We all know what that usually includes. Sunday mornings can be fun! I believe that there's no guaranteed method to stop drinking forever so I don't exclude any of them. I've stopped relapsing so often, it's been the longest ever for me now. But I do believe that what we have to take care of is today, it's always one day at a time and anybody can do that.

  2. This is great. Just the opening alone gives me clarity. Alcohol is my second go-to. I don't think about it that much, but when I drop my drug of choice it gets more of my attention.

    I'm left to figure out my relationship with it. I wanted to drop my pot habit and in recovery I was told alcohol had to go too… I wasn't ready to consider it. I don't have a problem with it today, but I can see where my addiction could try to use it as a substitute.

    I don't even really like alcohol, but being told I need to give it up to recover activates my rebellion, and to think of it eliminated makes me think of the situations I'll feel excluded from.

    I agree the antidote is connection, but I struggle to find it in NA… I'm ultra thankful one of the other recovery 2.0 videos said there were MA groups. I found those rooms and found my people. It was only dudes, but one reached out to some women and got them in touch with me…

    I'm still connection starved to a degree… But I'm holding on with more hope now than ever before.

  3. I'm surprised I'm not already dead… I'm only 26 and been drinking wiskey like it's juice for the last 7 years. Daily.
    Today. I made goals.
    Today is the day my life changes forever.
    God bless anyone with addiction.

  4. Very good Outreach keep up the good work a lot of Alcoholics don't speak up it's called denial not to the substance abuse but in the public eye they are afraid

  5. You can have issue drinking alcohol in any excess period! Why not say that? You can have an alcohol related seizure getting drunk even after 5 drinks. No one talks about that for some reason and people who have drinking problems did that to themselves 1000's of times. that didnt scare them. Problem drinkers drank and drove many many times and causes alcohol related vehicle deaths. That didnt scare them. More suicides happen in people that are drunk than most who are not problematic drinkers. That didnt scare them. Loss of marriages, kids, family, friends, jobs, etc and none of that scared them….Sick and tired of people telling things only about that 1 time detox that can kill you. That scares the living crap out of them!!!! Look at it all and detox is nothing incomparisson living a life of problematic drinking, AUD(Alcohol use Disorder), high functioning alcoholic, or whatever words you want to use here.

  6. Being humble is the most important part of this I’m struggling a little . I hade a laps for the last week , nothing where I think ill withdraw from , but I feel it and I’m working to get better ,

  7. The 1st step to getting sober is YOU WANT TO GET SOBER. 5 months for me and its great to see the weekends again headache free and with more money in my pocket.

  8. I had stopped drinking successfully twice now and looking to begin the third. My most successful time period was 44 months with the following period being 18 Months. What I realize is that it only takes one to start the journey again.Peace

  9. I'm afraid of being sober. life is not nearly as good as it is when I'm drunk, you know, the relaxation, when negative thoughts go away.
    What I do think I should stop doing is drinking this much, cause a few beers are enough to get clamed down but what i want is to get lost, as drunk as I can. Besides, it's an expensive addiction. I fear to go back to sobriety.
    I don't enjoy alcohol, alcohol enjoyes me.

  10. This guy is awesome sauce! Treatment centers are not enough. Get into a 12 step support group – at least in the beginning.

  11. Thank you for your work. I am tired of using drugs and alcohol to get through life. I know there is so much more out there for me once i step into the light.

  12. I’ve quit numerous times for months at a time, but always go back.
    Too embarrassed to go to AA ( small town.) I am however sick of losing this battle!
    I need to march myself into a meeting and get over myself!

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